Local climate change denier gives $1K to Strawser’s campaign in Supe race


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A local climate change denier, Frank Pinney of Grass Valley, has given $1,000 to Duane Starawser’s campaign. Details spelled out here, including a bizarre ad Pinney previously ran in The Union. You can’t make this stuff up!


Author: jeffpelline

Jeff Pelline is a veteran editor and award-winning journalist - in print and online. He is publisher of Sierra FoodWineArt magazine and its website SierraCulture.com. Jeff covered business and technology for The San Francisco Chronicle for 12 years, and he was a founding editor and Editor of CNET News for eight years, among other positions. Jeff has a bachelor's degree from UC Berkeley and a master's from Northwestern University. His hobbies include sailing, swimming, and trout fishing in the Sierra.

19 thoughts on “Local climate change denier gives $1K to Strawser’s campaign in Supe race”

  1. The Union’s report on this is a hoot: It reads: “Hall has received $1,000 in contributions from Judith Lowry-Croul, who lists ‘artist’ as her occupation.”

    What an ignorant sentence. To elaborate, Judith’s artwork has been exhibited at the Crocker Art Museum, the Wheelwright Museum and the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian.

    The Union also missed reporting more details of this: “Campaign report: Strawser receives $3,697 from Tea Party-influenced PAC — and “off we go”!”

    What a silly little “community” newspaper!

  2. I’ve enjoyed knowing Duane Strawser in our time here. When he ran for City Council, he came by the house and asked us to sign a candidacy form on his behalf. I was happy to do that. I also was happy to contribute money out of our own pocket to the Amgen race when there was a shortfall.

    The tenor in this campaign is different, however. Duane has lived here for decades; he should have a firm base of support without relying on extremists like this “global warming is a hoax” guy or the Tea Party-affiiated PAC, whose biggest contributor is a Roseville developer.

    This is not a strategy of bringing people together. To the contrary, it is a strategy of embracing extremist views. You don’t have to do that, Duane. I am disappointed this far in this campaign.

    Those who agree with the “global warming is a hoax” guy were going to vote for Duane anyway (not Heidi Hall). So what’s the point of taking his money? What message does it send to the “center left” and “center right” people who support Duane? I guess the State of Jefferson supporters are next.

    If Duane becomes a supervisor, I guess all these people will be invited to the podium. This holds us back from focusing on constructive solutions for our community. A shining example: the recent hoopla over the State of Jefferson initiative, which ultimately failed. Or Doyel Shamley and the “Defend Rural America” crowd (http://yubanet.com/regional/Nothing-New-in-CABPRO-Sponsored-Presentation-to-BOS.php#.Vw-gcVZNuDV). This gets us nowhere.

  3. Knowing when to say “Thanks, but no thanks,” and knowing how to handle those sort of delicate situations when they arise, is an important part of any political campaign. Unfortunately for Duane, it’s too late.

    He has always had his heart in the right place and I genuinely like him, but Duane has taken the money and, as the old saying goes, you can’t get the toothpaste back in the tube once it’s been squeezed.

    His statement to The Union reporter is what’s most puzzling to me, however. If there is so much money in his campaign bank account that he wasn’t even told about the $1,000 donation, then he must have one helluva fat campaign war chest.

  4. Here are some comments from TheUnion.com’s article. These extremist views are now becoming part of Duane’s campaign, whether he endorses them or not. It’s mind-boggling — and not a bridge building exercise. This is how the State of Jefferson and Doyel Shamley “Defend Rural America” folks got before the BOS — a huge distraction.

    •Keith Salvatore

    •Russell Steele ·
    Works at The Insightworks
    Is this the science that Heidi Hall wants the readers to follow, the discredited “Hockey Stick” science?

    •Wes Hawkins
    Keith and Russell, very good points to your comments. If you want to see what Hiedi Hall is about just google her biography. Look at where she has worked in the past and look at who and what environmental groups she supports and has been a member of. In my opinion she is trying to convince people she is a middle of the road politician when she is a left leaning progressive environmentalist. She will be a rubber stamp yes vote for everything that comes across her desk from environmental groups in this county without seriously considering the other side. She is another Johnny come lately to this area that doesn’t want anything that is outside of the environmental arena. I believe she is or was a member of the SYRCL and is a strong believer in the agenda Izzy Martin (Sierra Fund) is pushing about mercury contamination, a crisis that doesn’t exist at the level she wants people to believe. It certainly doesn’t exist because of the small miner or suction dredging. Environmentalism is all about the money and politicians have found an avenue to access some of this money in exchange for their support. The environmental arena on climate change is no different and is a tool of the Agenda 21 supporters.
    I firmly believe Strawser will much more open to listening to both sides of an issue/argument before coming to his decisions.

    1. And here’s a screen grab of a poster one of these guys cited above has on his Facebook page (along with some stuff supporting Trump):

      Yee Haw!

      For context, Nate Beason didn’t go along with the hard-right extremists, so they put a candidate up against him. And guess what? They lost! There was a lesson that could have been learned here. But it wasn’t.

  5. Jeff, thank you for reporting on this matter.First it’s the tea party,now a wing nut.As a first district voter this decision just got real simple.

  6. I went to the debate between the two candidates and was very surprised that Duane was unable to give a answer to the question did HE THINK – BOS make too hasty of a decision on the MM outdoor ban.? He stated he couldn’t make a comment as he wasn’t sitting in their chair-Well, he has lived here a while… and reads… and hears comments so I was some what surprised he was playing politics so early in the game.I don’t live in his district but I will be pushing Heidi -I am weary of being invisible as a MM patient in to the lawmakers in this county..

  7. I too was considering supporting Mr. Strawser due to liking him as a business owner and having spoken to him on a number of occasions about local issues. Mr. Strawser states that he wants to be inclusive and have people from all political beliefs contributing to the issues. Sounds good on paper, but to not disavow the support he is receiving from the extreme right–both the Tea Party and climate change denier Frank Pinney–he is indeed aligning himself with these extremist views. At least he has helped me decide who to vote for in June.

  8. The Tea Party contingent is the kiss of death in this community. Remember Barry Pruett? Everytime they get overtly involved, their candidate loses. I like Duane — a lot — but this snuggly thing with the right wing is out of left field. He should have run to the center — that was the easy play. Let Heidi be the leftie. Instead, he swerved right and now Heidi is the centrist choice.

  9. Agreed Mr. Garvey. Heidi would have run as far left and everything centrist and right of center would have been Duane’s for the asking.

  10. Here’s another example of the nasty comments from our local hard-right. This anonymous comment comes from the blog of Todd Juvinall, who hosts nasty, anonymous comments from sock puppets all the time. Todd was once a county supervisor. Go figure! Why would anyone want to seek support from this “demographic”?

    “Anonymous April 14, 2016 at 9:10 PM
    Is it any surprise that ‘ANONE BUT HEIDI’ money would pour in once they figure out who her and are friends are? NO lady we don’t want your friggin meters on our wells you eco nut job. Go back to the eco nut house democrap environmental caucus. Don’t let the door hit ya on the way our. Will Heidi Hall run for dog catcher after she loses yet another election. What a waste of an international studies degree. Heck she could be a checker at kmart with that marketable a degree.”

    1. To Anonymous; If there had been an Anthropology or an International Studies think tank connected to the Bush White House, we could have saved thousands of American lives, instead of slowly but surely learning the hard way that the Sunnis and Shias have been at it since 800 AD, a family squabble about who inherits dad’s religion, writ big.

  11. I am totally done with using his bike shop for repairs. As I pointed out before, there is a constellation of thought concepts that includes: “State of Jefferson, Gung-Ho-Ammo-Pro, coal rolling , and git them damn spandexes of our roads.” How the owner of a bike shop could do this is beyond me. If you want, I can post stuff from Vents and other local Facebook groups, that back this notion of mine up. How many share the Road signs would this candidate be willing to sign his name to, if you need further clarification of the concept? “Vote for Duane and Spandex certified safe roads!” I’m sure he’d be willing to post and talk this line to his potential constituents.

  12. Jeff,that is a real word salad that anonymous put together,that’s why I never visit that site.Nothing to learn.

  13. Douglas-
    I never looked for a local alternate bike shop around here until Duane showed his stripes. Our family (like most) votes with its wallet. A few weeks ago my wife, son and I had our bikes tuned at a little shop on Maltman (next to the Tool Shed and across the street from Sierra Coffee roasters). The owner is a an interesting, cool guy and his work is top notch. He’s an obvious craftsman. He invented the locking skewer now used by Yakima Racks (his prototype is on display) and he invented a bike parts brush that hooks to a garden hose and allows you to easily clean hubs and derailers without wrecking the seals. I had to buy one. The place is called Extreme Outfitters, and its discovery is one of the few positive fallouts from this election cycle so far.

    1. Jon,
      You’ve got Gregory Goodknight wound up in knots guessing who you are. For a Harvey Mudd grad, he’s not very analytical. ROFLOL. I also think we’ve finally got “Bored Georgeman” to shop shopping off the hill, at least once. I suspect George Rebane will continue shopping at Safeway rather than BriarPatch or even SPD. The wing nut blogs are truly a hoot!

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