The Tea Party Gazette

Sure enough, an RL Crabb cartoon in The Union lampooning Bernie Sanders — on New Hampshire primary day, no less. How classy!

As a reader who pointed this out to me exclaimed: “Oh! It’s about Bernie. Really? It takes too much ink for this to even make sense.”

Perhaps, but it’s playing to the newspaper’s demographic.

The page is here (Click twice for larger image — if you want):


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19 Responses to The Tea Party Gazette

  1. Chip Wilder says:

    I’d go Dutch to keep this so called cartoon strip out of the paper.

  2. Annie Fox says:

    I find it rather naïve personally.

  3. stevefrisch says:

    Is there something wrong with political cartooning? I’ll make sure I go back in time and tell Honore Daumier, Thomas Nast, Herblock and Art Spiegelman to cut it out.

  4. jeffpelline says:

    Most political cartoonists give cartooning a rest on an election day, even in “Podunk Pines.” I don’t think of this as being akin to a Thomas Nast drawing, but it could just be me. LOL.

  5. Tom Dalldorf says:

    Interesting that Mr. Crabb has Bernie looking like Mr. Burns from the Simpsons…

    • jeffpelline says:

      A reader on Crabb’s Facebook page made the same point:
      “Tom Durkin — I’m okay with you lampooning Bernie, but do you have to make him look like an evil Simpsons character?”

      Instead of explaining why, Crabb was defensive.

  6. jeffpelline says:

    I have been lucky enough to be in some of his cartoons as a South Park character. And I’m not even running for president. LOL.

  7. jeffpelline says:

    Now Crabb is calling this a “series.” Yet one mocking Bernie Sanders runs on the day of the New Hampshire primary. Hmm. As to the “fairness,” is it a coincidence that George Rebane and the Republican Women’s Federated never “audit” Crabb’s cartoons — or not?

  8. jeffpelline says:

    Crabb is becoming unhinged, writing furiously all over his blog this morning. This past weekend, he plastered my blog items all over his Facebook page with derogatory comments such as “a**hole” and “bile.” I hope he’s going to be OK. I wonder if the URLs or DishItOutButCan’ are still available. LOL.

  9. jeffpelline says:

    On his blog, Crabb’s fans are weighing in. This was sums it up well:
    “Bonnie McGuire — Right on!”

  10. jeffpelline says:

    In his Facebook rant, now Crabb is running a cartoon about the tea party from 5/29/11 to show his “balance.” He refers to it as “a while back.” In fact, it was nearly five years ago.

    • jeffpelline says:

      Now “Louis LaPlante” of the Scooper weighs in on Crabb’s page with the “f” word. Good people.

    • jeffpelline says:

      Now Crabb has turned this cartoon from 5/29/11 into a standalone post on his blog. He calls it a “few” years ago. LOL.

      I think it’s time for George Rebane and the Republican Women’s Federated to “audit” RL Crabb’s cartoons, just like the “audit” The Union’s Op-Ed page as a whole. How come they haven’t? Hmmm.

  11. Joe Koyote says:

    Ever wonder why the cartoon strip is about a Village Idiot who coincidently looks like Crabb?

    • jeffpelline says:

      We enjoyed celebrating K-9 Rudiger’s second birthday at the Golden Era tonight with dozens of others. I told them I was a little late because I couldn’t use the “alleyway.” LOL.

      BTW, none of the “alleyway” advocates were present for the nonprofit affair. Instead, Crabb was at his computer, clinging to the five-year-old cartoon as proof of the “audit.” Of course.

  12. jeffpelline says:

    Hi Niel, I did not see you if you were there. I know I did not see the most vociferous advocates of removing the gate, based on the Facebook posts. One longtimer had written on Facebook: “I for one will not enter that bar and lay my money down until our alley is open to us again. That’s about the only way we can give the finger back at them until our prescriptive rights are returned.” Gee, nice people.

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