The Union reports “a heated debate” in Nevada City but doesn’t back it up

Wonders never cease with The Union newspaper. This weekend it is reporting (on the front page, no less): “The blockade of a passageway next to a 150-year-old building in Nevada City lounge bar thrust its owners into the center of a heated debate in town and on social media.”

“A metal gate now stands at the entrance of what used to be known in the community as Duffy’s Alley, a passageway adjacent to the Golden Era cocktail lounge that had been used as a public shortcut.”

Huh? I’ve seen some of the “shifters” (AKA Nevada City’s bar-hopping, retired “good old boys,” at least in some instances) complain about the gate on Facebook, and I guess they went to The Union to raise a ruckus.

But it is not a “heated debate” in town.

Worse, the article doesn’t offer an on-the-record comment to back it up. The building once housed Cirino’s and before that, Duffy’s Success. The current owners have invested money to reopen the space, which was closed after Cirino’s shut down.

They ought to be praised, not blamed. The “old boys” of Nevada City can be a detriment to change, because of selfish, provincial agendas.

How are we going to attract millennials, higher-paying jobs and more business to our towns?

A “heated debate” over a gate is podunk.

Author: jeffpelline

Jeff Pelline is a veteran editor and award-winning journalist - in print and online. He is publisher of Sierra FoodWineArt magazine and its website Jeff covered business and technology for The San Francisco Chronicle for years, was a founding editor and Editor of CNET News, and was Editor of The Union, a 145-year-old newspaper in Grass Valley. Jeff has a bachelor's degree from UC Berkeley and a master's from Northwestern University. His hobbies include sailing and trout fishing.

22 thoughts on “The Union reports “a heated debate” in Nevada City but doesn’t back it up”

  1. This is a tempest in a tea pot. Duffys alley has been a thouroughfare for 150 years. I can see it being closed for construction but now that construction is complete, open the alley.

    1. “Mic”
      Construction is not complete. As it turns out, “duffs alley” is on private property. I’m sure there’s some legal liability attached to that. I’m sure the owners will be happy to open the alley when construction is complete, but I continue to be astounded at the hubris of some the old-timers around here. It is unwelcoming, unconstructive and anti-business. And The Union’s reporting and news judgement on this was atrocious.

  2. On the alley issue in Nevada City, where a new business closed off a shortcut 100 years old.

    Videocams and good lighting would greatly reduce the odds of any evildoers. Any probably reduce insurance premiums substantially. So close to the PD you could give them a live feed. Panic button in the middle, where a false alarm would have excellent video of the pusher?

  3. The “big picture,” at least to me, is a new business coming to town that has invested in a vacant building, restored it and created a successful going concern. It is drawing a new demographic that will spend money on dinner at a nearby restaurant, and go shopping. That is economic development. We have some other buildings on Broad St. and the Stonehouse that also need to be revitalized. The Stonehouse deal is in the works.

    The “little picture” is the alleyway, which sits on private property and exposes the owner to legal liability for whatever goes on there, I presume. That’s a real business issue.

    I’m sure some compromise will be reached, but I continue to be astounded at the focus on the “little picture” instead of the bigger one.

    It is unwelcoming to business too and shows some real hubris.

    The Union newspaper also ought to be quoting the critics “on the record.” The reporting is incomplete.

  4. I’m renting a lot of space inside RL Crabb’s noggin’. He shares my posts on Facebook prefaced by snide editorializing. How can you ask a 70-something to grow up? LOL.

  5. I notice George Boardman is getting snide again. What’s this Lake of The Pines’ residents’ stake in Nevada City? A restaurant that closed.

  6. A clever entrepreneur would cut a hole in the wall in the middle of the alley, gaining an extra fire exit, and label the alley something on the order of “Speakeasy Path” or “Maiden Lane.” In effect, giving passersby yet another opportunity to dine in, or perhaps, a “take out” window? Make sure a vent fills that alley with good food smells.

  7. This is how George Boardman spells “podunk” on another blog: “So podunish.” George puts the “po” in “dunk.” From the San Mateo Times to p.r. to The Union. LOL.

  8. Or the few on Crabb’s Facebook page who ask: “Pelline, he must not be native.” No, I’m not. What’s interesting is they come here as “sock puppets,” but post their real names on Crabb’s Facebook page. One of them lives in Talent, Oregon. Go RL! LOL.

  9. And here’s Crabb’s “defense” on Facebook: “As I recall, businesses in NC are liable for the sidewalks in front of their buildings, yet I don’t see anyone denying passage because of it. And in all the years that the feet of the citizens have trodden upon said alley, I do not recall anyone having sued anyone for scraping a knee there. Has there been a single case of sexual assault? Hmm?”

    Except for Dixie Redfearn (who lives in Seal Beach) and Keri Brenner (who is supposed to be an objective reporter at The Union as the entertainment editor), I can hardly recognize the names that “like” Crabb’s acerbic posts on this issue. Go RL! You muckracker you! BTW, Brenner is now a “conflict of interest” on this issue.

  10. And here’s a sign of The Union’s professionalism in its hires: “RL Crabb — To this asshole, …” then he links to this blog post. Then a guy named “Michael Trickey” posts “Pelline is kind of dicky isn’t he?” And Teresa Cook (the one from Oregon) writes: “Is he even from Nevada County.” Here’s Michael Trickey: What a gem! RL needs anger management counseling, and Kerri Brenner needs to have a sit down with HR on “conflict of interest’ policies.

    What a mudhole. And Crabb and Brenner are paid by The Union. Jim Hemig call the office!

  11. Don’t know if there is more than one Michael Trickey in the County, but the one I know is a professional painter, and a year ago took his talents with paint ( in this case, paint removal) to the South Yuba River to remove graffiti from rocks and did an excellent job. I was there to help. I understand via FB that he is starting up a new band, but he is way more middle aged than the dude in the photo, so I can’t say if they are one and the same.

  12. Crabb should draw a cartoon of the other side of this “alleyway” — from the Spring St. side. It is not an alleyway at all; it is a deck on private property. The Union also did not report this.

  13. This is a hoot, from a sock puppet on Todd’s blog: “The downtown is a historic district and that alleyway was there since the good old days so it’s historic.” I guess that’s “sock puppet” logic. LOL.

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