Ex-County Supe Todd Juvinall: An embarrassment to our towns

Wonders never cease in the nasty world of western Nevada County politics. I just noticed more out-of-left-field falsehoods on George Rebane’s blog from Todd Juvinall, the former county supervisor and CABPRO founder who is delinquent on his property taxes, according to county records, but still has the hubris to propose a subdivision on his land in Grass Valley, among other deficiencies.

And if that’s not enough, Todd is pondering a run for District 1 Supervisor in June.

“Alert! Alert! Alert! A FUE sighting tonight at the Grass Valley City Council Meeting! ROTFLMAO! Posted by: Todd Juvinall | 08 December 2015 at 06:42 PM”

“Any pictures? Posted by: Gregory | 08 December 2015 at 07:16 PM” (This comment is from Gregory Goodknight, among  the vocal locals “who reject mainstream climate science”  and among the nastiest commenters in the local hard-right blogosphere).

For the record, I am sitting at home watching the KCRA news, not attending the Grass Valley City Council meeting. I have not been out all day except for grabbing lunch in Nevada City. And I have plenty of people to confirm that.

To make matters worse, The Union routinely runs the commentary of Todd on its Op-Ed page, including as recently as this past weekend.

(After posting this, Todd wised up: “False alarm, not him. LOL! Posted by: Todd Juvinall | 08 December 2015 at 09:58 PM”)

We have a lot of problems in our community and much of it stems from our hard-right politics and activism.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 7.49.26 PM


Author: jeffpelline

Jeff Pelline is a veteran editor and award-winning journalist - in print and online. He is publisher of Sierra FoodWineArt magazine and its website SierraCulture.com. Jeff covered business and technology for The San Francisco Chronicle for 12 years, and he was a founding editor and Editor of CNET News for eight years, among other positions. Jeff has a bachelor's degree from UC Berkeley and a master's from Northwestern University. His hobbies include sailing, swimming, and trout fishing in the Sierra.

159 thoughts on “Ex-County Supe Todd Juvinall: An embarrassment to our towns”

  1. So many things I would like to say but won’t. I am astonished that Todd J. could ever be elected to anything. If he runs for supervisor this time around, he will be trounced. The county has changed a great deal since he last ran for public office.

  2. I love this exchange from Todd and his fig leaf shrouded participants.
    Todd JuvinallDecember 8, 2015 at 6:13 PM
    Pelline is now doing stories about pre teen girls. What the heck? Creepy!

    AnonymousDecember 8, 2015 at 9:23 PM
    Todd, you should get on the Trump bandwagon! He’s going to take this and stick it to not only the LIBS, but also the GOP establishment!

    Todd JuvinallDecember 8, 2015 at 10:03 PM
    Why is Pelline doing stories about little girls on his blog. Is there a reason the community needs to about this? Jeeze what a creepy dude.

    Todd revels in skirting the edge of libel. He is the ultimate bully boy. He want to incite a reaction by implying illicit or illegal behavior. He has done the same with me for years. He counts on the fact that libel is too difficult to prove, cyber bullying too difficult to nail down, and both too expensive for a rational person to pursue to get away with saying the most outrageous things he can. He enlists his friends in the same sort of activity, most notably Fish, Greg Goodnight, Bill Tozer, and Walt and gives them the cover of anonymity to do so. Once in a while John Spencer, Russ Steele and George Rebane (whose specialty is being the actual puppet master propagandist of the looney fringe) join in in a way that they can claim plausible deniability.

    These people are not out to build community they are out to tear it down.

    Fortunately they are not only the minority, they are the impotent minority, because our fellow community members are smart enough to see that all they have the energy to do is destroy.

    I have never met a person in Nevada County who has said to me, “Hey Todd Juvinall had a good idea.”

    1. “fig leaf shrouded participants” Steve, that is classic! You are most correct with all their energy they could assist in building a community. In a sense perhaps they may desire to but so long as everyone does what they tell them to do.

  3. Like Trump, more people need to call out Todd (who knows no boundaries). I showed some of Todd’s comments to our teenage son, including the one related to the new “computer coding club for girls” (https://sierrafoothillsreport.com/2015/12/08/girls-who-code/) and Todd’s response. Our son might as well learn who some of his neighbors are — and some of the longtime locals. And also, what an “A—hole” (to quote Philadelphia’s Mayor) sounds like. Todd can be a teachable moment.

    The Union legitimizes Todd, running his “opinions,” including this past weekend. Todd is a donor to our Congressman, Doug LaMalfa. Woo hoo!

    1. “computer coding club for girls” was good …
      but that does raise a question:
      Do local high schools students read The Union?

  4. Steve,
    You’re right. The problem with suing Todd for libel is that this guy is already delinquent on his property taxes, according to county records. http://www.mynevadacounty.com/nc/ttc/docs/AB_DELQ_WEB.pdf

    How would you ever collect?

    My favorite comment about Todd’s widespread unpopularity came from a longtime local GOP leader. I asked him how a majority of progressives once wound up being elected to the Board of Supervisors in such a conservative county. He answered, with a straight face: “Todd Juvinall.”

    I often wonder if Todd’s only friends are the “sock puppets” on his blog, some of the people you mentioned and Jeff Ackerman. I should have given Todd the $40K severance that I turned down from Ackerman, so Todd could pay his delinquent property taxes. LOL.

    I hope he runs for District 1 Supe! It will help him more clearly understand what the rest of us already know.

  5. I met with a longtime local GOPer last week, and Todd’s name came up in the context of his GV housing project. He said Todd’s “blog” is a joke, pointing to his misspelling of “breathe” when he meant “breath.” Even though Todd changed the title, the misspelling in the URL is permanent (“sierradragonsbreathe”) for all to see.

    Todd’s lies and innuendo are part of his DNA and go back to the time when the Wild & Scenic river was going to be designated: https://sierrafoothillsreport.com/2015/09/07/how-local-far-right-extremists-sought-to-block-yubas-wild-scenic-river-status/

    He though it was hilarious that Todd would think he could run for District 1 Supe. “Dellusional.” A bunch of people in town have marked their calendar for the spring deadline for filing, waiting for Todd to chicken out, knowing full well that his “bark is bigger than his bite.” And then LOL.

    Then he went on to remind me about Todd’s brief tenure “returning” to CABPRO. It didn’t last long at all. https://sierrafoothillsreport.com/2012/01/07/can-todd-juvinall-grow-cabpro-with-mudslinging-or-intelligent-dialogue/

  6. No sooner had the Christmas season ended than the creeps/trolls returned to Todd’s blog. One of the clowns thinks he spotted me at Lefty’s, though I haven’t eaten there in a long while. Sounds like stalking. We also need to get “fish” preoccupied with another activity in the New Year. His only skill seems to be cutting and pasting. NoLife.com.

  7. There’s an hilarious Facebook page out called “Draft Todd Juvinall for Supervisor.”
    As one follower writes: “Todd’s our guy. He writes at a sixth-grade level so even high school dropouts know what he’s saying — and believe him because they have no critical thinking skills. He doesn’t obfuscate like Rebane. Run, Todd, run! See Todd run!”
    Todd has become a laughingstock!

  8. Here’s another excerpt from “Draft Todd Juvinall for Supervisor”: “You might think that is funny but most of the hard working salt of the earth residents of Nevada County are just guys doing a job trying to get by and raise a family and the environazis have made it impossible to get a permit to do anything. Todd will turn that around like he did in the 90’s and get people back to work at shopping malls and mines all over the county. You libnut college types have ruined it for everyone. Why don’t you all go back to San Francisco and Santa Criz (sic) where you came from anyway? This is about making America great again!”

  9. Todd thinks I created this page! LOL. No I didn’t, but it’s a hoot. I don’t think Todd understands the sheer number of people in our community that are laughing at him, not with him!

  10. I did not know how deeply disturbed the trolls/stalkers were on Todd’s blog until I read this:
    “Jeff just wrote that my comment about his feeding behavior was a troll because, “one of the clowns thinks he spotted me at Lefty’s, though I haven’t eaten there in a long while.” I guess a traumatic experience burns a long memory. It was in the back room of the old Lefty’s location. It was during a wild and scenic film festival lunch break. I believe Janet Cohen was to his left and directly across the table was Peter Van Zant.”

    In fact, I never had lunch with Janet or Peter at the back room at Lefty’s at the film festival. They will happily point this out as well.

    The more disturbing point about Todd’s blog is that anonymous stalkers who can’t even stalk. LOL.

  11. “Todd Juvinall December 27, 2015 at 5:04 PM
    Even with a picture Pelline denies he was seen out and about. That has to be a mental disorder.”

    A picture? If that’s not stalking I don’t know what is. In this case, however, there is no picture because it was made up. Last week, a longtime local and business owner brought up Todd and his friends. He referred to it as a “strain” that is becoming more and more irrelevant but said it has scarred the town’s reputation to outsiders.

    I honestly feel sorry for western Nevada County natives, who have to grapple with the fact that Todd is one of them. Thankfully he’s the exception, not the rule.

  12. I just looked over at Todd’s web site and I really love how all of this is under the heading “Happy Birthday Jesus.” It is as though observing that this would be the case was a self fulfilling prophesy (no pun intended.)

    Yep, Happy Birthday Jesus.

  13. This is an interesting exchange on the “Draft Todd Juvinall for Supervisor” Facebook page, where his daughter comes to Todd’s rescue, but the page’s moderator sarcastically points out that Todd “reaps what he sows.” I am not involved in the parody Facebook page of Todd, but it’s a good point. I hope Tracy Juvinall catches up with the anonymous “commentary” on her dad’s blog — the trolls and their nasty political and personal attacks, “fat jokes,” lies, etc. I wonder if Tracy thinks that is cool. I know I have had an email exchange with Pastor Ron at Twin Cities Church about Todd’s blog; he did not find it constructive, either :
    “Tracy Juvinall
    Today at 3:06pm
    I know only 11 people have liked this page, however, just so you know this page has not been endorsed by Todd and is a big joke created by an anonymous person. I guess mockery is the greatest form of flattery, but at the same time it is sad that the creator of this page has nothing better to do with their time. How about trying to make a difference in someone’s life instead of trying to tear someone down. That would be a good start.”

    “Draft Todd Juvinall for Supervisor Golly Tracy Juvinall, I guess you just can’t face the fact that Todd is saying he wants to run for Supervisor and is the best choice for Nevada County. Todd sets such a good example of doing good in the community and going out of his way not to ‘tear someone down’ that we just can’t think of a better candidate. I was really hoping his whole family would get behind him. Expect to see much more from the grassroots Draft Todd Juvinall for Supervisor effort in the future.
    Like · Reply · 5 hours ago”

    BTW, since Tracy Juvinall’s post, more people have “liked” the page.

  14. Yes, it’s a hoot, to use Todd’s words. I had nothing to do with it either. He can’t seem to grasp the fact that most of the town is laughing at him, not with him.

  15. Among other shortcomings, the trolls who comment on Todd’s blog don’t seem to understand how the news feeds in Facebook work. They are citing month’s-old comments as “Yesterday at 08:24.” You can’t fix stupid.

  16. What’s really a hoot about the trolls on Todd’s blog is that a few people who are too afraid to ID themselves yap at each other about how uninfluential others are. ROFLOL.

  17. It’s good to see the nasty, anonymous posts on Todd’s blog get more visibility on the “Draft Todd Juvinall for Supervisor” page on Facebook. More people need to know what kind of human being Todd represents. March 11 is the date for Todd to declare if he’s running for Supe.

    1. Can you imagine a college-educated millennial from Coastal California encountering Todd Juvinall’s blog? Or reading about George Boardman bashing organic food and Fran Freedle signing up locals for the State of Jefferson in The Union? He or she would think they had landed in Appalachia and head right up to Truckee and Lake Tahoe instead. https://youtu.be/Uzae_SqbmDE

  18. This clown “fish” is somehow under the impression he’s winning the culture wars. It’s just the opposite: His town of Sacramento is becoming more like S.F. every day, just like the foothills. “Fish” will have nowhere else to go but southeastern Oregon. BTW, I enjoy reading what “fish” thinks S.F. is all about. Some expert: He was a laughingstock in S.F. when he wrote this: http://www.ncc-1776.org/tle2011/tle603-20110116-02.html. He must think it’s called “Frisco.” Fish wouldn’t know Tiburon or Sausalito if it slapped him in the bottom. He’s a “fish” out of water. ROFLOL!

    1. I’m not sure I understand how he is winning the culture wars. Not being a go along trendy type, I’ve always been myself regardless of what the culture dictates. It seems there are many like this too.

  19. The sock puppets on Todd’s blog are coming unhinged. And it’s in the morning! I guess they’re cranking up early since it’s Super Bowl Sunday. LOL.

  20. Now the sock puppets on Todd’s blog are self-styled “philosopher kings.” Nope. Just the dead wood in our community (and David Larsen of Carmichael).

    1. And here’s how the nasty sock puppets on Todd Juvinall’s blog spell “alley”: “…Duffy’s Ally (sic).” ROFLOL!

  21. The sock puppets on Todd’s blog must be high school dropouts! Almost every word is misspelled: In the latest, spelling “Allen” instead of “Alan.” Duh.

      1. And George Boardman is over on Crabb’s blog defending this: https://sierrafoothillsreport.com/2014/03/27/the-union-writes-about-its-miller-time-sign-and-the-people-involved-just-dig-in-their-heels/
        While TL isn’t one of my “favs,” to quote Board Georgeman, a lot of people found this to be an “only in western Nevada County” campaign tactic.
        Come on George, why don’t you donate some time to a good cause instead of pollinating the blogs while you putter about the house on a sunny day?

  22. The fools on Todd’s blog have discovered an old post on NC Scooper about me. It is “news” to them. I wonder if they have heard about the Lindbergh kidnapping? ROFLOL. “You can’t fix stupid.”

  23. What would Todd Juvinall’s parents have thought about the commentary of the sock puppets on his blog that goes unmoderated? Is that how they raised him? Seriously.

    1. Time is running out for Todd to file his papers for District 1 Supervisor! He would finish dead last, well behind Heidi Hall, and he knows it. He has lived here his whole life but never done anything for the community. In fact, it has been just the opposite. Rembember the disastrous Wildwood Ridge bond project or Todd’s efforts to block the Yuba from being declared wild & scenic. Todd has no friends, except sock puppets who make ugly statements. He thinks it makes him a community “thought leader.” Todd also continues to be listed on the county’s latest delinquent taxpayer list: http://www.mynevadacounty.com/nc/ttc/docs/AB_DELQ_WEB.pdf And now he wants to build another crappy housing project. Some of the land has been identified as environmentally sensitive. Word on the street is that a grassroots effort is cranking up to stop the project dead in its tracks: https://sierrafoothillsreport.com/2015/11/16/locals-dis-proposed-subdivision-on-todd-juvinalls-land-in-gv/ No surprise there. Todd is a pariah (a word he has to look up in the dictionary). LOL.

  24. Todd thinks he has “hundreds of friends.” Show me. On his blog? Sock puppets, not real people. Helping him with his delinquent taxes? Nope. Helping him with his “housing project”? Nope. He tried to return as head of CABPRO, but that fizzled too. People are laughing at Todd as a pariah, not with him. What a miserable retirement that must be. He should shuffle off to Roseburg. LOL.

  25. We haven’t heard much from “Barry” lately. But now I notice a post on Todd’s blog from “Barry” laughing at an NC Scooper parody of me. How’s it going Barry? Good times? ROFLOL!

  26. It’s good to hear that Barry’s in a “groove.” I should have kept the $40K severance and donated it to him. ROFLOL!

  27. Loving that Gregory still thinks I’m “Jon” on Rebane’s blog. With NCVoices down, I hardly even look anymore. Too much of a time sink. LOL.

  28. On Rebane’s blog, “Jon” has Gregory Goodknight tied up in knots. So much for a Harvey Mudd education. LOL.

    “There was no “delay” of yours, “Jon”. You ignored the substance of my 2:03 when you did your usual hit piece at 2:45.

    “Jon”, if you truly don’t know who I am, ask your bromantic “hero” in Truckee who I am, or your doppelganger with the three digit NC address and the glossy pennysaver that might be worth the cover price. Or, have a chat with KVMR’s Paul Emery, which whom I have often had friendly chats over coffee.

    Or ask George Rebane, Todd J.

    I dropped my last name in this forum only to drop the libels from one bat-shit crazy former teacher who used to haunt the blogs.

    Now, name some notable soul who knows you and can vouch for your identity as being separate from those whose empty rhetoric you so closely resemble. I know who 90% of the usual posters are. Hell, I’ve even enjoyed being in the company of Michael P. Anderson a few times, though he was apparently unaware of it.

    Posted by: Gregory | 03 March 2016 at 09:13 PM”

    1. No, Gregory. You can keep pushing the point, but alas, I’m not “Jon.” But it’s a hoot to watch you respond to “him.” Memo to Gregory: You are no inspector Clouseau! LOL. TGIF.

      1. I am not “Jon” either. Nor do I believe that Michael Anderson is “Jon.” I think Jon may just be a guy who enjoys changing syntax every once in a while and keeps a list of seldom used words and phrases to drive Mr. Goodknight crazy, which should not be too difficult.

  29. The sock puppets on Todd’s blog are about as thick as anyone could imagine. The latest is not to understand that old blog posts here are discovered by readers via Google (where they rank high in the keyword search rankings), continuing to generate commentary. Instead, the sock puppets think the readers find the two-year old stories here. No, that would take a lot of scrolling! ROFLOL.

  30. Does Todd have anything to do? Does he have any friends? What would occupy him all day if somebody took away his keyboard? I’m starting to feel sorry for this old duffer. Please if you’re a friend of Todd rescue him! LOL.

  31. I love reading the exchanges between Todd Juvinall and Gregory Goodknight on “Rebane’s Ruminations,” psychoanalyzing the rest of us when they have so little to show for themselves. What a hoot!

  32. I wonder if Todd paid his delinquent property taxes this week. Nearly all the rest of us in the community are current. What makes Todd so special?

  33. I wonder whether Todd has paid back his delinquent property taxes? I also wonder how his housing project on sensitive environmental land is going? ROFLOL.

  34. Judging from their blog conversations, I think “fish” (out of Carmichael) and Todd (up on Banner Mountain) are falling in “like”! And to think I’ve been their matchmaker. These blogs are a hoot. I dedicate this song to them: https://youtu.be/jVGNdB6iEeA

  35. The news Juvinalian joke: “I supported Tom McClintock Paul Emery. You supported the short black kid or was it the hooker?”

    Just about says it all.

  36. Oh no. The anonymous creeps on Todd’s blog stalk me even when I’m on vacation. I miss you too. ROFLOL.

    1. They still think I’m you! I even met Todd and spoke with him face to face years ago. This is hysterical!

      1. Poor “Bored Georgeman” could use a little more commentary over on his blog. BTW, George still hasn’t figured out how to fix the big spacing gaps on his posts. It’s hilarious (and inept).

  37. Todd needs to step away from blabbering on his computer up on Banner Mountain and get to work! He needs to pay off his delinquent property tax. (Or the county needs to auction off the property).

  38. Todd made the local newspaper this weekend, locals tell me! There’s going to be a gathering outside the Courthouse, of all places, on 8/26. What’s up Todd? Do tell.

  39. Wow- For this kind of money—$647,736.76 (back taxes on Juvinal property) Nevada county could have another firefighter—- or six-

    1. Oh, I see it now on page D4 from Saturday’s The Union newspaper. A legal notice of being in default under a deed or deed trust. That total must include the property too. For a guy with such a big mouth, I wonder why Todd or one of his sock puppets hasn’t written a blog item enlightening all of us. I guess we can get some clarity on 8/26 on the courthouse steps. LOL.

  40. Hey Jeff, you seem to know a lot about how to research county files.
    I have been having difficulty finding the deed to Robinson’s Corner.
    That corner was deeded to “The Maidu”.
    That’s me, I am Maidu, and I want to see it.
    How do I go about finding the actual deed?
    Can you help?

    1. Ha! Todd’s latest “file” was published in The Union. Seriously, you should go to the County recorder’s office at the Rood Center for that.

  41. Judith, I can help locate the deed. The staff there is only instructed to tell you about the simple tasks involved, and they assume you know a lot, to keep the creep factor down. Long time ago in a Marin far far away, I had a Real Estate license. You can reach me at 277-foto, foto in digits is 3686.

    I am touched that Greg still thinks of me fondly from time to time.

  42. Thank you Barry,
    I must correct something though.
    The Nisenan of the Nevada City Rancheria are the tribe to whom your generous client’s donation should rightfully go.
    They have a support 501 C-3 named CHIRP, so the donations they receive will be tax deductible.

    I tell you this because for the last 18 years KVMR has run a campaign for the Tsi Akim Corporation through the program Dreamwalk, making if extremely costly and difficult to get the truth about the Nisenan to the community. Your post and reference to the Maidu perfectly illustrate my point.
    What do the Nisenan have to do to get the community to understand who they are?
    I myself was walked out of the station in 2004 for coming in to talk about Rose Kelly, Chief Kelly’s granddaughter and a prominent California cultural treasure.
    It was a stunning and confusing experience.
    But it made me begin to look deeper, and now all these years later I can’t believe how naive i was not to have seen it at the beginning.
    I understand CHIRP is attempting to explain this all to KVMR management, as it has tried before, but these folks are probably terrified to contemplate the truth that they very well might be virtually shilling for a corporation out to destroy Nevada County’s true heritage tribe.
    I would not want that on my resume.

    The Tsi Akim Corporation, run by Don Ryberg and his corporation seem to have been attempting a takeover of Nisenan homelands for something like 18 years and KVMR is a great tool, no doubt about it.
    I suspect that this is because Nevada County is prime real estate for gaming, meaning a casino.
    That means millions of dollars and high paying jobs for the administrators.
    So, for the second time in their history the unfortunate and powerless Nisenan have something somebody else covets, and some people are willing to do anything to get it.
    It appears many good folks, prominent folks, may have been taken in by T/A propaganda and now regret it.
    Or maybe they were in on it, but no matter.
    That’s in the past.
    Except for KVMR.
    The tribe needs to move forward and for that KVMR must step up and do the right thing by the Nisenan and all of us who value truth in our historical towns.

    Mr. Pruett, on paper the Nisenan People, about a hundred of them remaining out of thousands, still own all of Nevada County, because they are one of seventeen unique California tribes whose treaties were executed by Federal officials and signed by the Indian people in good faith, only to have those same government officials sequester the documents and never file them for ratification. That’s thievery.
    The Camp Union Treaty, the Nisenan treaty for these lands, was hidden and never ratified.
    So technically this is still their land.

    The story of how even their pitiful reservation was taken from them in the 1960’s, when your freeway came through town, is even sadder.
    They were stripped if their Federal recognition and didn’t even get to keep that little scrap of land, which is now the Cement Hill neighborhood.
    In Lassen and Plumas County our tribes were assigned Indian agents who worked for good relations and fair treatment of our families.
    It appears that in Nevada County there was no one to officially speak for or defend the Nisenan, which is why today we have very wealthy powerful gaming tribes just down the road, (one of them built Chapa de clinic) and the Nisenan absolutely naked before their enemies.
    Further, if people believe that Indian tribes coexist any better than Nevada City and Grass Valley, or Republicans and Democrats, then they’ve probably seen “Dances with Wolves” one too many times.
    I suggest “Red Road”, a dramatic but fairly more accurate series.

    As for your post, I am Maidu/Pit River and these are not my homelands or my issues.
    I’ve just tried to be a good friend to the Nisenan while I’ve lived here.
    My Pit River tribe has built a 2 1/2 million dollar cannabis growing facility on our reservation the XL Ranch, so I’ll be busy helping them where I can, probably public relations of some sort.
    The Mighty Pits have always been a poor tribe with few resources, I’d like to see that change.

    Please be good enough contact the Nevada City Rancheria through their website at: http://www.nevadacityrancheria.org/
    Feel free to meet with them at CHIRP and ask questions, lots of them.

    Thank you

  43. Todd writes on his blog: “Pelline keeps posting about property taxes being delinquent. Not true.”
    A look at the tax roles, as of 8/5/16, lists Todd (http://www.mynevadacounty.com/nc/ttc/docs/AB_DELQ_WEB.pdf) And his 2015-16 property tax statement for a parcel reads: “There are unpaid taxes beginning with fiscal year 2010/2011.” But if he’s caught up since, or agreed to an installment plan, I’m glad for that. We all should be.

    Now if we can just get Todd to clean up his cess pool of a blog — filled with ugly personal attacks, lies and innuendo by anonymous trolls — then we’ll be making real progress!

    BTW, no update on Todd’s proposed subdivision in GV: https://sierrafoothillsreport.com/2015/11/16/locals-dis-proposed-subdivision-on-todd-juvinalls-land-in-gv/

  44. This is the problem with Todd and his blog:
    He writes: “Now if he only cleared up his 484,000 dollar debt.” This “debt,” an outdated figure,” is our family’s mortgage on our home. It has always been paid on time, along with the property tax.
    Yet Todd is trying to mislead his readers into thinking this “debt” is the same as delinquent property tax or a foreclosure.
    Of course it is not.
    This is the problem with Todd and the trolls who comment there. Nasty personal attacks, lies and innuendo. What continues to strike me is that Todd was once a County Supervisor. It’s mind boggling and reflects poorly on our community’s “talent pool.”
    Now Todd wants the community’s support to build a housing subdivision in Grass Valley. Go figure.

  45. Here’s Todd Juvinall’s latest post on his blog: “Todd Juvinall August 16, 2016 at 11:05 AM
    “I see why Pelline and Frisch are “butt” buddies.”

    If you can believe it, Todd is a former Nevada County Supervisor, and he is seeking the community’s support to build a housing subdivision in Grass Valley.

      1. As the hearings progress on this project — Todd is the property owner — I think we should read Todd’s blog into the record!

  46. The latest “pearls of wisdom” from the blog of Todd Juvinall, once a Nevada County supervisor. Now he owns land in Grass Valley that is being proposed for a new subdivision:

    “Todd Juvinall, September 3, 2016 at 8:52 AM
    The idiot named Damon keeps trying yo post on my blog. He needs to stay on his trash blog Vents. And he doesn’t even live here. So Damon, bite me and then get a facelift for you old lady. Your head looks like a big penis so get a condom hat would ya please? LOL!”

    Well, thank you Todd!

    1. I am the “old lady” mentioned in Todd Juvinall’s stupid blog.
      I have some of Todd’s most recent ridiculousness on Facebook that I would love to send to you.

      1. So am I to understand he verbally trashed you for something that you didn’t do? Maybe it’s because you’re a woman and he thinks you’ll just sit there and take it. So wrong!

  47. Then “fish” crawls out from under a rock to weigh in. “fish,” Todd, Bill Tozer, George Boardman …. bottomofthebarrel.com.

  48. Circle of Stupid update!

    Here is Gregory Goodknight on the Alicia Machado [Miss Universe] “issue”:

    “Well, it also turns out Miss Piggy was under contract to keep her figure as it was on the day of the Miss Universe win for her year as Miss Universe (she didn’t, hence the Piggy tag), and has something of a career in hard core porn in the time since, in addition to threatening judges and district attorneys. Hillary needs to pick better Pollyannas.” –Greg Goodknight

    I don’t usually weigh in to say someone is ‘as stupid as Todd’ but Goodknight really does appear to as misogynistic as Todd. They may have been separated at birth.

    Unfortunately Mr. Goodknight is relying on claims Ms. Machado threatened a judge [a claim unsupported in her native Venezuala]; and that she was a porn actress [a claim also unsubstantiated and publicly debunked] he continues the narrative that if one critiques Trump they are fair game for libel.

    But let’s think about the root of Mr. Goodknght’s mind set; by parenthetically adding the “she didn’t, hence the Piggy tag” clause he really demonstrates his true colors. Yep, a woman who gains weight after being under contract to remain thin should be fat shamed. Hey, a contract is a contract! And he does not address the other “Miss” label–the “Miss Housekeeping” one. I guess it is OK to use a bigoted stereotype to describe a fat woman who did not remain exactly as she was after making the deal that she would be eye candy for a “pagent” owned by a lecherous old men for a year.

    Circle of Stupid is actually too kind to describe this is kind chauvinism.

    Yep, class act.

    1. A little garbled due to early morning and low light, but you get the point; the Circle of Stupid orbiting the Todd Juvinall universe is, if camoflauged or invisible other than through analysis of gravitational pull, comprised of a plethora of insignificant rocky barren bitter old planets long denuded of their life giving properties.

  49. Why do you otherwise intelligent men even read that bilge?
    I visit occasionally and find to many of the comments adolescent and prurient.
    Mr. Rebane’s rather stilted language is nonetheless gentlemanly, therefore one wonders why he doesn’t seem to realize how gravely his commenters’ remarks undermine his dignity and compromise is credibility.
    I am a shade away from respecting his blog because I do sense that he really believes everything he says and I am interested in some of his ideas.
    I would welcome a conversation with both Mr. and Mrs. Rebane in person, but I fear their minds are closed and closed minds are boring and tedious, are they not?
    However, if they understand what every first year art student does, that, “A way if seeing is also a way of not seeing” (Berger), and are calm and fair, then it might be great fun.

    And Steve, IMHO every minute you spend reading the trash on RR detracts from your work with the ERC.

  50. Yes, George has the gentlemanly vocabulary of a practiced and cultured racial purist in pursuit of a monocultural “ethnic state.” I think of him as the Alfred Rosenberg of Nevada County.

    I read it to laugh my ass off Judith…..and for the third time I am not with the ERC. Not with the ERC.

  51. Oh, sorry for that.
    My mistake.
    You know, I have the devil’s own time trying to get local folks to understand the difference between the Nevada City Rancheria and the Tsi Akim Corporation.
    This is an important conversation concerning the possibility of millions of dollars flowing into Nevada County, . . . or not.
    I get how frustrating it is to know that no matter how hard you work to get your message out there, people will still mistake you for somebody else.
    I’ll try to do better, Steve, I’ll do my homework and find out what it is you do.

  52. I could not help but laugh at this little exchange over at Rebane’s this morning:

    “Forgotten member of Parliament, ‘Sir, may you either hang or die of a dreaded disease!’
    Churchill, ‘That sir, depends on whether I embrace your principles or your mistress.”–George Rebane

    “Anyway, looking at the list of quotes I found randomly on the net, it strikes me at how much of Winston can be seen in the Donald.” –Gregory Goodknight

    The reason I laughed of course is that this quote is impossible to attribute to Winston Churchill; it is more than 150 years older than the venerable Sir Winston in his prime.


    But it belongs here because it illustrates an larger point, which is with what authority the George’s and Greg’s and Todd’s of the world speak; it is as though they believe that what they know couldn’t fill an ocean yet struggles to fill a water glass half full, leaving it perpetually half empty.

    We see a further illustration of this this morning with Todd posting a scene from the 1940 movie Abe Lincoln in Illinois, with Raymond Massey as Mr. Lincoln, as an example of how we were once great, bemoaning the sorry state of American political discourse in the Trump and Clinton campaign.

    Besides the obvious problem with relying on Raymond Massey for context in the Lincoln-Douglas debates and conflating a childhood movie with American history, In the same post he embraces the very rhetoric he bemoans by demeaning a former Trump employee as a “old beauty queen” [she is 39, or roughly 25 years younger than Mr. Juvinall],and describes her as a “gutter snipe.” Perhaps Mr. Juvinall should look in the mirror to see the cause of the decline of intellectual debate in a vibrant democracy.

    Any attempt to define the George’s and the Gregory’s of this world as somehow slightly more refined or higher brow because what they think they know is better than what someone like Todd demonstrably does not know, is like defining what level of Dante’s inferno the sinner resides in; each level may be worse than the next, but crossing the Acheron and being there at all is the problem.

    So let’s be clear if anyone has led us to the “realm…of those who have rejected spiritual values by yielding to bestial appetites or violence, or by perverting their human intellect to fraud or malice against their fellowmen..” it is idiots like George, and Gregory and Todd.

    The George’s and Gregory’s of the world actually bear more responsibility that the Todd, because portion of their minds have been trained to reason–too bad that doesn’t bleed over in to the portions of their minds that pull the rest of society into hell with them.

  53. Steve,

    Up at 4 a.m. filling your mind with bilge?
    Crack a book, I’m reading the lost notes of Loren Eiseley (don’cha miss him?) and it’s a great way to start the day.
    I keep warning you to stay out of the cesspool.
    Don’t you know they love it when they get to you enough to make you waste your time hurling insults at them from Jeff’s blog?
    It’s attention, get it luv? Attention they crave and you willingly provide.
    That’s just nuts.
    Leave those fools to their incoherent babbling and get back to throwing starfish.

  54. And you are a Fulbright scholar to boot, sheesh!
    You are so way out of RR’s league I can’t believe you even click on.

  55. In on the east coast so it was 7am for me😃

    Not a Fulbright scholar, I was briefly a Fulbright fellow for the State Department international program (I’m sure critics will assume implementing Agenda 21)

    I think when vocal idiots where the self appointed mantle of community leadership it is our responsibility to truth the deceived.

  56. Steve,

    Wow, that’s just what I’m doing.
    Problem is, not enough people are tuning in and understanding.
    BTW, of the two city councils I faced this week, I found the Grass Valley City Council to be much more gracious and respectful overall than the Nevada City Council.
    Nothing overt, just a vibe.
    GVCC seems to grasp the Nisenan situation more than NCCC, possibly because they may not be quite as culpable for what has been happening to our little tribe.
    I look forward to the next public comment there so I can bring them some good news for a change.
    I like the podium off to the side like that too, much more comfortable.

  57. If you ever thought Todd was lonely and isolated, read his Facebook page. It is the most pathetic thing ever. No likes. No comments. No nothing.

    1. I heard a rumor that Todd, Barry, fish, and Ralph Underglass will be spending Thanksgiving together — no one else will have them.

  58. And here’s some of the intelligent commentary that Todd, a former county supervisor, allows to be posted on his blog. A real sick man:
    “AnonymousNovember 21, 2016 at 5:22 PM
    Ass humps and slippers! The guy is a massive obese reject that had no real friends as a child or as an adult. He is clueless that most everyone laughs at him behind his fat ass back. Feel sorry for his wife and kid.”

    1. This is my favorite line from this moron: “Thank God I live on Old Auburn Road 1.5 miles out of town but the “Little Jap cars” have discovered it’s quicker to exit the 49 past the signal light on Lime Kiln and drive up Old Auburn Road, at speeds in excess of 55 mph as posted on the 49.” This guy is frozen in time from more than a half century ago. He’s a racist. I wish I knew his name.

  59. And the trolls on Todd’s blog now ridicule George Takei, a Japanesel-American actor, director, author, and activist, who was an inductee to the California Hall of Fame last night. This troll mentions “little Jap cars,” too. He’s a racist. Figures.

      1. Sure is Jeff. A wanna-be. If the imposter was the real deal I’m certain he wouldn’t be allowed to post there.

      2. So Jeff, is this George Takei poser also copying what we say because of “he” isn’t intelligent enough to come up with his own comments?

  60. I wonder if Todd means the plumbers, carpenters, and hotel maids that hasTrump routinely stiffed and whose administration is stiffing again? I saw an interview with a woman who was a Trump voter and couldn’t believe the “meals on wheels” she depends on was going to be cut. the In last 30 years Trump has had more than 4,000 suits filed against him with 75 currently active lawsuits, many of them from those folks he has stiffed. I didn’t realize the Union published humor on their opinion page.

    1. You said it Jeff, because they are afraid and they haven’t the conviction to stand by their words.
      Oh this is silly, we are pretty sure they are all Todd, aren’t we?

      1. Judith, Todd wrote: “Judith Lowry, another FUE sock puppet sure is a boasting sock puppet.” ROFLOL.

      2. He clearly doesn’t even know what a sock puppet is. And he’s too lazy to find out. It’s a false online identity. Their lack of intelligence and depth is breathtaking. Remember Jeff when I was a sock puppet for you (not). These people are idiots, and only other idiots swollow their pablum. They are the underlying disease in the county.

    2. It’s so nice to be labeled by Todd.
      Golly, and this from a fellow who likes to boast about the prodigious dimensions of his uh, “whatever”.

  61. I read these threads on TheUnion.com where people such as Fran Freedle are being challenged. And the only one who consistently who comes to their defense is Todd Juvinall. Todd has zero credibility, even from the right. It is further evidence of our community’s shift from the right to center-left.

    1. Except for Pruett, who was whipped in local politics, not one person whose name we would even recognize comments on Todd’s blog. Not one. Todd is a loser.

      1. I wonder if Pruett relies on “fake news” to win his arguments in court, as he does on the blogs? What an ugly temper too. Oh, and a living testament to kharma. ROFLOL.

      2. A regular reader here also reminded me that Todd and Barry have a lot in common personally. So true! lol.

  62. @Bruce- You must have educated Todd. On his 7:20 this morning he mistook sock puppet for sock puppeys. Clearly you guys are referring to different creatures. I get the distinct impression that Todd is a two fingered typist and has yet learned to proof his writing much less employ spell check. What a toad.

  63. Get a load of this exchange on Todd’s blog:

    “Anonymous —May 12, 2017 at 11:37 PM
    Gasoline and Diesel prices are hovering around $2.79 each. March lows for diesel were $2.21 and $2.49 at the Arco station off Sierra College. What will they be after Brown’s tax hike and what percentage will registration fees rise? I got a break from registration fees from $375 to $129 on my F250 King Ranch a couple of years ago by switching to DP (Handicapped) plates.

    “Todd Juvinall—May 13, 2017 at 7:19 AM
    Well that is cool. We have to work hard to outsmart the government when they are after our money.”

  64. Typical right wing attitude toward taxes. Taxes are seen not as paying a fair share for public services like roads but something to avoid by cheating if necessary. Does greed ring a bell?

  65. Not all taxes are created equally. If taxes are used to pay for government trappers to kill coyotes and bobcats or to buy military weapons that’s a wonderful thing. If taxes are used to buy solar panels or a bike rack for the Rood Center that’s not only a terrible waste but part of the Agenda 21 conspiracy to make America a third world country. My guess is that Todd is 100% on board with this appraisal.

  66. I notice the “scum” (their words) and uninformed (mine) who comment on Todd’s blog have big mouths, but only when hiding behind “anonymous.” I wonder how they would sound if they signed their names. Like little lambs, I suspect. lol.

  67. This is Todd Juvinall’s latest post on Rebane’s blog: “As a connoisseur of women and their brains and emotions, I have to say these lefty ideas from feminists are total crap. Women are always carrying something men want and they know how to use it. But what fascinates me about western women’s ideas about genders and how they get along is this, they are a tiny part of the planet’s people and thankfully on;y ruin the small number of men in their circles.

    Posted by: Todd Juvinall | 02 May 2018 at 06:13 PM”

    You can’t make this stuff up!

    1. Connoisseur? ROFLMAO!!! I have to say these uptighty rightys ideas from control freak bullies are total crap.

      1. Annie,
        You’ve sent the Aqua Velva man/”connoisseur of women” into a tail spin. Now he’s talking to himself on his blog.

  68. This may be my favorite from George:

    “The elite social engineers, while expanding the landscape of sexuality – you know, the LGTBXYZ movements – decided to take heterosexual relations to a new point of asymmetry. Men were to remain the brutes they had always been, but now women would have a new weapon to aid their climb to and maintenance of that coveted gender equality. The #MeToo movement was launched to enable any woman to destroy the reputation of a man by simply alleging that the brute had sexually harassed her in some now bygone and distant year. Such allegations allowed no defense since sexual harassment could denote literally anything starting with solicited or unwanted flirtation. Today men are guilty with no apparent means of defense, and the social punishment for such accusations is severe, involving the destruction of career, family, and reputation.”

    The depth of the sexually and culturally threatened snark in this is epic.

    1. Yes, I read that too. OMG. I wonder if the boys over at Riskalyze in Auburn (you know, Aaron Klein and Mikey McDaniel) will tap their “mentor” and “father” George Rebane for the up-and-coming company’s sexual harassment training! Let’s hope none of their staffers there embrace what Rebane calls the “LGTBXYZ” movement. Holy cow, Rebane! You are a real piece of work.

    2. Poor George. The Me Too movement is about women coming forward and not being ashamed or afraid to call out their abuser. Now I agree with George to a degree about not saying anything about the past until now however many women have been dismissed in the past and further shamed with the social punishment that also has destroyed their careers, families, and reputations. What if something like that happened to his wife? Would he tell her to shut her mouth and take it because she is a woman?

    1. Jeff, why am I thinking about the song “Are You Lonely Tonight” about now based on this post? Glad I don’t visit that cesspool. I just thought of another song, “That Smell”.

      1. Annie,
        Todd thinks we are “one in the same.” Then he made some vile comments about “getting laid.” Todd needs to sit down with Dr. Phil and have a chat.

  69. Jeff, are you accusing Todd of thinking? When did he ever start doing that? How do I know that Todd and Rue Paul aren’t the same? He consistently makes a fanny of himself for sure. I met him a couple of times back in the beginning of CABPRO days. I wonder if he remembers me, you, us, we, everybody LOL!

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