Local: “Global warming hoax” ad in The Union will “inform many”

You never run out of material for this blog. This afternoon, a local named Frank Pinney posted this on the hard-right political blogs:

“Frank Pinney November 8, 2015 at 3:51 PM
I don’t know how to enter a post on a blog but am trying to give all a heads up on a full page ad appearing in Monday’s Union newspaper on the back page of the front section concerning Global Warming Hoax. Look for the red bordered ad.

“Todd Juvinall November 8, 2015 at 4:40 PM
Thanks, I will check it out. I am a subscriber.”

Then on Rebane’s blog:

“I wanted to give all a heads up on a full page ad scheduled to run Monday, November 9 in the Union concerning the Global Warming Hoax. It should be the back page of the front section with a red border. I am sure it will inform many.
Posted by: Frank Pinney | 08 November 2015 at 04:01 PM

“Now there is a name I haven’t heard from in a LONG time.
Frank. You have a Brother Joe? If so, tell him hello from me.
Posted by: Walt | 08 November 2015 at 04:41 PM”

And sure enough here’s the full-age ad in The Union. Here’s an excerpt: “Environmental fear mongering is the hammer being used to implement UN Agenda 21 and a New UN World Order with Universal Health Care, right to housing, worldwide wealth redistribution, private property elimination, closed public lands and enforced compliance from local, state and federal governments. Heidi Hall worked in the EPA while they brought some of these things about.

“Hysteria and fear mongering is no way to conduct energy or environmental policy. Man-caused global warming hoaxers are relying on the stupidity of all Americans to give up their freedom and their country to the UN scam in Paris in December. There is still time to take action. Speak out, call and write your representatives. Thank Congressman Doug LaMalfa for seeking the truth and acting on it.”

(Paid for by Frank Pinney)

Author: jeffpelline

Jeff Pelline is a veteran editor and award-winning journalist - in print and online. He is publisher of Sierra FoodWineArt magazine and its website SierraCulture.com. Jeff covered business and technology for The San Francisco Chronicle for 12 years, and he was a founding editor and Editor of CNET News for eight years, among other positions. Jeff has a bachelor's degree from UC Berkeley and a master's from Northwestern University. His hobbies include sailing, swimming, and trout fishing in the Sierra.

44 thoughts on “Local: “Global warming hoax” ad in The Union will “inform many””

  1. Poor Michael R. Kesti and Todd Juvinall. Neither realize that the community is laughing at them, not with them. Podunk.

    1. This looks like it could be perfect for Ms Halls campaign. Thanks Frank. Cannon fodder like Agenda 21 and New world Order comments will get Heidi more and more votes.

    2. “Todd Juvinall November 9, 2015 at 9:00 AM
      Looks like the usual eco libnuts are unable to accept the truth Mr. Pinney. Good write-up on the hoax of ‘global warming’ and the hoax of the ‘hockey stick.’ Heidi Hall is unqualified to try and convince people of the existence of Mann’s hoax.”

      But wait, I thought Todd said he was considering a run for Supe against Heidi Hall. He is stalling until March. In the end, we all know will never run. He doesn’t want to be embarrassed at the outcome. LOL.

  2. And Gregory quoting Professor Richard Feynman is like Ben Carson quoting “Joseph and the pyramids” in a desperate attempt to gain some intellectual credibility.

    1. BTW, the hard-right/those who reject mainstream climate science blog’s self-professed “science intellectual” Gregory Goodknight still doesn’t understand the difference between Math 16A and 16B at Cal (calculus for business and liberal arts majors), and Math 1A and 1B, and Math 53 and 54 (i.e., calculus for “engineers”).

      And now Goodknight thinks he is somehow our community’s “resident genius” for having the Feynman Lectures on physics near his desk throughout college — as a physics major, no less. LOL.

      A lot of intellectually curious university/Cal students, including myself, have read them — and listened to them. Now they’re on You Tube, for goodness sake. http://www.feynmanlectures.caltech.edu

      But here’s the rub about people like Gregory: I wonder if he ever found time to read the Classics, such as “Politics by Aristotle” or “The Republic by Plato”: http://www.nybooks.com/articles/archives/1986/oct/09/why-read-the-classics/

      Gregory thinks his “life experiences” are somehow unique and elite. They are regularly discussed at good American universities — among all the students.

      Plato’s “Know Thyself” maxim can be applied to those whose boasts exceed what they are — and that’s Gregory in a nutshell. In Catcher in the Rye, Holden Caufield had a much simpler word for them: “phony.” Or as Feynman put it: “The first principle is that you must not fool yourself and you are the easiest person to fool.” ROFLOL.

  3. This ad is filled with so much disinformation and so many outright lies it is laughable.

    The last few paragraphs actually tell the story. Apparently the entire scientific community is engaged in a huge conspiracy to implement a New World Order through Common Core and high density housing to close our public lands and make our children drink fluoridated water.

  4. Here’s what’s ironic: Attracting and retaining families is a major goal of our economic-development strategy: “Aging Millennials (late 20s to mid-30s) participating with existing or emerging families located in the San Francisco/Silicon Valley or Southern California areas.”

    Not too many people in that demographic would find this “content” compelling. I suspect they will pass up the western county for skiing at Lake Tahoe.

  5. And we will welcome them with open arms, an innovation ecosystem, opportunities for outdoor recreation, policy leadership and housing.

    1. I think the demographics are with you, at least when I see {Hren, Juivinall, Rebane, Sauer and Steele).

      Pinney is not a name I’ve seen in the 40+ Opinions and 200+ comments on climate since this started in mid-August.

  6. Mr Pinney did a great job at directing this nonsense to the perfect demographic known for misinformation – the TP Gazette and hard right blogs.

  7. Ah yes, our local wingnuts and their climate change denial goes up a notch with a full page print add; talk about pissing away money. But its perhaps just another diversion from the embarrassing field of Republican candidates. There is less than three months before primaries start and not much to talk about with them, unless you want to delineate distinctions for who is a bigger buffoon.

  8. Am I right to think The Union is perfectly happy to print defamatory material in ads as well as opinion pieces and comments?

  9. It has turned ignorance into a short-term profit center, but it is not a long-term strategy. The Union is in a real pickle.

  10. I would love to do a treatise of how utterly ridiculous the entire New World Order conspiracy being advanced by Bonnie McGuire, George Rebane, Todd Juvinall, Russ Steele, Walt, and now Greg Goodnight (through a recent link to an Orange County Register editorial on climate change) really is and how it is a symptomatic of the decline of critical thinking in America. Of course the choice I would have to make would be whether to write is seriously or as a parody like the classic The Illuminatus! Trilogy by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson.

  11. And it seems especially prevalent in our backyard. Meanwhile, we press on with our community economic-development strategy: “(Attracting) aging millennials (late 20s to mid-30s) participating with existing or emerging families located in the San Francisco/Silicon Valley or Southern California areas.”

    How will this help? Isn’t there a phrase: “The left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing”?

  12. Does anybody happen to know how much a full-page ad costs?

    I’d love to include that in the big report I’m just finishing. For a few years, I’ve kept an eye out for a good case study of climate wars at the local level, and with 40+ Opinion pieces and 220+ comments, this is a great example. Using the invaluableSkeptical Science list of long-refuted arguments, I found ~150 mentions of about 50 different items there, although there was some overlap. I’ll see if the advertisement adds more, but I think there are only a few new ones..

    I especially loved:
    ‘You really should do even minimal research on the opposition’s side before parroting foolish misinformation. I can cite the authority for every statement made here.
    Try reading “Unstoppable Warming: Every l,SOO years” by Dr. Fred Singer, or “Climategate” by Brian Sussman or “Climate Confusion” by Dr. Roy Spencer or the many excellent essays by Dr. Michael Coffman to get real information. Watch the new “Climate Hustle” movie or “The Great Global Warming Swindle’:

    I own the first 3 on my special shelves where I forbid books with real science to go.

    1. John, I would not put too much stock in our local refuseniks.

      What you are seeing is a holdover from several decades of divisive politics in western Nevada County starting with an exodus of people from the Bay Area in the late 60’s and easy 70’s fleeing a combination of the Summer of Love and a back to the land movement (think Nevada City, the Ridge and Ananda), followed by an exodus of ‘white flight’ middle class urban dwellers from the Bay and Los Angeles living on retirement income (think Lake of the Pines, Lake Wildwood and the hills around Grass Valley and South County), who have not been able to agree on a unified vision of the future of their communities.

      Many of these expatriates bought their politics with them from Simi Valley, Orange County and the Haight. Several years ago their was a John Birch Society meeting here attended by several hundred (perhaps as many as 300) people.

      A great example of how this debate has played out several times over the years can be found in Patrick Hurley and Peter Walkers paper: “Whose Vision: Conspiracy Theory and Land Use Planning in Nevada County.”


      The climate debate is merely an extension of the fight over the mid 1990’s General Plan, followed by the Wild and Scenic designation for the Yuba River, NH 2020, a property rights ballot measure and just about every major development proposal in the last 20 years.

      Frankly behind the scenes even conservative elected officials whom many of the refuseniks think of as ‘theirs’ cringe when the Tea Party, Deniers, and Constitutionalists show up, and pay them lip service to minimize conflict, but don’t take them seriously.

      An illustration of how different cultures have affected different areas of the county, Truckee (which many forget is in Nevada County) has almost none of these debates, has a nurturing political culture, and has prospered while the rest of the county has been too stagnant.

      With all of that said many good things are happening on the climate adaption and mitigation front in the community. Hundreds of energy efficiency retrofits have been done. All three cities have done great work on energy efficiency. Nevada City, Nevada County and Truckee have all done or are doing GHG emission inventories, and Truckee has committed to moving ahead with a Climate Action Plan. Quite a bit of work is being done to quantify GHG emissions and carbon capture and storage opportunities in wet meadows and forests.

      The good news is the new demographic with new values, whether home grown or as result of in migration, are gradually taking over and the culture will shift.

      1. Thanks, useful history (and not surprising; I”ve visited the area dozens of times).
        I put no stock in them, as I’ve done studies before and recognize the patterns.

        For instance, Fred Singer, Will Happer and friends tried to drive a petition to get the American Physical Society to turn its statement on climate into mush. They made a lot of noise, and of 47,000 members (most with PhDs), got ~200 signers, heavily skewed demographically towards old men who knew each other.
        Sound familiar?

        My interest in this is to help fill in a “hole” in the model of climate anti-science I’ve used for years.

        I’ve spent a lot of time chasing money flows and think tanks at top of that chart, and the creators of bad arguments in the middle, and the flows of bad arguments via books, media and the Web.. I’ve kept my eyes open for something near the bottom, to study Box B1c of that graph (Public, convinced (that AGW is a hoax).

        How do arguments play out at local level, in places where the editors allow free-for-alls? (I.e., not Wall Street Journal OpEd pages. at one end, or on the other LA TImes On letters from climate-change deniers.
        What’s the pattern of disinformation at the local level?
        Which arguments get repeated?
        Where do they get them from?
        (Obviously, WUWT, Climate Depot, etc … but sometimes, the claims are copied from hidden sources, but not tweaked enough that one can’t find them.)

        Hence, the 40+ Opinions and 220+ comments I’ve collected and annotated offer useful data to help answer such questions.

        I was pleased that the box at very bottom “Accept the science” was well-represented, with people who clearly understood the mainstream science.

  13. A good summary, except to add that our community newspaper, The Union, has been the longtime “enabler” of our right-wing extremists. It is caught between a rock and a hard place: Trying to hang onto to an aging, declining hard-right demographic or risking losing them while it tries to attract younger readers with a “new economy” mindset. And along the way, it is managed by Nevada-based Swift, a closely held newspaper chain that has its own EBIDA (cash flow) requirements for the publishers. Then along comes the internet, breaking up the “bottleneck” of communications that has long dominated our community. It is bringing about a more robust debate about our local politics, culture and economics. We are in a “disruptive” era, to be sure. Truckee is further ahead, with publications like “Moonshine Ink” competing with the Swift chain — and succeeding.

    1. I am going to come to the ‘defense’ of The Union a bit.

      In my memory The Union has always been a local paper with all the foibles of a local paper; usually lacking depth in investigative journalism, perennially a little behind ‘the word on the street’, and prone to subtle and at times not so subtle pressure from advertisers who usually represent the local establishment.

      I don’t really remember a time when small local papers were not in this position. I know there was a golden age of small town papers in the US, but that time was in the early and mid 20th Century, after the rise of professional standards coming out of the University of Missouri and Columbia University and before mid sized city markets and small town papers were gutted. It was a time when papers like the Emporia Gazette could actually stir the national debate, a time when we were growing across the country and booming with immigrants and manufacturing,when newspapers were boosters of their place and bringers of ‘civilization’, when workers used newspapers to catch up or convey messages.

      I was in Chicago a couple of weeks ago and brought back the final 1978 copy of the Chicago Daily News, once a great paper. Mike Royko wrote for the Daily News then moved over to the Sun-Times when it closed . When Rupert Murdoch bought the Sun Times Royko famously said, “No self-respecting fish would want to be wrapped in a Murdoch paper,” and moved to the Tribune. My point is that even in large markets like Chicago the newspaper business has been in decline most of my life.

      I also remember NYT columnist David Carr lamenting before he died hat the middle of the newspaper business is just gone. There is no financial model that makes it work.

      And that is the problem with The Union. It is the problem with every small town paper. They can’t keep reporters, can’t cover many meetings, and can’t do investigation with any real resources. I believe you are correct that The Union is just in a tough spot with the disruption going on today but really how much can we ask from The Union that they can deliver?

  14. Steve,

    The Union is more than just incompetent at times: It has long been a mouthpiece of the “good old boys/girls” of western Nevada County to control an “old guard” political, economic and cultural narrative at the expense of some needed change. We are falling behind — in some cases drawing a moat around ourselves.

    A community newspaper is responsible for all of its content, including ads, and this full-page ad “Global Warming Hoax” is an absolute embarrassment. Imagine an educated millennial, whom we are supposed to be attracting in our economic-development world, reading this.

    The Union has been slow to recognize most major new trends in our community — from the local food movement to geotourism and environmentalism to the rise of the “sharing economy” and social media and so on. For a long time it also ignored the region’s past, such as the plight of the Nisenan.

    Meanwhile, other small publications such as Moonshine Ink, Berkeleyside.com, Davis Wiki, Carson Now and “verticals” such as InsideClimate News (which won a Pulitzer Prize for national reporting in 2013) are helping to reshape their communities.

    The Union is part of an out-of-state newspaper chain that has EBIDA (cash flow) requirements. And it just outsourced its printing to the Sacramento Bee to cut costs, along with local jobs.

    1. Well I certainly agree that the ad is an embarrassment. But it is an ad.

      I am merely saying that almost every small town paper is slow to recognize change…they are part of the establishment power structure thus perennially late to recognize social trends. Clearly I am as much a fan of rising new media as you are. I am just saying we have to put our own local news situation into context.

  15. Steve,

    You will not find full-page ads like this in Moonshine Ink, Berkeleyside.com and the small New England and Florida newspapers, which have long been “feeders” for the metro dailies. The same goes for some of the other “content” in The Union.

    Why? Because the management is more experienced, and it sets policies and expectations for the readers and staff. Our own local news situation is a laggard, not a leader. We are, to use a longtime readers’ words, “stubbornly backward.”

    You do not need to be the New York Times to have “public editors,” “op-ed page editors” etc. But you do need more talented, experienced journalists and management than what The Union draws.

    1. I think local papers are important, but to survive, need to do what local papers can do well … which is not to endlessly argue the merits of well-established science.
      See What to do about poor science reporting from 2007, especially

      “A8. Local papers: small local papers print lots of junk letters, but the best you can usually do is encourage editors NOT to bother printing any letters about global warming, reasoning that arguing that out in the letters to the editor columns of a local paper makes no sense, and they should concentrate on what they do well. Offer to take them out to lunch and talk about this.

      Of course, how much luck you have with this depends on where you are. I’m in one of the easiest places on the planet for this (Silicon Valley), and even here, it still takes attention.”

      Some of the comments are educational.

      1. The Union is a great example of a local newspaper that lets the political extremists highjack the Op-Ed pages, with little to no oversight. The Union was the smallest newspaper I ever worked at (others were the South Florida Sun Sentinel and The San Francisco Choronicle) and the others had sensible policies in place. There’s a big difference in the controls/expertise at newspapers depending on the management, and I saw that firsthand.

  16. While we are debating the relative merits of our own local papers (to be clear the Moonshine Ink is ‘my’ local paper augmented by the Sierra Sun) a new brand of ignorance and separatism is rising in our communities and needs to be addressed.

    In todays commentary on the “last great century of man” George Rebane lays out his rationale for dividing the United States in to enclaves of ‘sameness.’

    “The collectivist mind does not understand that such people above all want self-determination and independence, and a corner of the world in which they can be with their own kind. It isn’t that each of these cohorts thinks that they are better than the others or that they harbor hatred for people who are different, but it is that they want to live their daily lives among neighbors they know, neighbors whose social behavior they can reliably predict, neighbors with whom they can celebrate their history and with whose children they can educate and raise their own in a manner that upholds and values their origins and the legacy of their ancestors.”–George Rebane

    He is using Catalonia in Spain as his example of separatism celebrated, but of course references the desire for northern California to break off into a white republic (presumably with some fealty to the nation we are a part of.)

    I wonder how Mr. Rebane proposes to ensure that such splinter neighborhoods, states and nations, promoting social behaviors he approves of are to secured and remain to his liking? What happens when a resident of the State of Rebane comes out as gay and wants to get married? Or one of his neighbors protests a mining claim on federal land under the public trust doctrine? Or a Spanish speaking resident of the State of Rebane seeks voter information in their first language? What happens if I live in the State of Rebane and want to educate my children about….hmmm, let’s say science….in my own manner?

    Do I start the State of Steve?

    We live in a society and in society we have laws and rights (and of course ‘Americanism’ is virtually defined by the idea that those rights are equal) and the thing that binds us together are the joint objectives we choose. When we drop out to create a separatist enclave we are rejecting the social compact and actively working to tear down the society that we are a part of.

    The problem with Rebane’s Rumination is that it forgets that the very thing that protects my rights, the Constitution, the thing he names himself after when he calls himself a “Constitutionalist,” protects my right to be gay if I want to, enjoy equal protection, benefit from public resources and teach my children about climate change or evolution. We can’t take those rights away by creating a standard for “living amongst neighbors they know”, or teach people “in their own manner”, because we live in a society of rights and laws handed down by our forefathers who anticipated just such separatist, know-nothing, exclusionary nonsense when they assumed people have some level of evil intent in their hearts and protected us from it.

    I have news for George, you don’t live in the Third Reich any more, you live in the United States of America, we don’t need Lebensraum, Lebensborn, or Nuremberg Laws.

    1. He’s just an old crank who learned propaganda at the feet of Joseph Goebbels as a boy. The danger is the hundreds or thousands of people who believe they way he does organized as a political force to elect people to local office or block action by our elected officials. I really hope Todd runs for Supervisor. I will donate real $$ to defeat that ignorant SOB.

  17. Thanks Steve. Yes, “the internet is changing how we communicate,” including in our small towns. The trend is going to accelerate too with virtual reality technology (Facebook recently acquired the industry leader Oculus VR); hardware like the new iPad Pro (amazing resolution on this device at 5.6 million pixels) and Microsoft Surface tablets; and more j-school graduates going to non-traditional media outlets.

  18. This ad of Pinney’s turned out to be quite useful to me.
    1) I think it set a new record for a single page, of doing a “GIsh Gallop” of throwing out a stream of unsupported (and false) claims. I Found at least 33 instances of 23 different debunked arguments from the Skeptical Science list.

    2) “Our local League of Women’s Voters hired two hacks to come to town recently and promote the 97% consensus lie, the “Hockey Stick” joke, that 13 of the 15 years since 2000 were the hottest on record, that there’s a five foot sea rise coming soon, that the Maldive Islands are sinking, that coral reefs are going extinct* and other falsehoods. With no rebuttal speakers is this really a non-partisan group?”

    The ,meeting was this, the speakers were hardly hacks, and this was Tom Suchanek’s talk, worth seeing, both for global context and locally-specific material.

    Did anybody attend? I’m curious if a) local deniers did and b) DId they ask questions or challenge any of this at the time?

    Among other things, Suchanek has has published research on corals.

  19. There is no end to good data for forthcoming case study. 🙂
    An amusing related item popped up over at Russ Steele’s blog, in Fact Checking Local Left. I had no idea that “local” includes 175 miles away or that a staighforward discussion of science history is a right/left issue.

    1) He links to Normal Sauer’s column.
    2) He quotes me from comment here, but does not link to it. So, it isnontrivial for a casual reader to notice that his quote omitted the crucial last line of my comment:
    “See MedievalDeception 2015: Inhofe Drags Senate Back To Dark Ages.
    That post said: ‘The attached 4-page excerpt from IPCC(1990) includes the real p.202 image in context, shown below for easy comparison with this altered version.’

    Then Steele writes:
    “Here is what I found on Page 202 of the first TAR, note the highlighted page number upper left.”
    That is curious as well, since IPCC(1990) is the First Assessment Report, or FAR. IPCC(2001) is the TAR, Third AR. No one familiar with IPCC would call the FAR “the first TAR.”

    Steele quotes another comment, then ends:
    “I am left wondering what Mr Mashey was reading, the graphic is clearly on page 202. A simple fact the left refuses to admit”

    Did he find the link to IPCC(1990) himself? or
    Did he find it in my post above, ignore everything said there, including the annotated copy of the FAR pages?

  20. So Russ just frigging lies John.

    He uses quotes and omits detail in the quotes, places things in quotation marks that are not real quotes, lies about the meaning of other peoples work, projecting his own conclusions on them, and, like Todd Juvinall, lies and never ever acknowledges it, even when he is directly called on it with sourced material.

    Welcome to bats shit crazy, Trump voting, right wing fantasy land.

  21. More brillant commentary from Todd’s blog:

    “Mike ShermanNovember 14, 2015 at 3:01 PM

    “Thank you Mr. President. Thank you Madam Hillary. Your foreign policy has now helped throw a fine city into a state of panic.

    “You said the enemy ‘is on the run’, they have been ‘defeated’, they are the ‘JV team’ and just yesterday, hours before the attacks began, you, Mr. President, had the nerve to claim ISIS has been ‘contained’.

    “No wonder you get zero respect around the world. You have been marching in step towards the eventual terrorism that will soon strike within our shores. And your idiot partner wants to be President and continue your agenda?

    “Her actions during the Benghazi attack is more than enough evidence that fully demonstrates her inability to be a girl scout leader, much less President. Yet there are idiots that are going to actually vote for her. God help us!

    “500 special ops on the ground and a few bombs dropped from the air is a joke, and all of the military experts have told you so. Yet, in your haste to get us out of the Middle East, and your ignorance of the growing ISIS threat….you have truly damaged your dream of some sort of legacy. Yea…..you’ve created a legacy all right, and it ain’t good, Mr. President.

    “If nothing else you have proven one thing….liberalism is in fact a mental disorder.


    “Mike ShermanNovember 14, 2015 at 5:12 PM
    P.S. NObama also said, on August 3rd, that our biggest threat is ‘global warming’. What planet does this guy live on?


    “Todd JuvinallNovember 14, 2015 at 6:42 PM
    You are of course correct. The woman campaigned in 2008 asking, ‘who would you want answering the phone at 3am?’ Well We all know it is a Republican now. The Obama/Clinton foreign policy is really not one at all. The libnuts are always telling us we libe on ‘one plane’ all comfy together and here we have their house guests murdering all the hosts. What gal. What a Prez. NOT!”

  22. A quick question about The Union, sicne I don’t get a print copy.

    Comments are clearly unmoderated, and wouldn’t be published in print.
    Are all online Columns and Letters also printed?

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