Former supe Juvinall seeks to build 33-lot subdivision on his land in GV

Juvinall (Credit: Juvinall's blog)
(Credit: Juvinall’s blog)

On Wednesday, the Development Review Committee in Grass Valley “conducted a conceptual review” of a proposal to add a 33-lot residential subdivision to a Grass Valley neighborhood, as The Union is reporting on Thursday.

“The property is owned by former Nevada County Supervisor Todd Juvinall. SCO Planning and Engineering prepared the map and design for the project.”

Indeed the proposal confirms that Juvinall is the owner of the land. The applicant is “530 Capital Partners L.P.” The proposed 33-lot subdivision is located at Glenwood Road and Woodland Avenue. Details are here.

The project site contains about 3 acres of wetland/riparian areas, according to the staff report. “Upon submission of the formal application, the applicant will be required to identify who the responsible entity will be for the wetland/riparian areas,” it adds. “Moreover, the applicant shall be required to provide details on how these areas will be preserved.”

Former County Supervisor and CABPRO founder “Todd Juvinall et al.” is listed as being delinquent on property taxes as of 9/9/15, according to the County’s records.

Juvinall has battled local environmental groups

“CABPRO was established in 1993 when some residents of Nevada County saw property rights, limited government and common sense being replaced with a big government, environment-only focus,” as the group points out on its website. More details are here.

Also in 1993 Juvinall was accused of circulating “serious misinformation” regarding efforts to seek wild and scenic designation for a stretch of the Yuba River. “Serious misinformation regarding Wild and Scenic designation for the South Yuba is being circulated by local opponents Todd Juvinall and John McAlister in a concerted effort to influence public opinion.,” according to a SYRCL document from 1993. “South Yuba landowners and business supporters have received letters from McAlister’s ‘Yuba River Landowners Alliance’ containing significant inaccuracies and irrelevant facts regarding Wild & Scenic designation.” More details are here.

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One thought on “Former supe Juvinall seeks to build 33-lot subdivision on his land in GV”

  1. The Union has followed up on this on the front page, also pointing out the environmental sensitivity on this parcel:
    Ironic that Todd Juvinall, who has an opinion about everything on his blog, is tight-lipped about the project. “I really have nothing else to say.”
    Let’s hope Todd catches up with any delinquent property tax payments. According to the County, as of 9/9/15, he was delinquent on property taxes.

    Click to access AB_DELQ_WEB.pdf

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