Todd Juvinall: Our Village Idiot

Here’s Todd, George Rebane and friends with Dan Logue, who is running for LaMalfa’s state senate seat. (credit: “Rebane’s Ruminations):
Here’s Todd, hard-right blogger George Rebane and friends with Dan Logue, who supported Rick Perry for president. (credit: “Rebane’s Ruminations):

Along with its cartoon “The Village Idiot” by RL Crabb, The Union this weekend treats its readers to commentary from our community’s longtime real-life village idiot: Todd Juvinall, founder of CABPRO and — get this — once elected to be a County Supervisor.

In “It’s the Democrats with the extreme views,” Todd rambles on about the local Democrat Central Committee, climate change, “liberal extremist power grabs,” PG&E smart meters, Saul Alinksky, Planned Parenthood — all in one article. Did I leave anything out? LOL.

Here’s an excerpt: “Lately we have seen a full-court press by the local democrats to convince people ‘climate change’ is caused by humans. After all my research, it appears to be a hoax.”

“After all my research”? And what are Todd’s qualifications as a climate scientist? “I have been a General Building Contractor since 1977, now inactive,” Todd writes on his blog, which is a mud pit of nasty personal attacks, where internet trolls are allowed to run amok.  “I consider myself a conservative and I support conservative people and issues. I have lived here in Nevada County most of my life. My parents came here in the middle to late forties. I attended NUHS class of 68′ and Sierra College.”

Todd’s commentary is entertaining — like a real-life cartoon — but not informative. It is another shining example of The Union running itself into the ground as a credible information source — ironic, since the newspaper’s publisher likes to make fun of social media and its lack of credibility.

Rather, the newspaper is focusing on holding onto an aging, declining demographic by running whatever material it can round up. Often it comes from longtime subscribers like Todd, whose views represent the past in our community (and an ugly one at that), not the future. There is no fact checking or vetting of the material, a common policy at most other newspapers.

It also is a sad mirror into the small but vocal element of our community, where “those who reject mainstream climate science,” supporters of seceding from California and tea party activists are praised.

None of it ever gets adopted as local policy, but the noise is loud enough to make our community a political laughingstock of Northern California — burning bridges with the rest of the state when it should be building them.

Todd has long been our local poster child for nasty politics, going back to NH2020 and efforts by environmentalists to declare a stretch of the South Yuba River “wild and scenic.” “Serious misinformation regarding Wild and Scenic designation for the South Yuba is being circulated by local opponents Todd Juvinall and John McAlister in a concerted effort to influence public opinion.,” according to a SYRCL document from 1993.

Todd lost this one, along with others. CABPRO is a shell of its former self.

Even local GOPers laugh behind Todd’s back. I once asked one of them how a majority of progressives once got elected to the County Board of Supervisors. He looked at me with a straight face and exclaimed: “Todd Juvinall.”

It’s ironic to think we want to attract a bunch of thoughtful and successful people and businesses here while touting such extremism. It will just scare them off. And The Union is playing right along.

Author: jeffpelline

Jeff Pelline is a veteran editor and award-winning journalist - in print and online. He is publisher of Sierra FoodWineArt magazine and its website Jeff covered business and technology for The San Francisco Chronicle for 12 years, and he was a founding editor and Editor of CNET News for eight years, among other positions. Jeff has a bachelor's degree from UC Berkeley and a master's from Northwestern University. His hobbies include sailing, swimming, and trout fishing in the Sierra.

26 thoughts on “Todd Juvinall: Our Village Idiot”

  1. Hilarious, “paid activists” ! Coming up: Norm Sauer will write the letter in his defense. Such tired, baiting, hilarious junk.
    How about those 49ers?

  2. Doug LaMalfa is Todd Juvinall’s hero. Though Todd can’t pay off his county property tax bill, he shovels money at Doug LaMalfa for a “grip and grin” photo: Here’s Doug:
    Here’s Todd:

    This is the kind of person that Todd is: Bottom of the What a hoot!

  3. I don’t think “fish” (AKA David Larsen of Carmichael) has friends. Just the ones on the local blogs, whom he’s never met like Todd, George, Don, etc. It’s “fish’s” version of online dating. As for his skills, it’s limited to “cutting and pasting.” What a moron.

  4. You really could not make this stuff up if you were writing a western Nevada County follies.

    “I just saw a CSPAN segment that Sweden is now changing its foreign policy to a feminine foreign policy. Reality is loonier than make believe. What the hell happened to the descendants of the Vikings for goodness sake?”

    Posted by: Todd Juvinall | 18 October 2015 at 01:17 PM

  5. Only to be topped by Ben quoting Newsmax because it fits his Sanders narrative…

    “It is all connected. The cover up is to protect our own gov illegal actions throughout the region, especially covert CIA actions as Sy Hersh has reported.

    Report: Hillary Emails Contain Secret Bush Iraq War Documents

    Posted by: Ben Emery | 17 October 2015 at 09:50 PM”

    Where have I seen this before?

    1. Steve,
      Did you read it? The email investigation has uncovered more Bush “conspiracy” to invade Iraq. I guess that was all out in the open and an honest mistake by the Bush administration according to your opinion about how decisions are made in powerful places. Or is it only Republicans who could ever do such secretive things? How about the CIA, do they have covert actions or is everything discussed openly in congress for all Americans to hear?

      I am not sure if you noticed but I have been calling the Clinton email investigations a bunch of bs from the beginning. I think what she did needs to be legally changed but this is the Kenneth Starr witch-hunt all over again.

      Yes, our foreign interventions overt and covert in the region for the last 70 years propping up brutal regimes that are friendly to US “Interests” a.k.a. corporate interests are connected to the Benghazi attacks. Yes, the same can be said in Central and South America as well. How can it be somebody who has above average intelligence such as yourself can be so naive about how the world works?

      Have you read the Seymour Hersh “The Red Line the Rat Line”?

      “In January, the Senate Intelligence Committee released a report on the assault by a local militia in September 2012 on the American consulate and a nearby undercover CIA facility in Benghazi, which resulted in the death of the US ambassador, Christopher Stevens, and three others. The report’s criticism of the State Department for not providing adequate security at the consulate, and of the intelligence community for not alerting the US military to the presence of a CIA outpost in the area, received front-page coverage and revived animosities in Washington, with Republicans accusing Obama and Hillary Clinton of a cover-up. A highly classified annex to the report, not made public, described a secret agreement reached in early 2012 between the Obama and Erdoğan administrations. It pertained to the rat line. By the terms of the agreement, funding came from Turkey, as well as Saudi Arabia and Qatar; the CIA, with the support of MI6, was responsible for getting arms from Gaddafi’s arsenals into Syria. A number of front companies were set up in Libya, some under the cover of Australian entities. Retired American soldiers, who didn’t always know who was really employing them, were hired to manage procurement and shipping. The operation was run by David Petraeus, the CIA director who would soon resign when it became known he was having an affair with his biographer. (A spokesperson for Petraeus denied the operation ever took place.)

      The operation had not been disclosed at the time it was set up to the congressional intelligence committees and the congressional leadership, as required by law since the 1970s. The involvement of MI6 enabled the CIA to evade the law by classifying the mission as a liaison operation. The former intelligence official explained that for years there has been a recognised exception in the law that permits the CIA not to report liaison activity to Congress, which would otherwise be owed a finding. (All proposed CIA covert operations must be described in a written document, known as a ‘finding’, submitted to the senior leadership of Congress for approval.) Distribution of the annex was limited to the staff aides who wrote the report and to the eight ranking members of Congress – the Democratic and Republican leaders of the House and Senate, and the Democratic and Republicans leaders on the House and Senate intelligence committees. This hardly constituted a genuine attempt at oversight: the eight leaders are not known to gather together to raise questions or discuss the secret information they receive.

      The annex didn’t tell the whole story of what happened in Benghazi before the attack, nor did it explain why the American consulate was attacked. ‘The consulate’s only mission was to provide cover for the moving of arms,’ the former intelligence official, who has read the annex, said. ‘It had no real political role.’

      Washington abruptly ended the CIA’s role in the transfer of arms from Libya after the attack on the consulate, but the rat line kept going. ‘The United States was no longer in control of what the Turks were relaying to the jihadists,’ the former intelligence official said. Within weeks, as many as forty portable surface-to-air missile launchers, commonly known as manpads, were in the hands of Syrian rebels….”

      1. What should be telling is the fact that everyone at that “embassy” in Benghazi knew that they were a CIA clubhouse. In Libya? They weren’t there to increase trade relations. Everyone, including Stevens knew the place was filled with spooks. Knew they were in the middle of the most dangerous enemy territory. Knew what the odds were that they would piss off most everyone in the street. AND, knew what the odds were of their security being next to nil. They all knew and did it anyway. Stevens included.

  6. More from Todd’s blog. Wow is this dumbbell off base:
    “AnonymousOctober 18, 2015 at 10:52 PM
    Hey boys, ruinit and the purple pus bag are really opening up a socialist taco house in NC, los mineros. Sounds great other than no financial backers that matter or a chef that cooks other than begging for a non English speaker. Will opening night be a Heidi Hall fund raiser? Did you cook in jail or cook honey oil? Go for it and cook in Nevada city’s newest collective experiment. Same chance of success as a worm farm.”

    I’m not involved but the chef, Jason Moniz, is from the Bay Area and has opened award-winning restaurants. Reinette brings a lot of local expertise to the team. The team has raised tens of thousands of local dollars for the venture, I’ve heard. The “troll” commenting here epitomizes the adage, “You can’t fix stupid.” Todd, as moderator, is the true village idiot.

  7. Sorry Jeff.
    A person here and on other social media outlets has decided to throw all critical thinking aside and continue to try and build a straw man up so he can knock it down. I might not be from their tough streets of Chicago but I did grow up a fighter and a very competitive athlete and that spirit is woven into my fabric. I don’t get pushed around or bullied by anybody without pushing back.

  8. OMG Ben that is so typical. You ask “Did you read it..” referring to the Newsmax article. I would ask you the same question…..did you really read it, then click though and read the Daily Mail article it was based on, then click through and read the memo the Daily Mail article was based on?

    If you did you would note the general trend toward a game of post office the thread resulted in….which is precisely why no thinking person should trust Newsmax as a source.

    Let me give you two examples:

    The Newsmax article says,

    “The agreement included 1,700 British troops for the war that began on March 20, 2003, and toppled President Saddam Hussein, according to The Mail.”

    But the Mail articles says: “Critics who claimed that Mr Blair acted as the ‘poodle’ of the US will point to a reference in Mr Powell’s memo to the fact Mr Blair ‘readily committed to deploy 1,700 commandos’ to Afghanistan ‘even though his experts warn that British forces are overstretched.”

    And the original Memo says: “Blair and the UK are in Afghanistan with us for the long haul. He [Blair] readily committed 1700 commandoes….”

    Do you see how Newsmax conflated the commitment to Afghanistan with the commitment to Iraq?

    Do you realize that a briefing memo like this is advance of a meeting is essentially the State Departments best guess as to what the tone and content of the meeting is likely to be and not a policy statement?

    Here is the second example.

    Newsmax says, “…..documents shows that former President George W. Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair reached a deal to invade Iraq nearly a year before the war began.”

    But the original Memo says, “On Iraq Blair will be with us should military operations be necessary.”

    The Newsmax statement states the position of Powell as thought its is a fact. Powell’s actual statement is an opinion.

    This is the difference between accurate reporting and biased reporting.

    For you not to see that and then characterize it as a “conspiracy” is just one more example of how your shoddy research and propensity to believe conspiracy theories leads you down a logically flawed path.

    My comment should not be construed as support for the Bush march to war in Iraq, merely a critique of yoru using a ‘news’ source that cannot even get the difference between Afghanistan and Iraq correct.

  9. “I don’t get pushed around or bullied by anybody without pushing back.”

    I fail to see how posting your own comment can be interpreted as ‘bullying’.

    Criticism is: the expression of disapproval of someone or something based on perceived faults or mistakes.

    Bullying is: the use of force, threat, or coercion to abuse, intimidate, or aggressively dominate others.

    I perceive a ‘fault; in your original post that I reposted here, namely the use of Newsmax as a legitimate source of news. I expressed my disapproval and pointed out why I disapproved, that is ‘literary’ criticism.

  10. What I like about Todd’s blog is the parallel universe that the internet trolls and the rest of us are in. So much time is spent with the nose in the PC that there’s no comprehension of the real world around them except for their small “circle of stupid.”

  11. “Bill Tozer” (who comments on Rebane’s blog) sounds pretty creepy. But then he probably considers that a badge of honor.

    1. More on Tozer this morning on Rebane’s blog:
      “Great way to start the morning with Tozer’s daily blast of overt racism. Loud and proud, eh Bill?
      Posted by: Jon | 31 October 2015 at 08:09 AM”

  12. More ignorance from Todd’s blog: “… that a creamery MAKES cheese and Wayward Girl (sic) only resells cheese made by various companies as does Grocery Outlet and Save Mart.
    1. It’s “Wheyward” Girl (as in the whey in cheese)
    2. The store sells high-end artisan cheese (unlike Grocery Outlet and Save Mart) and it is in the process of making cheese. Its owner is an award-winning cheese maker.
    Country bumpkins! ROFLOL.

    1. I see Wheyward Girl as a bonus point, luck us, hooray for us, how damn good is that, type of addition to our community of new business that has not only improved our City, but “upgraded” our culinary scene. Commercial Street has it’s own energy and it is contagious. Our family so supports this renaissance and can’t wait for what will happen at the Stone House. Yippee, and bring it all on!!!

  13. The cretins on Todd’s blog speak for no one other than themselves. We enjoy our friendship with the owner of Wheyward Girl cheese as they keep us updated on their cheese making. Soon, patrons not only will get homemade cheese but a new line of artisan products as well. You will read it here first!

  14. It’s one cretin after another on Todd’s blog: The “cheese shop” is now owned by a “lady,” not “ladies.” Do these sock puppets ever get out from behind their PCs? LOL.

  15. Todd is a classic misogynist, 3 or 4 wives, refers to women as “gals”, likes to talk about his junk and baggage screeners, a man of the 50’s patterned after the Sinatra’s Rat Pack, with politics to match.

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