Tea Party faithful rally around Dan Miller for supervisor

Not since supporting Sue McGuire when she ran against GOP moderate Nate Beason two years ago in District 1 has the local tea party and hard-right contingent liked a candidate as much as Dan Miller, who is running hard to unseat Terry Lamphier in District 3 in June. At stake is a shift toward a decidedly more conservative BOS if Miller wins.

You can expect to see more partisanship as the race heats up toward June.

The local tea party and hard right has been knocking on the door of the BOS for years, seeking more influence and, better yet, a seat it could call its own. Examples include CABPRO-sponsored New World Order prophet Doyel Shamley, a visit that was featured in Mother Jones; the AtPac case involving clerk-recorder Greg Diaz and other incidents marked by a sea of red shirts in the BOS chamber at the Rood Center.

In Miller’s case, the tea party and hard right are actively “liking” Miller in social media and in recent campaign appearances in Grass Valley, wearing “Vote for Dan” buttons. It includes Barry and Kim Pruett of Penn Valley (Kim works for Tom McClintock’s office); former Supervisor John Spencer (whom Lamphier unseated four years ago) and his spouse Patti Ingram (shown in the cover photo of the tea party Facebook page); and the Nevada County Contractors Association-PAC, whose leaders supported tea party candidate McGuire two years ago.

The Contractors-PAC is holding a fundraising event for Miller on April 3. “All contributions welcome,” it reads.

The support for Miller comes as typically moderate GOP groups in our county increasingly are being influenced by the hard right and tea party contingent. An example includes Nevada County Republican Women Federated, whose recent speakers have included tea party favorite gubernatorial candidate Tim Donnelly (but not his fellow GOP opponent Neel Kashkari), as well as Constitutional “Sheriff” Richard Mack.

McGuire race

As with Miller, the tea party faithful supported McGuire when she ran against Beason two years ago (and lost). This included the Pruetts, the Mecklers and leading members of the county Contractors-PAC.

photo-1125At times, the Beason-McGuire race turned ugly, with negative campaigning with signs that read “So Nate aren’t two terms enough?” I suspect this year’s District 3 race will turn ugly too, as election day approaches

The District 3 race could put GOP moderate Beason (a “stand up” elected) in the unenviable position of endorsing Miller as a fellow Republican (a common practice in our community), aligning himself with the same people who tried to unseat him. I’m confident Hank Weston — a Republican — also will endorse Miller. Weston is running against Fran Cole in District 4 (Penn Valley, San Juan Ridge, Rough & Ready).

If Miller and Weston win, the BOS will have four conservatives (Miller, Beason, Ed Scofield and Weston) and one progressive (Anderson). With Lamphier, the BOS now is 3 conservatives to 2 progressives. Miller is a staunch conservative. Our county demographics are politically diverse, voter registration shows.

Also two years ago, Grass Valley City Council including Miller, joined by the same leaders of the county Contractors association who are supporting him, filed a lawsuit against the County Airport Land Use Commission over a land-use plan at the airport mandated by federal authorities, when Beason and Scofield were on commission.

The ill-advised lawsuit since has been dropped — but it was a shining example of warring, not cooperation, between local governmental organizations.

(Photos: Facebook and campaign information)

Author: jeffpelline

Jeff Pelline is a veteran editor and award-winning journalist - in print and online. He is publisher of Sierra FoodWineArt magazine and its website SierraCulture.com. Jeff covered business and technology for The San Francisco Chronicle for years, was a founding editor and Editor of CNET News, and was Editor of The Union, a 145-year-old newspaper in Grass Valley. Jeff has a bachelor's degree from UC Berkeley and a master's from Northwestern University. His hobbies include sailing and trout fishing.

47 thoughts on “Tea Party faithful rally around Dan Miller for supervisor”

  1. Jeff:
    Wasn’t Dan Miller on the Nevada County Transportation Commission at the time as the city’s rep when the lawsuit was filed? I tried to find that answer on the web and did not find it

  2. Ends justifying the means is the most negative and counter productive way to run anything, especially a government.

  3. The Tea Party does not campaign as far as I know. If certain people that support the cause show their support it is not an endorsement from the Tea Party. I am involved in the Tea Party and I support Terry Lamphier. It just shows you the diverse content of the Tea Party in Nevada County that is being painted with that large brush again as the hard right. Old school good ole boy/gal politics is firmly entrenched in the foothills and its good to see sometimes they don’t succeed.

    1. “I did not have sex with that woman.”

      “If it walks, talks, and squawks like a duck….”

      If their members are busily molding a social environment in which the Teepper “preferred” candidates get an edge, they are indeed endorsing and campaigning. This kind of effective dishonesty runs rampant throughout the Teeper mindset.

      “Tea Party Endorsed Candidates
      Updated March 6, 2014

      “TeaParty911.com strives to list here only candidates with true Tea Party support. We will be updating the endorsed candidates on this page as time and resources permit throughout the 2014 election cycle, so check back here often to see who’s new.”


  4. Sure Randy, we’ve heard that one before. And as for your support for Terry Lamphier as somebody who is “involved in the tea party,” your are the vast exception to the rule. If you don’t know that, you should. For openers, look around this room in this picture: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Nevada-County-Tea-Party-Home-of-the-new-Boston-Tea-Party-Event/735156403185475

    I see John Spencer and Patti Ingram sitting in the front row. Patti wrote this: https://sierrafoothillsreport.com/2014/02/01/patti-ingram-cannot-hide-her-personal-contempt-for-terry-lamphier/

    And who do you see here? https://www.facebook.com/millerforsupervisor

    I see Kim Pruett wearing a Dan Miller campaign button. And Barry wore one too, at the tea party candidate forum.

    And who are the event sponsors here? https://sierrafoothillsreport.com/2014/03/18/county-contractors-association-endorses-grass-valley-mayor-dan-miller-for-supervisor/

    I see Bruce Ivy’s name, among others.

    And compare that to the names on this list of endorsements for Sue McGuire: https://sierrafoothillsreport.com/2012/03/31/look-whos-endorsing-sue-mcguire-for-district-1/

    I see Bruce Ivy again.

    And the Pruett’s, the Meckler’s and the Garcia’s. All tea party enthusiasts.

    And just to be sure we’re not speaking in code, here’s the board of the local tea party:

    It’s a free country. People can support whomever they want. But let’s be transparent about who’s supporting whom.

    As I said earlier: “Not since supporting Sue McGuire when she ran against GOP moderate Nate Beason two years ago in District 1 has the local tea party and hard-right contingent liked a candidate as much as Dan Miller, who is running hard to unseat Terry Lamphier in District 3 in June. At stake is a shift toward a decidedly more conservative BOS if Miller wins.”

    BTW, as a side note, I presume that you disclose your “involvement” with the tea party on Grass Valley Television News. As an occasional viewer and somebody who helps pay the cable franchise fee tax on NCTV, I’d appreciate knowing that when I’m watching the newscast. http://www.grassvalleytelevision.com/

    1. Thanks Jeff for the proof I needed to make my point. In every post you showed me I didn’t see any “Nevada Tea Party” endorsement. If a handfull of Tea Party members sway one way or the other its not under the roof of the “Tea Party”. Yes its a conservative movement but the ideals its based on are not partisan.

      The points in the movement that make me want to help its cause are simple. Less government, some type of control on spending and try to follow the vision of our founders of this great nation.

      I know its not popular to support the USA and God forbid you use the word God in an argument but these simple guidelines just might help us if we actually make it to 2016.

      As a 14 year veteran of running a business in Nevada County I am not a big supporter of a strip mall county. Years ago I sent an idea to the Downtown Association that was ignored.

      I suggested they close off the “T Zone” downtown from Friday 5:00 pm to Sunday 8:00 pm from cars. It could be like they do in Santa Monica a downtown that actually does support the community. Put parking at Fairgrounds and Maidu Center. Run trolley like train on pavement from Fairgrounds to 49er Fun Park, to Empire Mines, to Grass Valley to Nevada City to Maidu Center.

      But that was a pipedream. Now we face an option of a Center on Dorsey and maybe thats the new way of thinking. You see plenty of ghost towns across the country when the money dried up and thats not what we want but the original charm does not pay bills.

      If we are a bit more conservative and focused on community maybe we can change somethings or we stay with status quo and keep adding to the unemployed as food stamps and unemployment seems to be permanent.

      In ending I don’t think of the Supervisor Race as political so I vote for the person that best fits our needs in the community. Terry Lamphier is the best person for the job and don’t take my word for it just compare is record and his opponents.

      As far as Grass Valley Television and GVTV NEWS. GVTV News is exactly as the title it is the news. It is supposed to be facts and not tilted like commentary. If I decide to bloviate then I use a Tea Pot Alert that states it is commentary not news and has no affiliation with the news.

      Believe it or not I have not received any checks from the Koch Brothers for my support of the Tea Party. As my viewership is minimal I doubt that my personnel political preference makes a difference in who watches the “Only visual video news media in Nevada County, Calfiornia”. btw thanks for watching 🙂

    1. Sorry but I just can’t swallow anything that comes out of Media Matters
      1625 Massachusetts Ave. NW – Suite 300
      PO Box 52155
      Washington, DC
      Phone :(202) 756-4100
      Email :action@mediamatters.org
      URL :http://mediamatters.org/

      Self-described “progressive” media “monitor” that tracks “conservative misinformation”
      A creation of Democratic Party funders and ofperatives, and of former conservative writer David Brock
      Dictates the content of many mainstream media reports
      Smears conservatives as liars and racists
      Contends that conservatives dominate the mainstream media
      Is funded and supported by the billionaire philanthropist George Soros
      Has regular contact and strategy sessions with political operatives inside the Obama White House
      Has collaborated with Attorney General Eric Holder’s office in an effort to discredit and suppress news stories about scandals plaguing the Justice Department

      However each Tea Party chapter might have its own agenda’s and bias and its true that there are more conservatives the progressives in the movement it in general its not what the NEVADA COUNtY Tea Party is about. If you have ever listened to just some of Mark Meckler’s talks you would see that.

      The agenda of the progressive left with the lies and hate generated against the Tea Party is like “Reefer Madness” against Marijuana. I didn’t believe those lies anymore then I can accept these new ones.

      Each party and ideal has SOME good in it so its up to us to pick out the right stuff and create a better world. We need a new vision and neither Democrat or Republican have a clue.

  5. Randy,

    Pick whatever source you want and the conclusion is the same. And the same is true of our local tea party.

    I have listened to plenty of Mark Meckler speeches, including his 40-year plan. https://sierrafoothillsreport.com/2012/02/12/video-mark-meckler-and-the-tea-partys-40-year-plan/

    The plan is far reaching. “Meckler suggested it would tackle four areas: educational, judicial, political and cultural, infusing them with traditional values by supporting conservative teachers, judges, politicians and musicians,” according to the Internet reports. The Tea Party also will target voter fraud.

    Two years later, it sounds a lot like is going on with the local politics in our community, including the “nonpartisan” District 3 Supervisor race.

    BTW, Randy, the poll that Media Matters is referring to is this one:

    Go back and read the original link. It begins: “While discussing a recent New York Times/CBS News poll showing the demographics of tea party … In fact, the poll showed that a majority of the respondents who identified themselves as tea party supporters also identified themselves as Republican, while 5 percent said they were Democrats.”

  6. New York Times and CBS now there are two “trusted” sources. Even the gallup poll only had 7% stated Democrats the majority of the more liberal included refuse to use that label anymore and now proclaim themselves “Independents”.

    As you know polls are usually skewed in some sort of fashion either way and questions asked can be put in a way to make them lean more in one way then the other. Sorry but I fail to be swayed by the “Lamestream”.

    The real issue is “Whats good for our community and country?” I think that if you stop printing worthless paper as money and stop the devalue of currency that way is better then raising the minimum wage by a couple dollars. (Which will just be recouped by firing a few low income wage earners and raising the price of fast food). I also think that farmers in central California should of received the runoff water saved from the year we had excess rain for droughts like now instead of it being dumped in the ocean. A smelt that is the food of Sea Bass that doesn’t help Salmon growth at all shouldn’t be the focus. But who am I to question Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstien.

    Somewhere I heard years ago “the proof is in the puddin”

    1. Boy Randy for ‘news guy’ you don’t really seem to know enough about the hydrology of the state and the state of the system, or conservation biology, to be making a comment like, “I also think that farmers in central California should of received the runoff water saved from the year we had excess rain for droughts like now instead of it being dumped in the ocean. A smelt that is the food of Sea Bass that doesn’t help Salmon growth at all shouldn’t be the focus.”

      It is just not as simple as having received ‘runoff’ in years there was ‘excess rain’. With all of the storage built in California even in good years we have tens of millions of acre feet of capacity not being filled, partly due to flood control needs, partly due to the many years it takes to fill some of our larger reservoirs, and partly due to the need to regulate flows for multiple purposes. California has about 42 million acre feet of surface water storage capacity. WE USE 34 million ACRE FEET PER YEAR. In normal years about 5 to 8 million acre feet of water go into the reservoirs (and another 3 to 6 million acre feet stored in groundwater basins), leaving a balance of roughly 30 million acre feet of unfilled reservoir capacity to be filled over many years.

      The biggest problem with your thesis is that reservoirs do not create ‘new water’, water is dependent upon weather. Reservoirs only store water, they cannot create it. No reservoir can reliably deliver more than the reservoir’s average annual inflow (minus evaporation). And studies going all the way back to 1914 in California show that enlarging a reservoir always increases water deliveries by a smaller proportion. There is a law of diminishing returns that kicks in. Similarly for flood management, larger reservoirs provide more control, but with decreasing incremental effectiveness. Most easy, cheap, and effective reservoir locations in California already have reservoirs. Even if we built the new reservoirs currently proposed (at Sites, Temperance and Los Vaqueros) their 3 million acre feet is aggregately not much compared to what we use every year.

      So the answer to your comment is that California farmers have already used the water left over from excess years. The problem is there is no more water. We built a system and allowed water rights to be perfected based on a historic high point in precipitation in the state so the systems are oversubscribed.

      I am not saying that new storage is not part of the answer, I am saying that new storage needs to be looked at in relationship to the other alternatives for increasing water yield or reducing consumption, such as groundwater recharge, conjunctive use, aggressive water conservation measures, water recycling, off stream storage, and upper water shed and forest management to keep more water in the great ‘free reservoir’ (which can no longer be considered free) of the Sierra-Cascade snowpack.

      As a conservative I think you would discover that the yield in water to taxpayers per dollar invested in the system is much quicker, cheaper and longer lasting when invested in all of these other alternatives, rather than building more reservoirs.

      So the ‘Tea Party’ position of ‘build new reservoirs’ being promoted by every Tom, Dick and Harry who thinks they know shit without spending time reading real research, and by many Republican legislators, and by local Tea Partiers who spout about how “Pelosi is killing the farmers’, is ACTUALLY the bloated, big government, big spending, tax wasting, special interest pork laden solution that they say they oppose.

      In short they are either stupid or lying; take your pick.

      Re: your comment that a species like the delta smelt should not be a focus of attention, clearly you do not really understand how ecology works. First, delta smelt are critical to the food chain for more than the non-indigenous Bass in the Delta, they are part of a much broader aquatic food chain. Second, they are highly adapted to changes in salinity, which is a danger to numerous other species in the Delta. The delta smelt is only one of 12 of the original 29 indigenous fish species that have been eliminated entirely from the Delta.
      Their health INDICATES the health of other species, and how they fare indicates what will happen to the fishery and the natural systems that serve the fisheries.

      I guess we could just eliminate the ecosystem and channelize the delta to turn it into a big drain, and then build gates to keep salt water out, which we may have to eventually do, but I can guarantee you that would be a lot more painful and expensive than the current solution, which is to retain a measly 800,000 acres feet of water in the Delta to ensure flows for the fishery. We are retaining about 2% of California total use to retain a fishery and ecosystem that if we lose we will have to mimic.

      And this gets to my big point. Most modern Republicans say they love the environment (and some rapidly diminishing iconoclastic minority does), but when it comes to understanding the long view, and the real cost benefit analysis of protecting the environment, and understanding the benefit of natural systems of doing the work of providing clean air and water that we will have to do if nature’s systems and benefits go away, they don’t care.

      1. Minor correction on the above post for clarity:

        Of the 8 to 14 million acre feet of average annual runoff in California, about 5 to 8 million acre feet of annual runoff goes to surface storage and 3 to 6 million go to groundwater storage. The total capacity of ground water storage is estimated at between 150 million and 1.5 billion acre feet of groundwater storage.

      1. GOP’s Ben Carson:

        “Obamacare is the worst thing in our nation since slavery”

        “”Well, my thoughts are that marriage is between a man and a woman. It’s a well-established, fundamental pillar of society and no group, be they gays, be they NAMBLA, be they people who believe in bestiality. It doesn’t matter what they are. They don’t get to change the definition.”

      2. “Let’s say somebody were [in the WH] and they wanted to destroy this nation. I would create division among the people, encourage a culture of ridicule for basic morality and the principles that made and sustained the country, undermine the financial stability of the nation, and weaken and destroy the military. It appears coincidentally that those are the very things that are happening right now.”

  7. “Lamestream”? I always think of fox news when I hear that terminology. If it’s endorsed by the tp, I head in the other direction.

  8. Thanks Steve the the very informative post about the water issue. I was just touching the edge with my comment about the smelt and storage. I did watch a long presentation in congress about a month ago about the issue of the excess water runoff that went straight into the ocean and they were saying about 70% of that water was lost to the ocean. This was in the year we had too much rain not this one. One thing is clear. We need to address the issue with regards to central Californians who rely on water to exist. Many politicians in the San Francisco area have the power of the vote to funnel all the water their direction and that seems to be what is happening now. Using endangered species act options has been very successful with pushing thru legislation to benefit their voters on other issues attached to these bills.

    Annie I suggest you watch some news that is outside the scope of ABC,CBS,NBC, MSNBC & CNN. Maybe BBC, Al Jazeera and some China, Russia types along with …..yes Fox News. Whether its your cup of tea (pun intended) or not you get a more rounded look at the world.

    The lamestream news label is just pointing out that these stations have lost the ability to cover the news and have turned into commentary from the progressive left. Usually the left will point to Bill O’Reilly or Hannity as news examples of Foxnews channel but these are commentary programs. If you take like MSNBC and watch a news program you will not see “unbiased fact news” you see commentary with message directed to the left.

    If a left leaning individual lashes out at a right leaning female then the lamestream press goes deaf and you don’t see these issues. If a right leaning individual lashes out at a left leaning woman its TOP STORY: War on Women.

    This is why its called lamestream because you are getting half the story. If the current administration is in trouble you won’t hear about any of this in the ABC-MSNBC crowds

    So its best to hear more options and then make your choice on your own with facts from both sides. Maybe this is why we are getting more and more people that are calling themselves “Independents”.

    1. Randy, As a matter of fact I do listen to different stations including fox hence, my opinion is as such. I don’t find fox as “unbiased fact news” but more of cheap entertainment hence again, lamestream. I agree it’s best to hear more options, why else would I make informed opinions? Personally I find that if a left leaning individual lashes out at a right leaning female the lamestream media is all on top of it continually.

  9. Hey Jeff, Can you please advise why the ATPAC case is in the mix for the tea party conspiracies? Anyone who has read the transcripts knows the Federal Judge was very unhappy with the actions of that County Office. There are independents and dems in the Court Reformers who are well aware of the events and would take issue with you minimizing the facts. It cost the taxpayers many many millions over ego.

  10. Don,
    That was Barry Pruett grinding his axes after he lost the election to Greg Diaz (in every precinct). The county settled with its insurance company because it was cheaper than a drawn-out lawsuit.

    1. Not sure what the old election has to do with the facts of the case but the money came from a self funded local government pool. That is us my friend, you me and California State Tax payers.

    1. I am sorry but I am not Mr. Pruett. As an individual who has actively protected the rights of the most vulnerable in the real world I would expect a serious response, not a partisan deflection. Does it matter which party a batterer belongs to or the scum bag financial crooks come from or the party of drug dealers who sell to kids? Show me your Purple that often sounds reasonable. Let us have our voice too and not try to label our truth with the tired old labels that you seem to advocate against .It is about advocating, collaborating and innovating on issues, not grudges or any individual(s). We can and do find common ground and it makes things happen in Nevada County. That has been my personal experience and I thank all of those strong people for their efforts!

      1. Good morning Don,

        This is not a partisan deflection. It is merely a reminder that “politics makes strange bedfellows” and people participate for different (and not necessarily altruistic) reasons.

        Nowadays I find the tea party and its “40-year plan” (tackling four areas: educational, judicial, political and cultural, infusing them with traditional values by supporting conservative teachers, judges, politicians and musicians) to be counterproductive to collaborating and innovating. And in a small community such as our, it can be downright toxic. https://sierrafoothillsreport.com/2010/11/13/tea-party-patriots-40-year-plan-to-take-back-our-country/

        The practitioners are not transparent either. I’m reminded of the Mark Twain quote: “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”

        In our community, education is becoming the latest target. Local tea party members are distributing flyers this week titled “Parental Alert!!! Local control of your child’s education is under attack” (really?) and inviting people to a Town Hall meeting at the Elks Lodge in Grass Valley on April 29. It is referencing a website critical of Common Core curriculum.

        But the other areas (judicial, political and cultural) are in play as well. “Judicial” was in play in the last local election cycle (Smyrnos versus Anderson). http://barrypruett.blogspot.com/2012/06/open-letter-to-tom-anderson.html

        “Political” is in play in the current supervisor elections in District 3 (Miller versus Lamphier) and District 4 (Weston versus Cole). And the same people (yes, Barry Pruett is one of them) are cranking up their personal attacks again.

        The local Judges and DA races are being influenced by tea party PAC money for the first time (a new one is called “American’s for Good Government”): http://yubanet.com/regional/PAC-Money-infiltrates-local-judicial-races.php#.UzF6NCjDIQI
        BTW, Pruett gave $200 to Cliff Newell’s campaign. (I wonder if he hopes to get hired, though I don’t think he doesn’t have enough trial experience to be effective).

        There is an underlying political strategy for the tea party here, and it is not altruistic or collaborative in my mind. It is about “their side” winning and influencing (in this latest case at the BOS level). Stay tuned for more tangible signs.

  11. Sometimes I wonder if the progressive deck of cards has only three cards the race card, the gay card and the joker……..oh by the way Bruce thanks for insight of your Ben Carson quote

    “Let’s say somebody were [in the WH] and they wanted to destroy this nation. I would create division among the people, encourage a culture of ridicule for basic morality and the principles that made and sustained the country, undermine the financial stability of the nation, and weaken and destroy the military. It appears coincidentally that those are the very things that are happening right now.”

    This is a true statement how did it get in this discussion?

    I have plenty of friends that are gay and see no reason why anyone can’t marry anyone they want but a glaring fact is that single parent children have a hard go of it. It might be nice once in awhile that people actually think before they talk. I used to be like that I would just spew out things I heard without any thought at all. But that was years ago when I was a Democrat. Don’t get me wrong I’m about as far from Republican as I can get too.

    I might also state that just because I have videotaped 47,250 minutes of news doesn’t mean I actually learned anything. I have seen that a lot of things repeat themselves.

    One thing I have thought about for many years is why do the lemmings keep running off the cliff?

    One thing I heard was that the sea bass eat the smelt and also eat the little salmon so it actually makes its worse for them.

  12. Steve,

    One thing in your post you talked about the endangered species that have disappeared in the delta. Does any of this have anything to do with the raw sewage dumps into the delta from the business’s around the bay area?

    Lots of ways to point fingers but your knowledge is so vast in this area then its people like you that can help fix the problem.

    Thanks, in advance

  13. Randy I am sure that the water quality in the Delta which is degraded by raw sewage dumps when they occur does have something to do with the 17 of 39 fish species who are no longer in the Delta. That is why we have environmental laws to restrict raw sewage dumps, requirements to treat water going into the Delta, and in the extreme, hefty fines when those dumps occur. Just as we have environmental law to require a certain level of fresh water flow to maintain species. One does not preclude another.

    On another note, I read your comments above about the credibility of news sources, particularly the NYT and CBS, and your advice to Annie that she read BBC, Reuters, Al Jazeera and China Daily, and then watched your news program on GVTV when it came up in the feed on my Facebook account this morning.

    How do you source the news you read on GVTV? Since I doubt GVTV has an international pool of beat and investigative reporters scouring the world, I must assume that you aggregate news content from multiple other sources and then read it on the air. How do you vet your sources?

    What criteria do you use to ensure that the good viewers of Grass Valley are getting the facts?

    I watched the stories on the G-7, Snowden, same sex marriage in Michigan, the FBI shooting, the INS, Sikh kids being bullied and could not help but wonder how you differentiate between a credible source and a biased source on such a wide variety of stories.

    I particularly noticed the section where you read the police report from The Union. During the police report you place photos from other areas with the lines you are reading, and when you read the line, “reports of two intoxicated elderly men panhandling from a limousine” you showed a picture of Joe Biden and President Obama in the back seat of a limo.

    Up above on this thread you claimed you separated editorial comment from real news by placing a tea pot on your desk? Where was your tea pot?

    1. Steve, I couldn’t agree with your comment more. Because I disagree with Randy for the most part does not mean I do not utilize a variety of resources. In fact, the use of a multitude of sources is where Randy & I actually agree.

      1. I am wondering if he will answer my question though. I have watched his news, he covers some interesting stories, but it not like he has a new bureau out there finding them. He is not sending a corespondent to the Crimea. So he must have some empirical system for testing the validity of his sources since he is so attuned to bias in the media.

        I use your system Annie, I look at it all and make a value judgment. I just wonder what makes him think his value judgement is better?

    1. Hi Jeff hope you had a great weekend like I did.
      I would only say that this teaparty911 group is one in thousands of groups through out the United States and its a fact that many of them are political in nature.

      Mark Meckler left the movement because of the outside pressures that were taking over the control of the direction of the original Tea Party concept.

      My experience is in the Nevada County Tea Party and its focus and mission statement and the strict rules that you do not campaign using the local chapter. As I know a lot of the people involved in the local movement I know that many are not “right wing” or “republicans” or extremists. Many are middle class and some are poor. Yes some are successful and have more money and thats a good thing because thats how our country had become strong and independent as people went out and worked and built up a great place to live.

      If you look in any apple barrel you will probably find some worm holes but does that mean all the apples are bad?

      When someone can tell me what is bad about limited goverhment then maybe I would change my views. If someone can tell me why we should not try to balance our spending the same thing or if someone will tell me that our form of government and the constitution and bill of rights are bad documents then again I might change my mind.

      Many things are clear………our economy is weak, the job market is dismal, inflation is rampant and trust of our country with the rest of the world is at an all time low.

      As a person who voted for Hillary Clinton the first time around I have moved along way from that path since then.

      Once I actually opened my eyes it has all changed as to how I look at the world.
      Whatever the letter behind the name in the next elections its not about that its about which answers they provide make sense. Its probably true that regardless who wins neither politician will actually do what they promise.

      As a part indian I want the next leader to not talk in “forked tongue”

      1. ” As I know “a lot” of the people involved in the local movement I know that “many” are not “right wing” or “republicans” or extremists.”

        Horse s**t, or you are sorely deluded.

      2. Hi Randy,
        Thanks for your comments, but you are repeating the same point over and over. I wonder if you could keep that in mind if and when you comment here. Many thanks,

  14. Well my sourcing for world news comes alot from Democracy Now, Rueters, Associated Press as typical sources. As you know almost all news seems to focus on about 10 major associated press releases daily as that seems to be the choice for most.

    Funny you happened to watch a very rare police blotter where I put political figures in it. Normally I avoid that in that segment. I might point out that the Police Blotter is not a factual news segment but more of a comedy relief of all the typical depressing news that surrounds it. Most of that is tongue and cheek and I did push the envelope on that picture. Example I might put a picture of Mel Gibson if its about someone drunk in public or Rambo with a gun for shots fired type event.
    That one with the limo was tough trying to find a picture of two elderly men drinking and panhandling and that picture popped up and as I am not a happy camper with the current administration I thought it was funny and might fit. Sorry to ruffle your feathers.

    Since my entire operation is solo ….me I create a 30 minute show videotape, edit and then take several steps to put it out there through different media its not likely I can actually authenticate it all. But I do watch quite a few different news sources that usually have the stories I do and so hope that its accurate.

    GVTV News is the ONLY visual video news media in Nevada County that is on daily and I don’t claim that its perfect. I might say that atleast its a little more centered then some of the other news that is in this area. As you see by the world content its not a right wing blog. In fact in the 7 years of the news I don’t remember ever pulling a story from Fox News.

    I should of been specific about the try to be balanced news “excluding” the police blotter.

    I do fall into the trap of finding local stories with arrests and burglaries seem to fill those slots more then the creative and positive stories and I will try to find more of those in the future.
    Thanks for watching it hope you return

    1. I guess my point Randy is that even you have your sources, you trust those sources, you pass stories from those sources along to your network, and you do so, as you admitted, without any specific or consistent process to verify or vet those sources before using them. Every one does that. If you object to the facts in a NYT story dispute the facts, but don’t roll your eyes and say, “oh, what do you expect, it was in the Times, so it must be bullshit.”

      I would put the NYT up against AP, Rueters and Democracy Now for accuracy in NEWS any time.

      I think people love to hate the Times because it is the flagship, the trendsetter, the largest and most accomplished, the one with the deepest bench, and it is the one that covers culture in the most cultural city in America. They just have that attitude that they are right, because statistically they do more, cover more, and report more, and are usually right.

      I think what you really object to from the NYT is not their news but their editorial policy. Kind of like people here are objecting to your editorial policy.

      People love to hate the Times for the same reason they hate the Yankees, Atlanta Braves, and the Denver Broncos; the Yankees just win to damn much, and as soon as you start marketing yourself as “America’s Team” you appear to think your team is more American than mine.

      I despise the Tea Party like I hated the Braves; no one is going to tell me they are the ‘real Americans’ because I love my country and love its history as much or more than anyone I know.

  15. I had thought that a few comments not from the peanut gallery would be interesting and responded to comments to my comments. Sorry for the intrusion I had thought there might be some interest once in awhile with actual facts about the local Tea Party but I see everyone has already made up there minds. When I wanted to know more about Occupy Wall Street I went to the events and asked questions.

  16. Randy,
    I know at least a dozen NCTP members and they all are Republicans. The Tea Party caucus in congress are all Republicans. I am friends with a number NC Libertarians who have left the NC Tea Party because they are too Republican. As I have said many times before, I like the Tea Party because it is challenging the establishment/ power that be of the Republican Party from within the Republican Party. I just totally disagree with their solutions to the nations problems. There might be some Democrats, Libertarians, and Independents in the NC Tea Party but the views expressed and a vast majority of its members are Republican.

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