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Miller campaign sign now hangs over Grass Valley Visitors Center and “nonpartisan” Chamber

Nowadays this is what people who come to the much-touted Grass Valley Visitors Center see when they walk up to the door: A partisan political message hanging above the entrance, endorsing Dan Miller for supervisor for District 3, seeking to unseat incumbent Terry Lamphier.

It seemed like a prank when I saw it on Miller’s Facebook page with the caption, “It’s Miller Time!!! Vote Miller for Supervisor for District 3 Supervisor!!!,” so I had to go see it for myself on Sunday night.

Alas, it’s true. Underneath the sign reads: “Dan Miller for Supervisor.”

For background, Dan was on the Grass Valley Cty Council when it unanimously agreed to help fund the Visitors Center and Chamber with taxpayer dollars.

Keith Davies, who has said he’s been Dan’s “good friend since high school,” was appointed to the Greater Grass Valley Chamber of Commerce as the co-CEO, along with his wife.

Since then, Dan’s campaign manager has been hired by the Chamber.

And the building’s landlord is supporting Dan in his campaign to be supervisor and sponsoring a fundraiser on April 3.

For it’s part, the Chamber claims it is “nonpartisan,” according to its bylaws.

You can’t make this stuff up. If Tom Wolfe were in town, he could write a novel about it — a Nevada County version of “A Man in Full.”

And Grass Valley City Hall, if it condones this, seems to being played like a violin — not to mention the city’s residents (who are nearly equally divided between “R” and “D”).

(Photo: Dan’s Facebook page)