Stanford and Michigan State in the Rose Bowl

What a good matchup. When I went to Northwestern University in ’82, I watched Michigan State play Northwestern at Ryan Field. The two teams had the longest losing streaks in Division 1A football. Sports Illustrated wrote an article about it.

Tonight’s Ohio State-Michigan State game was a good one. Ohio State was overrated with a weak schedule.

I never liked Ohio State going back to the days of Woody Hayes and his temper tantrums. They do have a good vet school, though.

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11 thoughts on “Stanford and Michigan State in the Rose Bowl”

  1. Michigan State Offense vs Stanford Defense is the game. I will go with Stanford Defense and both Stanford D/O lines are very very tough.

    Stanford 17 Michigan St 10

  2. I loved watching Michigan State beat Ohio State (a holdover effect from my midwestern roots). MS defense is TOUGH…..

  3. Stanford just wears a team down with their big guys up front. I will say this, 2013 Stanford team did not like being the favorites with big expectations. Twice as they were getting big national coverage they came out flat and gave games away that shouldn’t have been close. If they are heavily favored and expected to win who knows what team will show up to play.

  4. I’ve lived in CA for 28 years, but like Steve Frisch, my Midwestern and eastern roots are thick and deep. While graduating from a NY high school, I applied to University of Illinois and was accepted a mere few weeks before the beginning of classes. Two houses away was the frat house my father lived in; around the corner were both the frats than my maternal uncle and his father lived in. On the quad, the beautiful sorority house of my mother remained, where she resided when anointed the Sophomore cotillion beauty queen, but the giant Dutch Elms enclosing the Quad had long since withered away, succumbing to Dutch Elm disease. So, I was a legacy, and drank more than I studied, but at least didn’t hijack a fire truck like my dad did.

    Strong loyalties can be both positive and negative forces, but in sports I suppose the consequences of this trait are comparatively benign. Still, I remember how aggravating it was to watch ‘Sam the Bam Cunningham’ — I think that was his media anointed name — simply catapulting his lanky frame over the scrum of linemen, scoring several TDs and leading USC to victory over the Big Ten team — Ohio St.?. The Pac Ten — as it was once called — seemed to dominate the Rose Bowl, with no victory more stinging than UCLA, I think, beating the much hyped Michigan St. team, ranked # 1 — again I think — 12 to 10 the year I too, was a fighting Illini — on the freshman wrestling team.

    Since living in CA, I’ve often been kidded about the perceived superiority of Pac Ten teams, but I then counter with the riposte, “I wonder how many games would have gone the other way, if the West Coast offense had to be executed in the deep freezer of Ann Arbor in January. Five below zero, strong winds skewing the path of a long pass and snow attacking one’s eyes like the Furies of old and receivers attempting acrobatic catches with hands as flexible as a side of beef hanging in a freezer truck. Perhaps, no difference. We’ll never know.

    But if every other year the game was played in Ann Arbor, then I guess it wouldn’t be the Rose Bowl. Big ten-ers will just have to savor victory when it comes. Kinda like farmers waiting for the rain to nourish the endless rows of corn dominating the countryside.

    I’ll go with my heart as I always do: Michigan St. 28, Stanford, 27.

  5. Nooooo. Stanford didn’t play real well and Michigan St played a great game. Oh well, Michigan St was definitely the better team on the field today. Congrats Spartans

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