Hard-right political blogs crank up the personal attacks for upcoming campaign season

Blogging is a hobby for some, but the political blogs in our community largely are run by a bunch of like-minded, hard-right activists: “Sierra Dragon’s Breathe” (Todd Juvinall); “Nevada County Introspective” (the latest name) (Barry Pruett); “Rebane’s Ruminations” (George Rebane) and “Sierra Foothill Commentary” (the latest iteration) (Russ Steele).

These folks are all pretty dead-set about electing more of their like-minded “patriots” to office. They fancy using their blog to influence public opinion. And sometimes they can be seen as downright nasty, lying and bullying, crossing one socially acceptable line after another.

Politicos around here have got their number — Pruett’s “San Francisco values” slight during his unsuccessful run for clerk-recorder against Greg Diaz a few years ago is infamous – but the general public is probably not as aware of their tactics.

From all appearances, it looks like they are going to crank it up again this local election season. The goal this time: “The Board (of Supervisors) will have four Republicans in 2014,” as Pruett puts it matter-of-factly.

“Well, OK then.” Most of us are “in the middle,” so we’re more interested in board members who can get along and help govern rather than counting up the “R’s” and the “D’s.” We now have 3 “R’s,” a “D” and a progressive who is a “decline to state.”

A good example of the hard-right blogger’s tactics is here — this one directed against me, my family and our growing and successful business:

“Nevada County BOS: Process: 1 / Politics: O
“BOS Resists Pressure from Right-Wing Activists”

An excerpt:
Focus on the Person, Not the Issue

“The presence of Tea Party Patriots, local bloggers and assorted members of the public for this item was not really surprising. Pelline’s husband Jeff, a former newspaper editor, runs his personal blog – separate from their commercial Sierra FoodWineArt venture. Given the often contentious nature of the local blogosphere, a few of his fellow bloggers (Rebane, Steele and Pruett) were in attendance.

“Judi Caler, who introduced herself as a Nevada City resident and co-founder of Reclaiming Our American Rights(ROAR), proceeded to paint a scenario melding First 5 of Nevada County, Occupy Wall Street, the Constitution and the takeover by a ‘one-world government’ as cause and effect of the contract. Referring to Shannon Pelline as ‘married to a well-known blogger, I wouldn’t appreciate my tax dollars used to promote his views.’ She also reminded the BOS that ‘three of you are up for election and the people are watching.’

“Barry Pruett, an unsuccessful candidate for Clerk-Recorder, is a member of the Nevada County Tea Party Patriots, according to his blog. He chastised the board for not picking the Joint Chambers proposal over SFWA’s: ‘The Chamber of Commerce is uniquely positioned to promote – without bias – all of the areas of tourism within Nevada County and thereby create jobs in Nevada County.'”

In the end, “The process — from requesting and vetting bids, to giving the public an opportunity to weigh in and then adopting a recommendation — worked. The BOS voted 5-0 to award the contract to SFWA and Blue Cat Design.”

Author: jeffpelline

Jeff Pelline is a veteran editor and award-winning journalist - in print and online. He is publisher of Sierra FoodWineArt magazine and its website SierraCulture.com. Jeff covered business and technology for The San Francisco Chronicle for 12 years, and he was a founding editor and Editor of CNET News for eight years, among other positions. Jeff has a bachelor's degree from UC Berkeley and a master's from Northwestern University. His hobbies include sailing, swimming, and trout fishing in the Sierra.

33 thoughts on “Hard-right political blogs crank up the personal attacks for upcoming campaign season”

  1. But… wait… weren’t we told a week or so back that the democrats are the ones who have mastered the skill of, and cornered the market on, offensive speech, slander, libel, bullying, etc? Boy, now I’m confused.

  2. Rundown, Outdated, AnTeaquidated Republican’ts, baggy rants and butt cracks visible to all. There Tom, doing my part to even up the name calling.

  3. Don’t forget everyone that our other County offices are up for election too, Sheriff, District Attorney, etc. Lots of room for more Republicans or Democrats.

    1. Instead of “R” and “D,” how about electing people who are experienced and qualified in these positions? I’m astounded at some of the credentials of some candidates when running for slots that require specific skill sets.

      1. Like a tax collector that is weakish when it comes to “ciphering” numbers and such?

        County Sups need to make all elected and appointed position requirements are updated and give direction to admin to ring back the new specs for both public input for elected and sunlight. FAILURE TO HAVE PROPER CREDENTIALS AND EXPERIENCE WILL ALMOST ALWAYS RESULT IN INFERIOR ELECTED OFFICIALS AND PUTS THE BRAKES ON THE GUDOLBOY APPOINTMENTS.

    2. Ahhhhh The sheriff that invited that the right wing former sheriff that is all about getting power taken power by the sheriff to NOT follow instructions AND LAWS from the federal government?

      AND THE LIKE….. Yeah that’s the ticket!

    1. Ex Sheriff Mack was in DC over the past week-end at a Birther Rally against President Obama. You can find the video of him on Saturday where he is as mean and nasty sounding individual that you could ever hear. The absolute hate in his speech (and others) is examples of deranged Tea Party extremists. Hate and more hate. And if this is the guy that the Republican Women bring to our County to give a talk and expect any kind of respect from their electorate, they had better think again. This guy (Mack) is seriously sick! Next the Republican Women should have Orly Taitz and celebrate circus week in Grass Valley.

      And in other news- Teabillies love the Constitution! Love it, love it, love it. In fact, they love it so much, that they just want to do away with bits and pieces to make it more perfect. To that end, David Dewhurst (Lieutenant Governor of Texas) and Sen. Dan Patrick want to get rid of that pesky Seventeenth Amendment…You know, the one that allows us to vote on Senators.
      They’d let the state legislatures name your Senators for you, because you’ve been doing it all wrong, ya know—– voting and all.

  4. As a former colleague of mine at The Union once told me: “The politics are so nasty because the stakes are so small.”

  5. Our local offices are supposed to be non-partisan but that all changed several years ago. I agree that the best person for the job should be first consideration but voters are generally lazy for one reason or another. When I was walking and making phone calls for one candidate two un-related issues to the office kept coming up as deciding factors. Voters don’t want to hear about accomplishments. They want to be entertain with emotional, partisan issues and opinions.

  6. I wonder how the Tea Party Food Bank Project is coming along? They are never clear about what they intend to do with all the folks automation and job exporting has left with no place to go. Their plans include the nobles and a few serfs for a few jobs, but never anything else about the rest of the nation they’re raping.

    1. Ok , all pledge to do 8 hours this month working for the candidate and party of your choice.

      16 hours in December and by 31st , grass roots at local level.

      Post ur promise and who and why here.

  7. Then there is this response to George posted by Todd Juvinall this morning:

    I don’t want to rehash everything again. Yourself along with many here on RR have promoted your love of liberty, freedom, and property for yourselves and loved ones but not so much for others. Especially if those others are Muslim, from another nation that cannot stand up to the US military empire, of color, working poor, the poor, or those on the left side of the political aisle.”

    Wow, I think Todd hit George on the head….Todd is right, “but not so much for others” if George does not like them…which is kind of the definition of being antithetical to founding American principles. The Constitution and its rights are for everyone, even visitors to the country unless specifically proscribed, not just those you happen to agree with that day. That’s what makes America great.

    1. hmm, a bit late for April Fools, no? Two standouts from this one:

      1) I thought selfishness was the cornerstone of the tea party / right wing line of thinking in the first place – it’s a bit caddywompus to see them having a disagreement over that point… it’s quiet… too quiet…

      2) I though we were also informed that we all hate the constitution over here – that the TP members are the only ones in the country who love the constitution and that if you’re not a TP member (and/or if you don’t bash those who disagree with you) it means you take the constitution for granted and are a bad ‘Merican and are a communist.
      So It’s also a bit caddywompus to see a commenter here who purports to put any weight on the words of the constitution. My skepticism is matched only by my …. wait a second, laughing too hard, just swallowed my spit again…

      1. Actually I think it would be reasonable to assume that Mr. Juvinall just does not understand what he said, which would be par for the course…

      2. You are claiming me for Ben Emery;\’s comment. Read the header on the comment and make an apology.

      1. Oh man Todd, you are 100% correct. Mea culpa…mean culpa.
        I apologize for misrepresenting your statement. Clearly not enough coffee on my part. I am sorry.

  8. Ya Steve,
    You owe Todd an apology for believing he turned into a decent human being for a moment by defending the rights of those who are not US christian white males.

  9. Activists Russ Steele and Barry Pruett are cranking it up again today on Russ’ newly named “Sierra Foothill Commentary” with “Tea Party Gaining Strength”:
    Check out Barry’s comment.
    My prediction: ugly local elections next year.
    They have made me (“His Purpleness”) the “enemy,” but the stakes are higher for the rest of the community.
    Here’s another one to think about, whether the tea party folks are now targeting our schools with Common Core as the “trojan horse”:

  10. A “self important” bunch, to be sure. Russ is the Former Union Columnist and Barry lost every precinct when he ran for clerk-recorder. Sheesh.

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