Our nephew invited to play in college All-Star bowl game

We were pleased to hear that our nephew was invited to play in the Casino Del Sol College All-Star Game for football players in Tucson on January 11 — his second post-season bowl game and a well-deserved honor.

His Iowa State team will play Tulsa in the Liberty Bowl on Deccember 31 after going 6-6 on the season. Steele was the starting quarterback in four of the six wins — including Tulsa and Baylor — and he led the team to back-to-back wins over archrival Iowa for the first time in a decade.

The Casino del Sol College All-Star Game will feature mid- to late-round prospects, as well as others who go undrafted but still go to NFL camps.

Last year’s roster produced six NFL draft picks including the 98th overall pick, Gino Gradkowski, who went to the Baltimore Ravens. An additional 61 players off of the 2012 roster entered NFL training camp in July.

“The opportunity to work with these young men to help them realize their dreams of playing on the next level is a job I welcome with open arms,” said the bowl’s executive director.

We’re wishing him the best. Steele’s road to Division 1A football from high school has been an inspiration to all of us.

Here’s highlights from last year’s Iowa St.-Tulsa game:

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One Response to Our nephew invited to play in college All-Star bowl game

  1. Ben Emery says:

    Very cool stuff Jeff. As a former jock who had aspirations of much higher levels than I reached I think it is those that are the mid to long shots who really appreciate and learn from the experience of hard work. Those who cruise on potential generally lose that experience of working hard (sacrificing) to achieve the dream. As I tell my long shot Jr High Boys (usually small and no experienced) hoops teams year after year. The goal is the league championship but what stays with us throughout our lifetime is everything that happens trying to achieve the ultimate goal. I don’t remember any of my title games other than a trophy I have stuffed somewhere in a box in my parents attic but remember my teammates and the ups and downs of those seasons vividly.

    Tell Steele there are many Miner fans wishing him well.

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