Scoop: “Sierra Dragon’s Breathe (sic)” blogger forks out $2,500 on LaMalfa for Congress campaign; instant VIP

Is Todd now the FUDD? (“For U Dearest Doug”)
No sooner were we reminded the other day that The Union columnist and “systems scientist” Dr. George Rebane also was extreme right-wing Supervisor Drew Bedwell’s planning commissioner (the most telling detail of all) than we learn this about his supposedly “just regular people” blogging pal:

Nevada City resident Todd Juvinall forked out $2,500 to Doug LaMalfa’s campaign on June 5, 2012, according to filings with the Federal Election Commission. Shucks, Todd, that’s a real chunk of change. We should start calling you the “FUDD!” or “For U Dearest Doug”!

The information in public documents is here. It is one of the biggest contributions of all in the “95959” zip code to an election campaign for November (for Republicans or Democrats). Why didn’t The Union report this?

LaMalfa is running for the First District in Congress. The L.A. Times just named Doug one of “Six Republicans who need Science Lessons” after he made a comment linking abortions to cancer at a tea-party forum in Redding. He later backtracked on the startling remark that garnered national attention.

Juvinall has written some glowing remarks about Doug on his “Sierra Dragon’s Breathe” ( (sic) blog, but I never read where he disclosed he dropped $2,500 on him. That’s got to be a record in the local blogosphere!


Todd has boasted about being a VIPer, though, getting a special invite to a BBQ with Doug and the Speaker of the House in August and all. I was impressed. Now I get it.

Well, it’s good to know that business at what he calls “Todd Juvinall Construction” is picking up. In this economy, $2,500 is a lot to spend on politics. Most “regular people” (a term Todd uses to describe himself in blogging) donate far less than $2,500 to campaigns ($99, for example, so it doesn’t get reported).

“Sierra Dragon’s Breathe (sic)” reportage has included being part of a “VIP group (of which I was honored to be included)” at LaMalfa’s 1,600-acre farm in Richvale (Butte County) in August, as Todd explained it.

“After a short while we all stood in line and one by one we got our picture taken with Doug and the Speaker (Boehner),” we learned about the “VIP” gathering.

“After all the pictures were taken we all went to the out building where the BBQ was to take place.”

“I saw you at Doug’s event, but we never connected,” our County Assessor Sue Horne wrote on Todd’s blog. Her daughter-in-law works for LaMalfa.

More recently, LaMalfa received an honor from the Los Angeles Times as one of “Six Republicans who Need Science Lessons.”

“During a debate Monday against his Democratic opponent for California’s 1st Congressional District seat, La Malfa said that women who have abortions increase their risk of cancer. After a TV station questioned his assertion, he issued a release the following day acknowledging that he was misinformed,” the Times wrote.


LaMalfa’s gaffe made Rachel Maddow’s blog (not just the L.A. Times), and the publicity was negative for our area: “For those who have never been to that part of California, it’s the state’s equivalent of rural Missouri,” said TCinLA. “The average white male up there stops school after 8th grade. They make the Okies in Bakersfield look like geniuses.”

LaMalfa also has been widely criticized for receiving big farm subsidies.

It’s a good bet that Doug will get elected to Congress, so let’s hope Todd will get a special tour of Washington or something. Or maybe he be named “Ambassador to Nevada County” in Doug’s administration, as one of the biggest local donors.

Here’s Todd, George Rebane and friends with Dan Logue, who is running for LaMalfa’s state senate seat. (credit: “Rebane’s Ruminations):

And here’s a cartoon of Todd from RL Crabb:

“FORKED OUT $2,500” to LaMalfa’s campaign (cartoon: RL Crabb)
Map of Richvale

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4 thoughts on “Scoop: “Sierra Dragon’s Breathe (sic)” blogger forks out $2,500 on LaMalfa for Congress campaign; instant VIP”

  1. $2500 to buy your way into a grip and grin? With LaMalfa?
    Whatever, these guys still sound like the backup singers for Herman Cain. Now there’s a science lesson-

  2. Jeff:
    I enjoy your reading your blog. A interesting story would be how much this shuffling of the deck is going to cost Nevada County due to Special General Elections that are coming in Jan. There was a similar election cycle in Placer County where the Gaines family moved up and a new player Beth Gaines got her husbands seat after he moved up. This cost Placer County close to 1 million dollars that is not reimbursed by the state. A county where Ted Gaines used to be a supervisor. So much for “conservative, less government spending”. I see little difference in both big parties.

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