Gun club offers photo with Santa and his machine guns

(credit: L.A. Times)

“Arizonans better watch out. They better not cry and they better not pout,” as the L.A. Times reports.

“Santa Claus is coming to town –- and he’s got guns.

“The Scottsdale Gun Club is offering a rather unusual Christmas card photo opportunity this holiday season.

“For $10, those who are so inclined can have their photo taken with jolly old St. Nick –- and a high-powered rifle.

“Jingle bells … shotgun shells?

“Santa poses in front of an $80,000 Garwood minigun. In last week’s photo shoot, families, including children, could choose from an arsenal — pistols, semi-automatic AR-15s, and grenade launchers, said Ron Kennedy, the gun club’s general manager, in a statement.

“This is the second year the gun club has offered the deal. Hundreds of people reportedly lined up to get their photos taken last year.

I found more details here, at the Gun Club’s website. It’s $5 for members and $10 for nonmembers.

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10 Responses to Gun club offers photo with Santa and his machine guns

  1. Steve Enos says:

    More than a bit sick.

  2. Ben Emery says:

    The true meaning of Christmas, they are just exercising their second amendment right against the war on Christmas. B O’Reilly would be proud.

  3. Steve Willer says:

    Yepper, I’m sure the people who wrote our Constitution would be very proud!

  4. Judith Lowry says:

    Wow, Ted Nugent is looking really old!

  5. Steve Frisch says:

    I thought it was a Palin family Christmas card!

    • Steve Willer says:

      Close Steve, but not quite. There are no high school age teen moms with newborn babies or pregnant teens in the photo, and Ruduloph the red nosed reindeer would be a wall mount in the background.

  6. Douglas Keachie says:

    What do they do at Easter? Get a gun that shoots spikes?

  7. Kate Hancock says:

    The Caption Should Read:
    Merry Christmas from The Southern Sudan
    From: Joseph Kony and the L.R.A.


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