Scoop: Owens not running for supe again — but Truckee Mayor Anderson will run

Ted Owens said today in Truckee that he will not run for a third term on the county board of supervisors, according to my sources.

Owens said he is exploring opportunities in the private sector but stressed that his decision not to run does not mean he will be out of politics forever.

He thanked supporters and said it was a pleasure to serve.

Owens is a moderate Republican but is well regarded in his largely Democratic district because he is nonpartisan in his approach. The rumor that Owens would not run has been floating around for some weeks. (There are 3,848 registered Democrats and 2,804 registered Republicans in District 5, according to the Clerk-Recorder’s office).

At the same time, Truckee Mayor Richard Anderson said he will be running for Owens’ seat in the 5th District. The two were attending a luncheon at Dragonfly in Truckee.

Anderson is the publisher and editor of California Fly Fisher magazine and is president of Stoakes Anderson Inc., which also publishes the Aguabonita Books imprint. Prior to starting the magazine, he was employed as a consulting land economist and planner for about 10 years.

An avid outdoorsman, Anderson has been active in environmental issues, particularly those that involve fisheries, wildlife, and water quality. He has served on the boards of California Trout and the California Wildlife Foundation and is the recipient of California Trout’s President’s Award and Journalism Award, among others.

Anderson is a registered Democrat.

Author: jeffpelline

Jeff Pelline is a veteran editor and award-winning journalist - in print and online. He is publisher of Sierra FoodWineArt magazine and its website Jeff covered business and technology for The San Francisco Chronicle for years, was a founding editor and Editor of CNET News, and was Editor of The Union, a 145-year-old newspaper in Grass Valley. Jeff has a bachelor's degree from UC Berkeley and a master's from Northwestern University. His hobbies include sailing and trout fishing.

32 thoughts on “Scoop: Owens not running for supe again — but Truckee Mayor Anderson will run”

  1. This posted at 1:27 p.m. and the Sierra Sun has now posted their version at 2:46 p.m. The Union, which is a sister paper of the Sierra Sun, still has nothing.

  2. Well, that explains a lot. Looks like this blog shook loose some news. As the Truckee Representative for the Nevada County Democratic Central Committee, I haven’t seen Richard at any of the meetings. I guess that he will be continuing the same “nonpartisan” approach pioneered by Mr. Owens known as the “Truckee Way”.

    Interesting peace of history, the original “Truckee Way” was the method used to run the Chinese out of Truckee in the late 1880s when three attempts to burn them out failed and the 601s (6 feet under, 0 trial, 1 rope) intimidation failed. The “brilliance” of the original Truckee Way was that the Burgomeisters of Truckee discovered that the much more efficient way of driving the “undesirables” away was to starve them out economically. They didn’t buy from them, they didn’t hire them. Many long time locals are feeling a lot of sympathy for the Chinese now a days and feel like we are the new “undesirables” being run out of town.

    I ask you Mr. Anderson, what ideas do you have to revive the Truckee middle class that has been decimated by the collapse of the building economy? Do we just roll out the red carpet for Ted’s financial sponsors like Art Chapman from JMA Associates and the Ritz Carlton (who gave him close to $50k for his last uncontested run for supervisor)? Do we continue to make the working families in Glenshire pay for the free fire protection for billionaires in Martis Camp? How do you plan to make sure that long-time locals from Truckee can succeed and that our precious community is not just for the newcomers (the self described “former nylon crowd”) with money and degrees and skills?

    What is next for us, Mr. Anderson?

    1. Michael,
      I’m sure you’ll have ample chance to debate the other candidates, including Richard Anderson. In the meantime, I ask that you to show a more respectful tone of voice when commenting here. Thanks.

  3. I find it odd you have no problem with Mr. Frisch calling me an A$$ and a crack pot. But you feel a need to chastise me for being disrespectful and tell me to stay “on topic”. Is asking difficult questions disrespectful?

  4. I would love specific suggestions, because I have tried very hard to be personally respectful while still talking about ideas that matter very much to me. I regret that I have failed in that effort in your mind. I will try harder.

  5. For the benefit of readers I am posting a copy of the document adopted by the Truckee Town Council describing “The Truckee Way”.

    I have read almost every history of Truckee out there, and more original source material at the Nevada County library during the 25 years I have lived here. I am wondering if any history buffs could post a historical reference citing the use of the term “The Truckee Way” to describe the discrimination and expulsion of Truckee’s Chinese-American community?

    I am assuming that there must be a reference out there, because I can’t imagine why a poster here would compare the content of the above referenced document, and the heinous crimes committed against the Chinese in 1886.

  6. Michael,
    I am not a politician by any stretch of the imagination but here is my two cents. Promote your ideas and leave personal issues out of the conversation. I don’t know you very well and I don’t know Mr Anderson at all but my guess Mr Anderson just as you do, believes that he would represent the people and his ideas well on BOS. The most personal issues I ever talked about is the fact that my two opponents weren’t from the district they were running to represent and the incumbent voting record. Even the latter didn’t get much attention.

    If you are wanting to change the system from within you must win with the same character you plan to represent.

    1. Ben, thanks for your constructive criticism.

      We have some very personal issues in Truckee. We have gotten to see 14% of our friends have to leave town because of the way that our economy has been run. We have seen classmates shovel their savings into businesses that go under one after another. We see others work 60 hours a week to pay commercial leases, when we remember when merchants owned their buildings. We see the daily effects of a close to 20% unemployment rate. We have seen wealthy out of town corporations buy up our town and our political representatives. We have seen concentrations of ownership of the assets of our community distilled down into a few hands. We have seen the development of a leadership class that treats us with the patrician derision exhibited on this site if we dare to enter into a world “we know not of”.

      So, if I do decide to run it will be because this is very personal. I talk to a lot of people in the town in which I have spent 50 years and this is all very personal for us. The character that I believe is needed at this time in our history is someone willing to fight against what many of us believe to be a severely compromised leadership system that has used arguments of decorum to silence voices of dissent for too long.

    1. You are a peace of work Steve. You seem to be able to rationalize anything to still be the smartest guy in the room (blog). See you on June 5nd.

      meth·od   [meth-uhd] noun

      a manner or mode of procedure, especially an orderly, logical, or systematic way of instruction, inquiry, investigation, experiment, presentation, etc.: the empirical method of inquiry.

      Synonyms: adjustment, approach, arrangement, channels, course, custom, design, disposal, disposition, fashion, form, formula, habit, line, manner, mechanism, method, mode, modus, modus operandi, nuts and bolts, plan, practice, proceeding, process, program, receipt, recipe, red tape, ritual, rote, routine, rubric, rule, rut, schema, scheme, shortcut, style, system, tack, tactics, technic, technique, tenor, the book, usage, way, ways and means, wise, wrinkle

      1. Before you decide to correct me again, “peace” was an intentional word play irony, because you are anything but peaceful.

        word·play [wurd-pley] noun

        clever or subtle repartee; verbal wit.
        a play on words; pun.

      2. Seriously? To compare Mr. Anderson’s adoption of the “Truckee Way” to the extirpation of the Chinese here in 1886 is just sick and wrong. We like our politics kind of civil up here. I’m kind of pissed when someone compares someone I know to be a decent, kind, hard working guy to a member of a genocidal mob. I think you are so out of step with the local political culture that you are going to be sorely surprised on June 5th.

      3. Once again you are not letting the facts get in the way of a good story. I did not compare Mr. Anderson to a 601. What I said was that there was a Truckee Way before and locals are feeling a lot of sympathy for the Chinese. I am sure the Mr. Anderson is a good and decent man. However there is a system in play that has historical precedence.

        In the 1880s the Truckee Way involved the leaders of business, top government officials, the local press, aggressive enforcers of the status quo who got together, made key decisions in private, and ruled the community by ostracizing the voices of dissent and driving undesirables out of town. There is an eerily similar system in place today (with the addition of NGOs like the Sierra Business Council) but without the violence (however in the 1880s did they promoted the Truckee Way as a “non-violent” way to get ride of undesirables) and without the racism (however I have experienced disturbing racism directed at the second generation Latino population by local law enforcement).

        It is very telling that you use the term “We like our politics, etc”, Steve. Who is the “we” of that statement? Because “I” have lived here for 50 years and “I” don’t ever feel like “I” have ever been included in your “we”. That is the very problem. “I” see your “we” as the 101 people who have been used to running this town and ignoring the other 15,000 “I”s who “you” don’t chose include in the debate. Well “we” are fed up with it and “I” know that there are a lot more “I”s than your “we”s.

        And I suspect that you know it too, which is why you so aggressively went after me from your very first post.

      4. Any rational reader going back and reading the very beginning of these exchanges (linked below) would conclude that I did not start this conversation aggressively; I merely stated my opinion, I backed my opinion up with specific information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics about small business size and job growth. I did not personalize the issue; I spoke on behalf of myself alone; and I did not critique you personally when I addressed the issues. I stated my opinion about areas of future economic opportunity in the Sierra Nevada:

        “But the real opportunities for economic growth are in education, health care, professional services, travel-leisure-hospitality, and the areas where innovation is advanced by high speed communications and data transfer.”

        This opinion is backed up by almost every independent analysis of California’s economy, and by most recent studies of opportunities for growth in California’s rural regions:

        You personalized the debate, and escalated this ridiculous pissing match, when you included the following statement in your responses:

        “I fully understand that your organization most likely gets a lot of revenue to foster a small business environment and it may seem personally threatening to question to efficacy of that funding, however I ask you to let us agree to disagree without value judgment putdowns.”

        In a later post you implied corruption and immoral behavior on the part of the organization I work for, and you went on to state that my motivation might be a desire on my part to serve in the office you aspire to, 5th District Nevada County Supervisor, and you implied a financial relationship between the organization I work for and corporate bailouts to Bank of America, just because a long retired employee of BofA serves on my board—none of which are either true, warranted, or backed by any evidence.

        You then followed up on this erratic behavior by doing a search to find e-mail addresses for my employers and e-mailing them to attempt to curb my comments and take issue with their content, and you did so without the courtesy of copying me on the e-mail. You did this even though I never responded to you on behalf of the organization I work for.

        If that is not “personal” I don’t know what is.

        If you are going to go to my board members in an effort to intimidate me, whom do I go to if I feel compelled to take issue with your comments? I would call your Mom, but I don’t have the number. I would ask the Nevada County Democratic Central Committee on which you serve, but I suspect they are already so embarrassed by your actions that that are seeking ways to distance themselves from you. But, it turns out there is a higher authority, because you are a declared candidate for the Nevada County Board of Supervisors! How lucky. I am a potential future CONSTITUENT. I can go right to the ultimate higher authority, the people!

        Your behavior here not only makes me question your fitness for the office, it makes me wonder how you will represent and treat those who may disagree with you on any issue in the future, should you be lucky enough to serve.

        Your propensity to make wild, unsupported, non-fact based allegations against a constituent is something every voter in Nevada County’s 5th district should take note of.

        Your propensity to engage in a knock down drag out public on-line fight with a constituent, twisting their words, misinterpreting their meaning, and personalizing the debate, is something every voter in Nevada County’s 5th district should take note of.

        Your resort to trying to silence me by threatening my livelihood should be noted by every voter in Nevada County’s 5th district.

        But ultimately this has nothing to do with you and me. It is about the people you seek to represent.

        Your continued insistence on comparing the current leaders in Truckee to genocidal anti-Chinese-American murderers is something every voter in Nevada County’s 5th district should take note of.

        There is absolutely no connection between the document titled the “Truckee Way” laying out a rational collaborative decision-making process and the “Truckee Method”, describing the crimes against the Chinese more than 120 years ago, other than the point that they share the word “Truckee”.

        Your insistence on injecting this level of vitriol and negative campaigning (because you are declared now so you are campaigning for office) in a community that has managed to avoid the politics of personal destruction that has characterized much of our region, state and nation, should be noted by the voters of Nevada County’s 5th district.

        Your use of ridiculously over the top and persecution complex laced analogies like comparing yourself to a “field slave” should make the voters of Nevada County’s 5th district wonder.

        Your insistence on always having the last word should make the voters of the 5th district sit up and take notice.

        I hope voters will ask themselves, “Is this how Truckee and the rest of the 5th District can best be represented on the board”? Will representation from Mr. Rodgers lead to agreements, or will it sow dysfunction, turmoil and overly emotional charged debate on the board?

        I get the point that you have a chip the size of small pick-up truck on your shoulder because you believe the world has treated you unfairly. I get the point that your anger is seething and making you strike out at perceived threats, like your belief in some current secret cabal of “aggressive enforcers of the status quo who got together, made key decisions in private, and ruled the community by ostracizing the voices of dissent and driving undesirables out of town.” I just wonder if anger is a strong basis for governance, for representing a constituency, and for solving the many problems that we, your potential constituents, face.

        The “we” I speak of is not the 1% you seem so quick to define as anyone who dares to disagree with you, it is the “we” who are your potential future constituents, the people who prefer their politics civil, rational, fact based, and effective. It is the “we” who want our elected officials to be responsive to our needs and not engaged in childish ego driven pissing matches. You know, the “we” who you need to vote for you if you ever hope to make a difference. The “we” who you have just spent about 5 days insulting, attacking, and petulantly chastising as though you inherently know better than them.

      5. Wow. I just got around to reading this.

        You’ve got quite a head of steam up there, Steve.

        So, let me see if I’ve got this right — I’m the one with anger issues?

  7. “Every country is renewed out of the unknown ranks and not out of the ranks of those already famous and powerful and in control.” Harry Singer

  8. Warning to those who place decorum over the truth.
    So, our friend Jon Stewart taught us last night that the Federal Reserve sercretly gave the banks $13 Trillion in free money in 2008. That is $4 Billion from Nevada County or $50,000 for every citizen of the United States of America. Steve, does the B of A executive on your board have you tapped into that cash flow? Is that why you so agressively oppose the democratization of capital?

    Jeff, will you delete this post because the field slave dares to be rude to his econonic better?

    1. Hey Michael,

      A word of advice: your message may resonate but your analogies and images pretty much suck.

      Field slave? Seriously? Do you have hashmarks on your back?

      Ben’s a populist and he knows how to do it right. Follow his lead, or continue to look silly. Just my 2 cents…

      Michael A.

      1. You must not be reading the news if you don’t think that a majority of American’s feel like we are the field slaves on the plantations of the 1%. It is patrician liberals, like evidenced on this blog who have been standing in the way of reform for a generation. Luckily we still have the power of the ballot box and we will see on June 5th who represents the voice of the people of the 5th district.

      2. No I have never felt the actually lash of the field boss, thank god. And I in no way meant to convey a 100% moral equivalence between the plight of enslaved blacks and the residents of modern day Truckee. I see however how my statement could be construed that way. But I do feel that Mr. Frisch is playing a role that has faint hues of the angry

  9. Steve, once again you are engage in inflamatory hypebole. I simply pointed out the existence of a previous Truckee Way (or Method) and expressed a sympathy for the plight of the Chinese. I did not compare Mr. Anderson to the homicidal 601s, but history can illuminate the future and we do have an alliance of business, government, the press, and now NGOs who have been running the town and the effects have not been beneficial to the hard working local population. I do not want to believe that the intentions of the 101s (the 101 people who use the new Truckee Way to use argumets of decorum to stiffle dissent to their privately developed plans) is intentionally ill intended — however I do believe that they are deaf to arguments of unintended consequences and attack, belittle, and marginalize those who dare question them.

  10. Michael,
    You’re sort of becoming a drag on my blog, getting into arguments with most of the readers instead of listening. Steve is right: You did use those links to try to “prove your point” about the Truckee Way. Nobody has engaged in more inflammatory hyperbole than you, judging from the reponses you’re getting from Steve, Michael Anderson and Ben Emery. That’s how we “self regulate” here. Are you listening?

  11. I’ve just spent the last three days reading FB and blog postings by Michael Rogers. As a small business owner, I have found both Ted Owens and Richard Anderson to be responsive and respectful public servants. I once told Ted Owens that I didn’t necessarily agree with every position he has taken on the issues, but I would still vote for him because what is important to me is how our public servants respond to the will of the people (whether I always agree or not). I have not personally had the need to call upon Richard Anderson, but I find him an absolute pleasure to be around and the reports I have received from other business owners have always been positive.

    Michael, please consider adopting the 9 points of civility created by the Tahoe-Truckee Community Foundation and running a campaign focusing on what you would do for our community. I may agree with you on some of the points I have garnered from your various posts, but I would never vote for you based on personality traits I have assigned to you merely on the basis of reading your various on-line conversations.

    Stilll, I wish you the best in running for this office. We need people willing to serve our community.

  12. WOW! Michael Rogers….I can practically seeing your eyes bulging out of their sockets. Are you sure public office is REALLY for you…I mean you have to be able to keep a level head and “represent the people” not represent your own individual ideas (we are not all as angry as you.) Your anger makes your political stance look foolish.

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