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Time for a cupcake shop in downtown Grass Valley?

I get around! Here’s a new cupcake shop — “Cupcake Magic” — on the renovated main drag in downtown Yuba City — Plumas Street. There’s a Sopa Thai next door (like ours in Nevada City). Downtown Grass Valley could use … Continue reading

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A sister’s eulogy for Steve Jobs

“I grew up as an only child, with a single mother. Because we were poor and because I knew my father had emigrated from Syria, I imagined he looked like Omar Sharif,” Steve Jobs’ sister, Mona Simpson, writes in her … Continue reading

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Michael Moore’s visit to Grass Valley this weekend

I get more and more local news from Facebook posts by our residents. Here’s the “scoop” on a Michael Moore/KVMR benefit book signing last night at the Baggett Auditorium at Nevada Union High School, reported here previously. *”What a fantastic … Continue reading

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GOP paying equivalent of up to $2 per signature to repeal redistricting map in referendum campaign

“The financial woes of the California Republican Party have been well documented. The state GOP had just over $200,000 in the bank as of July 1, but in recent days, it has poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into an … Continue reading

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Cal football to be closed to public – to keep anyone from seeing it

The Cal Bears are headed toward their second straight losing season, having lost to Washington, Oregon, USC and now UCLA. Their coach is still the highest paid California state worker (thanks to alumni contributions too). For almost two years, I’ve … Continue reading

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“How global warming will hit home”

“When I think of Chiara’s future under climate change, nothing concerns me as much as water,” writes environmental correspondent Mark Hertsgaard in the Sacramento Bee this morning. “We live in California, a state whose economy and politics have been shaped … Continue reading

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Autumn storm knocks out power for 2 million in Northeast

“October, said the calendar. Before Halloween. And the 2.5 million trees occupying New York City’s open spaces confirmed it was fall — not winter — with glorious canopies of leaves stretching along their boughs,” as the New York Times reported … Continue reading

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