How Mark Meckler divides the GOP

Author: jeffpelline

Jeff Pelline is a veteran editor and award-winning journalist - in print and online. He is publisher of Sierra FoodWineArt magazine and its website Jeff covered business and technology for The San Francisco Chronicle for 12 years, and he was a founding editor and Editor of CNET News for eight years, among other positions. Jeff has a bachelor's degree from UC Berkeley and a master's from Northwestern University. His hobbies include sailing, swimming, and trout fishing in the Sierra.

36 thoughts on “How Mark Meckler divides the GOP”

  1. With what’s going on in the republican caucus on the Hill right now, they all look more like cast members of “Lord of the Flies” than anything else.

    1. Paul,
      Good point, I think there is a tv station that has the motto fair and balanced that is an arm of the republican party as well. I think its parent company is in the new across the pond as I type.

  2. Ask ole Heckle and Jeckle and Meckler to ring a cowbell when they sober up…what embarrassments. Kate

  3. During the French Revolution, all of the statues in Paris were replaced with guillotines. Just sayin’.

  4. One thing for sure, all that warm fuzzy feeling of election night 2010 is dead and gone, and the love fest between the tea party republicans and the old guard is going down in flames faster than a teenage marriage.

    1. Steve,

      You would be very hard pressed to make the case that there has ever been a “love fest” between the Tea Party folks and the establishment Republicans… Ever hear of Senator Demint?


      1. Well John, it seemed it was pretty warm and fuzzy between them right after the election. Its funny how in the past Democrats would point to how the Republicans seemed to always stand together. Now looking back at when Nancy Pelosi was Speaker and her success with rounding up the votes in the House for bills, and looking at Boehners current job performance, Boehner just looks like some pathetic suburban country club guy that is in over his head. Its funny to read how Boehner and Cantor are yelling at the new tea Republicans trying to get them in line. Its rather comical political theater and sure doesn’t look good for the red team in 2012.
        In 08 Obama filled political events like a rock star, in 2012 I suspect his political rallies are going to be much different, drawing crowds the way a burned out 80s big hair band might. And as bad as it might be for Obama, I’d still put my bets down for him to win.

      2. I’ve never seen people act so assy in all my days…this isn’t a bar tab they’re stiffing here…these Congressional whackjobs are toying with the full faith and credit of the United States of America. Bring in the grown ups, please, aisle 7, stat…Kate

  5. Meckler says “people are looking for a new way to get things done in Washington”. What Meckler really means is the Tea Party is looking for a way to get THEIR way in Washington.
    Did Meckler and company really think they were just going to show up and have their way?

    1. Gotta get rid of that uppity black man who usurped the White House at all costs, cause this here’s a Christian country.

      Makes me want to puke..

  6. Quite frankly, these “Neros” can fiddle while the mutha burns now. I’m becoming more convinced by all the GOP 4 yr. old tantrum throwing and middle aged tea crazy going down up in the House, that Plan Z, the “nuclear option” is the way the President should go here…its the only reliable decision at this point…Kate

    1. Thanks, Steve, that is an interesting article about Reagan’s pragmatism, and yet it correctly blames Reagan for tripling the national debt during his two terms.

      My contempt for Reagan began even before his presidency, around 1969 when, as an Army National Guardsman, I was called up to help restore order during the People’s Park demonstration in Berkeley. Reagan was governor then and he used the demonstration as an occasion to try out his John Wayne imitation, saying “If they want bloodshed, let them have bloodshed.” I assumed it was my blood he was offering so casually.

      1. If you are a citizen of a nation-state, your blood is assumed to be state property.

        Been that way for quite some time.

  7. Mark’s wearing a lovely TPP lapel pin (listed under New Products):

    At the TPP Store you can also get a fine Commemorative Tea Party Patriots Limited Edition Premium Cigar (made in the Dominican Republic of course, not Cuba):
    “Enjoy the Commemorative Tea Party Patriots Premium Cigar on the golf course, at an event, or anywhere the mood strikes.”

    And before you tee off, don’t forget your Tea Party Patriots Golf Towel:

    Perhaps if Speaker Boehner and Governor Kasich had taken the time back in June to purchase the appropriate TPP links gear, as the mood struck them, this whole budget discussion would be completely over by now.


    1. Better get tpp swag quick…it’ll be about as relevant as the sham-wow here soon…and have been not nearly as useful. By the way dear Bachmann worked for the I.R.S. AND used federal home loan plans she wants cut. Of course, she used the fed while the “gettin was good”…during “Dubyas Criminal Network” days…Lord, these people…Kate

      1. I notice quite an uptick in people viewing my Tea Party shots, both old and new, which means they could be downloading them too. I gotta new deal for them. I’ll take down an image for $10. For $50 I’ll erase every copy I have.

  8. I actually agree with Mr Meckler in this video. Although I disagree with their solutions the TP has made a huge impact on American politics. I mentioned it last year many times I think the TP grassroots part of the movement was going to bite big money in the rear end. This segment of the population has been dormant from American politics for so long they don’t get how government works. They were rallied together under misleading and false information and they are acting on that information. Big business is horrified that a default might take place.

  9. The Tea Party Patriots are Tea Party Puppets of the rich. They’ll be used by Rove, Koch, The John Birchers like a prophylactic and then dismissed when they sell out and ream the seniors, and the middle and working classes on behalf of the greed soaked 2%. This is what the tea party gets for being used as “tools” of the dark side. So, Meckler, how does it feel to be bent over? Getting your “calls returned” now, big guy? Kate

  10. John Mcain goes after the Tea Party!:


  11. Just for the record, I want to remind you all that I said this was ALL smoke and mirrors a few weeks back: The debt ceiling will be lifted with NO substantial cuts because neither side in Washington are really serious about anything other than the next election.

    It is our nation that suffers.


  12. Oh my God…the House are naming POST OFFICES! They are closing all around the country and these nitwits are naming them! What contempt they have for the common working man…J-O-B-S…you bloviating limpbaugh zombie buffoons! J-O-B-S…Duh. Kate

  13. I got into an interesting tiff over on the Rebane’s Segregation blog the other day about the common Republican comment that “the bottom half of Americans don’t pay taxes”. Led by rocket scientist Todd Juvinall, claimed that Republicans never make that claim, whereupon Doug Keachie found about 100,000 references to that statement 8)

    So I was really happy to find this graph today.

    1. Actually those who are paid with a paycheck pay more in taxes than the top in overall % of government revenue. Talking only about income taxes is either dishonest or ignorant. A person making a million annually with a salary job will only pay $106k on fica. On the other hand if they make that million betting on wall st they pay $0 into fica and an income tax rate of 15%.

      This is why I call some people regressives.

  14. Well, that graph put the boots to that tired canard. I think we should add the term “sedition” to the Tea Party’s CV. They are hip deep in it and the water is rising…Kate

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