New Grass Valley Downtown Association board members

Introducing your 2011-2012 Board of Directors!

Cheryl Benso————Citizens Bank

Carl Brenner———–Bear River Pasta

Sara Christiansen-GV Courtyard Suites

Steve Rosenthal——Tess’ Kitchen Store

Seated on the board currently

Chris Adams, Chair-Mill Street Clo.

Sue Amick——–Foothill Mercantile

Doug Becker-Becker Insurance Agency

Dennis Roberts–Villa Venezia

Lisa Swarthout- Mill Street Clothing

Special thanks to outgoing members for their years of dedication and support!

Anita Daniels——Citizens Bank

Norm Doolittle—-Swenson’s Outdoor

Mark Hereford—Heart & Home

Author: jeffpelline

Jeff Pelline is a veteran editor and award-winning journalist - in print and online. He is publisher of Sierra FoodWineArt magazine and its website Jeff covered business and technology for The San Francisco Chronicle for 12 years, and he was a founding editor and Editor of CNET News for eight years, among other positions. Jeff has a bachelor's degree from UC Berkeley and a master's from Northwestern University. His hobbies include sailing, swimming, and trout fishing in the Sierra.

21 thoughts on “New Grass Valley Downtown Association board members”

  1. I saw the editorial from the director of Thursday Night Market in The Union. This is a week after they had a brawl outside the NEO booth. NEO is the best organization for kids in this county. My son’s band played at NEO last Thursday Market.

    I have to say, it’s scary. It’s intimidating. I wrote earlier, on this blog, my complaints about Nevada City’s Summer Nights: Child’s play compared to what I saw in GV.

    I will give kudo’s to GVPD, including chief John Foster, whom I spoke with, for being on the job and a large police presence. You won’t see this in Nevada City. However, I won’t go back except for my son’s band to play. It will be a quick ‘get in & get out’.

    To say this is a long going problem is underscoring the issue. They have a huge, real problem. Nothing like ignoring reality!!

    1. At the Nevada City Summer Nights I have see none of the “brawling” and other “youth”, older teens and early 20 something issues that seem to keep taking place at the GV Thursday Night Markets year after year.

      So what is the difference? The crowd in Nevada City seems to be a very different demograpic profile. In GV it looks like far too many parents just let their “kids” loose and refuse to get involved in what they are doing. Most of the “kids” are fine, no problems but their seems to be a fair amount of teens that are lost and making some real bad choices… where’s the parent(s)?

      Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the GV Thursday Markets and I love downtown Grass Valley. So much so that I chose to live in the downtown, two short blocks from Mill and Neal.

      Chris, I would also agree the GVPD is doing a lot of work to address this issue and other issues we face in the greater downtown area. I’m a big fan of the GVPD officers.

  2. Our GVDA merchant voting members decided by secret ballot who would serve as their new representatives. We welcome the new BOD of 2011-2012 and thank our dedicated outgoing board for their tireless work in helping us make downtown a positive experience for al that visit and live here.

  3. This is a good discussion – first from the columns/letters mentioned in The Union and now here.

    My two cents is that the event could benefit from some fresh marketing – reaching out to people who want to visit a shop, tasting room or gallery after/while listening to the music or buying some fruit/veggies.

    It’s hard to compare the towns, but I notice the Nevada County Growers’ market is making headway in promoting its event as a neighborly getaway at a historic venue – the Julia Morgan house. It has addressed the concerns about parking, etc., and is being a good listener and marketer.

    The Nevada City Farmers market also sees this value. And so does the Foothill Farmers Market network in Auburn.

    I’m glad to see new board members of the Downtown Association who are good, successful marketers. A fresh way of thinking is toxic if you want to embrace it.

  4. I went to school in San Luis Obispo and they had some problems in the very early days with their Thursday farmers market, but they have been able to control these issues and it’s become a wonderful event.

    They just started promoting it as a family based event, and brought in groups that were very focused on making this event into a viable farmers market.

    The things they saw where when this event was promoted as a “farmers market” with very little acceptance of bad behavior (by any specific group) and even the bars (of which there are many) were able to do things like have a big BBQ pit infront of their businesses they found that the public was much better behaved, and the trouble makers were handled by the businesses and people knew they could not go “downtown” and cause problems as it would end you up in trouble quickly.

    The even found that the arrest rates for problems such as drinking and fights drops off signifcantly when compared to Friday and Saturday nights.

  5. I’ve noticed, this year, the crowd at NCSS seems to be older.

    Steve, I agree that there seems to be little parental supervision at the GV market.

    Jeff & Brad, I agree this is a great event and can be an awesome event if done properly. With that said, I don’t know if I have a specific answer to the ‘tat-20’ concerns. As per SLO, perhaps we should investigate other cities and see what they do/did/can’t do. And, when I say it’s intimidating, I’m not saying that I’m personally threatened. It just seems like a prison riot could break out at any time.

    On another note, I’ve noticed the NCPD has stepped up patrol in town. There has been a patrol car parked on Commercial street in the morning. I’ve had a patrol car drive by my house twice this morning (perhaps they’re reading my posts on this blog);)

    My overall point is: Don’t ignore the problem. One of the manta’s of the ‘Good Ol’ Boy network (which I’m genetically and historically part of) is to throw up the hands and ask, “what am I to do?”

  6. GV Farmers Market brings in more people from outlying areas (Penn Valley, Alta Sierra, Cedar Ridge, ect.) thus more people, more problems…nature of the beast so to speak. GVPD is working to expand their CSO program which will work wonders with the problems at hand.

  7. As far as a belated response to these comments- Here goes: there has been no “brawls” at the event and we are doing quite well with our promotion plan- we are a Local Event and decided to market this event to our little “cul de sac” -as Jeff put it- and not reach out regionally-since we moved from Friday to Thursday nights.
    Our connection with NEO thru Drug Free Nevada County has gone a long way to incorporate the youth into the event- This a “hands on” production and we always look forward to dealing with the problems and finding solutions-
    I was one of the principal organizers of the SLO Farmers Market and worked on it for over 10 years (1977 -1991) as I owned a radio station in Cambria- and helped with the management of the SLO event; the Morro Bay Harbor Fest and the Cambria Farmers Market.
    I came here to manage KVMR and also worked on Summer Nights and started the Nevada City Farmers Market- and have been managing the Thursday Night Marketplace and the Mill Street Farmers Market for the past 16 years- We feel it is successful, People like it (alot) and it makes money for the GVDA.
    Ray Diggins

  8. I met Ray while I was at school at Cal Poly…..

    I must say it’s a honor to have you living up here in our slice of paradise!

  9. Ray,
    From what I hear, bring on more local produce, turn down the music and cast a wider marketing net, and you’ll be fine.

  10. Chris, Thanks for the reference to the Union – the article actually says that the event in question was a “Scuffle” and not a brawl- big difference- Also it may have involved up to 2 instigators- (maybe) — It also says the same thing happens at Cornish Christmas— Sorry I am so thin skinned on this but- we put a hell of a lot of resources into this event- and try to make it into the most popular weekly festival in the Sierra- not for us but for the community- the whole community- from kids in strollers (there are a lot of them) to people with walkers (yes- they come the for produce) I have worked hard to create this event -working with NEO and Drug Free Nevada County— I walk the NEO stage area every week and am proud of what they and the youth of Nevada County have created in that space- and we believe that the kids are alright and we are on the right track …
    Ray Diggins

    1. Ray,
      I appreciate your work. I enjoy all the events you have listed. I don’t think you’re thin skinned. My son plays for NEO and I love that organization. I stick by my opening post. Whether it be a scuffle or a braw, in July or in December, we would agree it shouldn’t happen at all, right? I feel more comfortable wearing my Giants gear at Dodger Stadium than I do walking down South Auburn St. and Bank during Market.

      1. Chris

        What band does your kid play in? what night did they play… we videoed much of it- Maybe we have a tape of the performance we could get you….


  11. Yes Brad, I moved up here straight from Cambria -20+ years ago-I went from running K-Otter to managing KVMR- then started an organic farm and started doing events in Nevada City and then moved the event to GV 16 + years ago—– We had great fun in SLO. producing shows at the Fremont Theater; the SLO Vet’s Hall; Cayucos Vet’s Hall- etc- There are a lot of transplants from SLO up here!!!
    Ray Diggins

    1. Loved the Fremont Theater! They had the best Neon on the central coast, and I always did enjoy selling at the farmers market, we always had a booth across from McClintocks – The best rib BBQ place in the world!!! LOL!!!!

  12. Jeff- Your comment on the music being too loud was echoed by more than a few- The new Holbrooke Stage was the offender- as Paul Emery does the sound at the City Hall Stage and his work is flawless- Ian, at the Holbrooke sponsored the Holbrooke Stage and he claimed that the music sounds louder that it is supposed to be- We are thankful he decided to get involved and jumped in with both feet—- He did a great job- Next year I will have to use a decibel meter to monitor the level as it may be above what is permitted-
    As far as the produce- there is a balance we look for- as long as no farms in attendance are running out of produce and no one is waiting to get into the market we are fine- the trouble this year is that even local farms like Sunsmile Farm in GV did not have any excess produce – beyond what their farm store could handle— Other than that- we always are looking for local farms to participate and have NEVER turned on away….
    As far as promotion——as you know- there is always room for improvement!
    Ray Diggins

  13. Sound volume certainly can be a problem. . I have no problem when asked to turn it down. I try to focus the sound on the dance area and make sure it’s not too loud for folks to visit when they are sitting at the tables.

    Ray did a great job booking the music this year with great variety and something for everybody. It was really fun working there this year and I look forward to next year

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