How much $ for Pioneer Park from Soapbox Derby

There’s a lot of excitement about the Soapbox Derby in Nevada City this past weekend, and some grandstanding from the participants.

We supported the event, and spent a long time at our home with the organizers discussing the plan. It was a block away.

There’s something missing here, though. The purpose was to raise money to help beautify and improve Pioneer Park.

How much was raised? Nobody has said.

Author: jeffpelline

Jeff Pelline is a veteran editor and award-winning journalist - in print and online. He is publisher of Sierra FoodWineArt magazine and its website Jeff covered business and technology for The San Francisco Chronicle for years, was a founding editor and Editor of CNET News, and was Editor of The Union, a 145-year-old newspaper in Grass Valley. Jeff has a bachelor's degree from UC Berkeley and a master's from Northwestern University. His hobbies include sailing and trout fishing.

13 thoughts on “How much $ for Pioneer Park from Soapbox Derby”

  1. Jeff,
    Thank you for your support of the derby. The fundraising end of this event was to involve a percentage of the profits from the food/beverage vendors. We are still awaiting feedback from many of the vendors in regards to the money raised for the park. Most of them sold out on food, as the crowds exceeded expectations. I have a giant check sitting in my office in the amount of $1,054.32 that represents unspent budget from the participants. This amount is in addition to any vendor monies, or cash donations. Any questions should be directed to Thanks to everyone for making this a fantastic, fun-filled event.

    1. Thanks Rich,
      It would be great if you could follow up with the total is calculated: the check you have plus the vendor’s money. Then let us know how it will be spent in improving the park.
      Cheers and thanks for your efforts.

  2. I notice the absence of any entry from the local Tea Party. They so could have entered a cart under the theme of Paul Revere’s Ride, Sarah Palin version. They might have been able to beat out the Clampers for the humor division.

    1. Dougie!!! You forgot, this was for a good purpose; improving the park, not tearing down some elected official for approving the use, no benefit for disrupting such public gatherings, and we will leave out racism as we know for sure that no people from our neck of the woods, call it locally, would “walk that walk.’ Apparently the racism is going on at another park in the area, Condon Park. That sure ain’t the only place up here in the foothills! Certainly not.

    2. Doug, the reason you didn’t see the Tea Party entry is that the drivers kept jumping ship.Even when they did get going, they kept veering off course!

  3. And the fun continues!

    Part of the community good brought on by this event was the fun they had doing it all. Based on over 4,000 views of the images I took in less than one day, my largest for any event I’ve covered, I’d say the community got MAXIFUN out of the event.

  4. Doug, thank you for posting your proofs. People have enjoyed them. One thought, as this was intended to be (1) a fun, community event, and (2) a benefit for Pioneer Park improvements…perhaps some of the photo “vendors” would like to also contribute a percentage of their profits to the park as well. Perhaps also copies of the photos to help promote future years’ events. The Union has already donated advertising to the cause. Just a thought…

    1. You ask for me to shoot, and I did, and I will make available full sized original files to you for promoting future races. I would love to share with you 100% of the sales, but there is one slight problem, that amount is exact $0. One person did contact me, but in this day and age,nobody wants to pay anything for quality on spec photography, and I’ve not heard back from them, despite a bargain $10 total price for multiple files. I do events like this for name recognition, so that those folks who have assignments for insurance inventories, real estate images, product and art photography, and other general photography know who I am and the quality of my work. I can be reached at 530-277-foto (3686) .

    2. At this point I would be willing to sell original files, for $1 each, with 50% going to the park, and 50% going to Loomis Veterinary Hospital, to defray the expenses for Maggie the cattle dog, deliberately run over by a White Jeep Cherokee, with malice aforethought, see today’s Union for the story. How f’ing cruel can you get?! Let’s catch this SOB!

  5. The Union said they had collected $1054. from driver entries and were awaiting the 25% share from the vendors. I thought this was one of the better community events that I’ve attended in some time. With that said for a first time I thought the organizers did a pretty awesome job. We happened to walk up to Lefty’s for lunch and most of the tables were filled with faces that we had just seen at the Soap Box Derby. I would hope this paired with the bike race could be a great event filled destination weekend for those out of the area too.

  6. The races were great, inventive and creative. Reminded me of the Kinetic Sculpture races in Arcata.
    There were not enough vendors IMHO.
    Food vendors ran out of food.
    This year’s race looked like a success.
    Good first run, and kudos to all who made it happen.
    For increased revenue and fun factor, more vendors might be a good idea next year.

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