Scoop: Stage 2 of Amgen race coming to Nevada City!

Starting here, not "just passin' through"
Editor’s note: Still no word from the local press, but this press release confirms what I’d been hearing and the buzz that was going around on Facebook last night.

“Due to uncertain weather and road conditions, race organizers have determined that the best way to ensure a complete course for Stage 2 of the 2011 Amgen Tour of California is to move the official start to 12:15 p.m. PT today to a location on Broad Street in Nevada City, California. Today’s start was originally scheduled to take place in Squaw Valley, California.

“Following the peloton’s 12:15 p.m. PT departure from Nevada City, California, the riders will travel approximately 61 miles to Sacramento, picking up the original Stage 2 route. The riders will enter Sacramento at approximately 3 p.m. PT and complete three circuit laps before finishing in front of the Capitol Building between 3:30 and 3:45 p.m. PT. The race’s original schedule called for only one complete circuit, but due to the modified course, the additional two circuits were able to be added.

“Thanks to the quick action taken by Duane Strawser, Nevada City’s 2010 local organizing committee (LOC) chairman, we were able to make this location change, allowing us a great and practical location to lead off today’s race,” said Andrew Messick, president of AEG Sports, presenter of the race.

“Nevada City did an outstanding job hosting the first stage of the 2010 race and we know that the riders and fans will appreciate the return. We owe a debt of gratitude to Andy Chapman, Carol Chaplin and everyone in Squaw Valley, who worked tirelessly to create what would have been an exceptional Stage 2 start and hope that we will have an opportunity to bring the Amgen Tour of California to the city in a future year.”

“An updated Stage 2 course map and log will be posted on the official race website later this morning.”

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10 thoughts on “Scoop: Stage 2 of Amgen race coming to Nevada City!”

  1. What a tremendous disappointment for Truckee and Tahoe. Lets hope we have a chance for next year.

    1. Yes, they are starting the process. I went over and shot a video, which I’ll post shortly.

  2. I ran into a Fox 40 News truck and an Amgen official in town: “We’re going to get out the maps from last year!” he told me. He also said Amgen would be happy to return to Truckee.

  3. Remember how Donner Pass got its name.

    High country weather is just too “iffy” for a May bike race (what with climate change and all). The Tour de France avoids this by starting in late July.

    Looks like Nevada City should become the permanent official start of the Amgen!

    1. I think they used to start the TOC at a later date in May or even early June, but soon went back to an earlier start due to opressive valley heat.

  4. The thrill of the race…even against the savage beauty of the Truckee weather is still a good kind of thrill for athletes I’ll wager…

  5. Speaking of savage weather–thoughts and prayers to cajun country and folks close to the Morgana Spillway…<3 Kate

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