Scoop: Brewery coming to Nevada City

Here’s a small-town scoop: A brewery is planned for Nevada City called the “Ol’ Republic Brewery.”

It is being launched by Nevada City resident Jim Harte, a home brewing veteran for 28 years, who has won gold and bronze medals for his beers at the California State Fair.

The 3,200-square foot brewery is set to open this summer, Jim told me in an interview. “I can’t wait to get the doors open,” he said.

The brewery is going to be underneath SPD at 124 Argall Way. Ol’ Republic will provide some off sale of its brews, but it won’t be a restaurant. The idea is to BYOF (Bring Your Own Food, in this case) from the nearby deli or pizza parlor, Jim said. They will provide brew in the tap room.

Customers will fill a stainless steel, two-liter bottle — or growler — with the brew and return with it for a refill. (Growlers got their name based on the rumbling sound they made as CO2 escaped through the lid when beer was carried home in it).

“There’s only one thing I like more than making beer, and that’s knowing people love drinking the beer I make,” said Jim, who most recently was chief operating officer of Consentino Winery in St. Helena.

Jim had to jump some through some hoops to get the brewery going in Nevada City and had considered going to Grass Valley instead.

But some locals pitched in to keep the brewery on track.

It can be a sister business of sorts to BYOB Wine Seller on Zion Street, whose opening was first reported here.

Businesses such as BYOB and Ol’ Republic are good “mom and pops” for our town — unique for locals, not just tourists.

Author: jeffpelline

Jeff Pelline is a veteran editor and award-winning journalist - in print and online. He is publisher of Sierra FoodWineArt magazine and its website Jeff covered business and technology for The San Francisco Chronicle for 12 years, and he was a founding editor and Editor of CNET News for eight years, among other positions. Jeff has a bachelor's degree from UC Berkeley and a master's from Northwestern University. His hobbies include sailing, swimming, and trout fishing in the Sierra.

23 thoughts on “Scoop: Brewery coming to Nevada City”

  1. Folks going to this (and other joints) that they first read about here should make a point of telling the biz how they learned of it.

    Time and time again I have done so and they are “thrilled” to know they are getting talked about on local blogs.

    Keep it up Mr. Jeff.

    1. Curtis,
      Thanks. In the case of BYOB Wine Sellers they did too! The owners remarked on that several times and were grateful.

  2. BYOF, good idea. Thinking out side the 9 dots. It’ll be nice to get a sandwich from SPD and wash it down with a microbrew downstairs. But I don’t think I need to down a growler in one sitting. Either that, or I will have to call 1-800-TAXI-CAB

    1. The growler is a container to take home and bring back for refills. I think the standard pint will do for sitting in the brewery. A pint and a movie at the magic.

  3. 7 Hills in an interesting part of Nevada City.
    It has so much potential because of all the relatively flat space.
    But it was developed strip-style back in the day when no one cared.

    I doubt that even if there was money available to redesign and redevelop that area into a village setting, with a square and mixed use living/working quarters above businesses, NC merchants would block the idea, fearing competition.

    SPD is something of an embarrassment considering how efficient, attractive and clean newer markets are. But it would appear the owners simply don’t have the means to improve their property and bring it up to present day standards.

    So, while I wish the new brewery well, I don’t see any meaningful transformation happening in 7 Hills that would enhance the retail environment for creative new businesses.

    1. I have always much preferred the Zion St. SPD to “efficient, attractive and clean newer markets”, which I generally find sterile and plastic. I don’t mind lingering in SPD, but will rush out of e.g. Safeway or Raley’s as quickly as possible. It has a nice neighborhood feeling; I often see friends and acquaintances there. Also, SPD’s meat department is excellent. They could improve their produce section, but I go to Briarpatch for that.

      I also greatly prefer the feeling of the 7-Hills district, to the McKnight Rd area in GV. Again, much friendlier, and even walkable. Sure, it’s not quaint like downtown, but it’s more down-to-earth.

  4. This is just the type of Artisen business that fits well with Nevada City. I’m surprised that Jim had so many problems getting it going. I am looking forward to stopping in for a “pint” and possibly a “growler” to go to enjoy at home!

  5. Jeff: How’d you get the scoop on the new brewery in NC? That’s spoze to be my turf. 😉 Guess I’d better start paying more attention to the local scene. Sure wish someone would get the Stonehouse back up and making beer. Now THERE’s a place with history!

    And SPD is a great community resource. Ever been to Berkeley Bowl? No Safeway that.

    Celebrator Beer News

  6. SPD is more of a social event than a shopping event. Although I am a Co-Op member I will always go to SPD just to meet up with my friends.

  7. Sharon,

    Just so we are clear. I was not referring to Spaceway or any other mega food store.
    I was referring to Briar Patch perhaps, or Market of Choice, The Nugget, the Arcata Coop is a good example, like that.
    Something that shows pride of ownership.
    The parking lot? Are you kidding?
    The best thing I can say about that place is that the staff are some of the nicest folks you will meet.
    IMHO they could use a better workplace and NC could use a nicer market.
    It won’t happen.
    But one can dream.

    1. SPD business does not own the property and the building. It may not be the prettiest of buildings, but what’s inside is out of the ordinary. Where else can you buy milk and nuts and bolts on a sunday night.

      Its been a long time since there was a brewery in the area when the Nevada City Brewery was on Bost Ave. The Nevada City Brewery Brew Rats will be checking the new place out…..

  8. Yea…New wine and beer outlets in 7 Hills. Maybe now is the time to find a public park where we can picnic with these and our take-out goodies. Just a thought.

    1. Well, it’s bittersweet, but the Gold Run playfield will be available next fall. Sounds like the County Superintendent is interested in leasing the buildings but perhaps the NC Parks Dept could take over management of the field and make it available for uses such as that.

      1. I believe the Gold Run property is already a “park”. If someone knows more about this than me, chime in. I believe the city has some deal (pehaps $$) so that there is a park designation with it.

        Why I know about this, is we (my neighbors) were trying to see if the same could be done with the playground at NCE. The neighborhood kids used to play there all the time. But since the closure, it’s been locked up.

      2. I believe the park designation has to do with insurance liability during the summer.

  9. Nothing like rents coming down to allow new businesses, like this one, to get started. The county probably looses a few percent in beer sales to out of town business…..

  10. This is wonderful news, and a long overdue adventure! I love that area by SPD. In fact I love both SPD’s and frequent both of them. Even McKnight area I have great childhood memories of eating at Mountain Mikes at birthday parties. I look forward to sampling some Nevada County made brew! I would love to make a sign for this. My website is posted above with a portfolio of my families work. Get in touch! Cheers!

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