New Maxim magazine handwriting samples from my mail fraud creep

Last election season, an anonymous creep signed me up for dozens of unwanted magazine subscriptions, ranging from Maxim to Sunset, as I reported previously. Some bills were sent to my house, addressed to “Gloria Zane.”

The magazine publishers aren’t amused and have sent me the hard-copy “inserts” that was used to subscribe. This is an act of identity theft and mail fraud, according to the publishers and law enforcement.

A second sample of one of the handwritten subscription orders — from Maxim — was sent to me on Monday. It is creep1.

It appears to identically match handwriting from the first one, which is creep2.

I’ll keep you posted as the investigation proceeds.

BTW, Maxim is much thinner than in the “go go” days. My teenage nephews aren’t interested in it, either.

Author: jeffpelline

Jeff Pelline is a veteran editor and award-winning journalist - in print and online. He is publisher of Sierra FoodWineArt magazine and its website Jeff covered business and technology for The San Francisco Chronicle for 12 years, and he was a founding editor and Editor of CNET News for eight years, among other positions. Jeff has a bachelor's degree from UC Berkeley and a master's from Northwestern University. His hobbies include sailing, swimming, and trout fishing in the Sierra.

10 thoughts on “New Maxim magazine handwriting samples from my mail fraud creep”

    1. Greg, I think you are making a mistake by not taking this seriously. There are several people out there in the local blogosphere who will not use their real names, and hide behind anonymity, while they spread vitriol. They claim that they will face retribution from the ‘left’.

      The reality is that acts of petty retribution like this that have occured in our community have come from the right. Ask Steve Enos about who slashed his tires and cut the tree down in front of his house. Ask Izzy Martin about the viscous rumors spread about her through handbills in the community, or about the impact of her public service on her children. Ask me about the phone calls to my home several years ago that kept my wife from sleeping many a night, or the boycott I suffered as a private business owner after supporting a local slow growth land use initiative. These are only a few examples of acts of retribution, there are many more. The one thing these acts, and much of the current vitriol in our political discourse, have in common, is that they are anonymous.

      I do not claim that such childish and vindictive acts have never been perpetrated by the ‘left’, and I would equally deplore these acts from any quarter.

      By downplaying the impact and import of these acts perpetrated against Jeff, by mocking his response, you are in effect condoning these actions.

      I am used to you being a particularly negative, arrogant and intellectually dishonest poster on these blogs. I find you to be a rude and distasteful man, and I, for one, do not welcome you here. Take your trash to the place where it belongs, the inappropriately named NC Media Watch, Rebane’s Bellybutton, and The DisUnion.

      1. Of course there’s more on my end: Disclosing private information about my family on the internet (in an unauthorized Twitter account), as well as hearing from third parties about jokes to swipe a sailboat from my driveway. It seems like some people don’t understand when they cross a line, so they have to be reminded.

  1. Good job, Jeff! Just one conviction and a little time spent in the pokey, fines, and public humiliation for one of our “Good old boys” who think as long as they don’t shoot anyone they can pull any kind of dirty trick, no matter who is annoyed, inconvenienced, or put to expense, will make the dirt bags stop and think before they try this kind of thing again.

  2. Mr. Goodknight, let me assure you that Jeff Pelline has every good reason to hold these scumbags accountable for this or any other harmful activity perpetrated by them. It has been my own recent, painful lesson to learn: that when certain “people”, and I use that term loosely, begin with what you wrongfully, viciously and snottily perceive and have pre-determined (in all your wingnut splendour) as “harmless” actions, these “threats” and “actions” most often result in an escalation of retalliation, intimidation and harrassment and it NEVER ends in a “harmless” way. I will choose not to expound on my own issues at this time, but trust me…I will pick my moment…I always do…and it WON’T be ANONYMOUSLY…maybe posthumously, but that’s taken care of too…I take care of my business…Kate Hancock

  3. My mistake. I obviously should have said I’m sure the Post Office is doubling up their investigation into this dastardly deed.

  4. I hope the individual(s) responsible for such insipid, childish behavior get caught and receive the maximum penalty. Years ago my father was the victim of a prank that ended up backfiring on the perpetrator. I was still a teen, but father was very proud of my “bright idea” as he called it.

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