Carly’s latest email seeking $$$

I’m not sure how I got on Carly’s email list for the campaign, but here one that just crossed the transom:

“Dear Supporter,

With only two weeks left to go before Election Day, Democrats are implementing an all-hands-on-deck, last-ditch effort to re-elect Barbara Boxer.

Joe Biden is on his way to California to host a high-dollar fundraising event in San Francisco tonight. Barack Obama will make his third fundraising visit to California on Friday to pump even more money into Barbara Boxer’s campaign bank account. And last night, Barbara Boxer’s campaign released a radio ad recorded by Barack Obama in yet another desperate attempt to save her political career.

I need your immediate support to defeat Barbara Boxer. Political handicappers predict that, if Barbara Boxer loses this race, there is little chance the Democrats will hold on to their majority in the U.S Senate. That’s the reason the White House is making such a big push in the final days leading up to Election Day to see to it that she is re-elected for a fourth term.

Will you help me send a message to Barbara Boxer that her days as a career politician are numbered? With a generous donation of $25, $50, $100, or even $250, we can counter the millions of dollars Barack Obama and Joe Biden are raising for Boxer.

At last count, we’ve reduced Barbara Boxer’s 12 to 1 financial advantage to 3 to 1. But the fact remains: she still holds a lead over us in cash available to spend in this race. And with the White House making such a big fundraising push this week on her behalf, I need your support to continue closing the gap.

Your immediate contribution is urgently needed to turn this toss-up race in our favor.

Barbara Boxer has spent $11 million on attack ads only to find herself in a dead heat in the polls. So she’s calling in every favor she can to raise more money for more attack ads. We are using every moment to communicate our message to voters up and down the state in order to close the slim lead Barbara Boxer holds.

Every public poll shows this race is a dead heat. Please don’t let the last-minute attempts to mask Barbara Boxer’s failed record allow her to win another term in the Senate. Follow this link to support my campaign with a generous donation right away.

Thank you.


Carly Fiorina”

Author: jeffpelline

Jeff Pelline is a veteran editor and award-winning journalist - in print and online. He is publisher of Sierra FoodWineArt magazine and its website Jeff covered business and technology for The San Francisco Chronicle for 12 years, and he was a founding editor and Editor of CNET News for eight years, among other positions. Jeff has a bachelor's degree from UC Berkeley and a master's from Northwestern University. His hobbies include sailing, swimming, and trout fishing in the Sierra.

6 thoughts on “Carly’s latest email seeking $$$”

  1. Yea, right. Next thing you know she will have voted to outsource YOUR job to some other country like the 30 thousand HP employees. So bad McCain had to put her on the bench because she said stuff that even made McCain look foolish.

    Going back to look at the States that don’t have income tax for retired folks.

  2. I believe that I have previously revealed here that I subscribe to several Democratic and Democratic-related mailing lists. For the past two weeks of more not a day has gone by that I have not received at least one request for donations via those lists. If requesting contributions is damning then Democrats are damned, too!

    As for the outsourcing of HP employees jobs, I would like to point out that CEOs of large public companies are rarely free to decide such things on their own. In fact, those CEOs’ jobs are to implement the policy and decisions of their company’s boards of control and, indirectly, their stock holders. To pin HP’s outsourcing of jobs entirely on Carly Fiorina demonstrates (a perhaps deliberate) ignorance of the way such corporations operate and the roles of their CEOs.

      1. Michael,
        You need a lesson in corporate governance. A board is interested in the “bottom line.” How you get there is the CEO’s decision.

  3. “To pin HP’s outsourcing of jobs entirely on Carly Fiorina demonstrates (a perhaps deliberate) ignorance of the way such corporations operate and the roles of their CEOs.”

    If we should disregard her chief failings as a CEO, because they were the fault of the board, then we should likewise disregard her chief accomplishments, those presumably also belonging to the board.

    “Will you help me send a message to Barbara Boxer that her days as a career politician are numbered?”

    Please, God, protect us from amateur politicians, who become career politicians as soon as they are elected.

    I seem to recall Reagan running as an outsider. This is one of the biggest and most enduring scams in politics.

  4. I would rather read Carly’s words (or those of a Fiorina staffer) than watch her on T V. Sorry to be so biased, but really think Republicans made a major mistake if they think the 2 women they put up to take CA Gov. and Senator will help get the women’s vote, both ex corporate CEO’s, one a hulking , maybe six footer with a reputation of physically pushing other women around, the other, off to a bad start with her supposed to be off camera catty remark about Boxer’s hair, and since then, everything she says comes through in the same tone, and for those who have seen a version of the classic Wizard of Oz, Carly bears an unfortunate resemblance to the actress who played the evil witch in the film. Now these may seem intelectually unimportant , but people don’t just vote with their brains, but with their emotions too, and a woman who made it big as a corporate CEO is not a plus for appealing to the basic working mom, whose primary concern is earning enough to have a house for the kids and food on the table, and being able to pay for car and health insurance. The least of her hopes and expectations is being a rock star in the corporate worlld.

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