Tea Party rancor draws in Meckler, local blogger Rebane


Blogger Rebane

Some prominent state Tea Party organizers and pioneer members are criticizing co-founder Mark Meckler and our local very conservative blogger George Rebane for defending the TPP leader, with one alleging he is a “Meckler plant.” George denies this.

The action is in the comments section on George’s blog post “Who’s a racist?” which I had pointed to previously, and “Stan Meckler responds.” It shows the rancor and infighting within factions of the Tea Party — as well as some of the mounting criticism being directed at Meckler, of Grass Valley. The comments are signed.

It also sheds a light on our local very conservative bloggers, who have staunchly defended Meckler. Rebane says he supported Meckler in his personal plea for financial support earlier this year — a detail he had not disclosed previously though he has written regularly about him. He responds he has no obligation to disclose that, but some Tea Partiers are arguing for disclosure in the name of “accountability and transparency,” supposedly tenants of the movement.

Meckler, meanwhile, took some more lumps — from Tea Party Patriots in both Northern and Southern California. Our Congressman Tom McClintock was drawn into the discussion, too.

“If Mark Meckler is so anti-politician or candidate, why was McClintock and Runner (both of which I endorsed through GOP Trumpeter) asked to be there at the first Tax Day event, Sacramento 8-28, and McClintock would have been there for the 2010 Tax Day if he had been in town,” Mandy Morello — a longtime TPPer and onetime Meckler confident, she says — wrote on George’s blog.

“Tread lightly, George, you are sounding like a Meckler’s plant to spread false information!”

In the comments section below, you can also read Morello refuting comments made by Rebane and Stan Meckler, Mark’s father, about her.

“This is an American Movement, not one person’s private club whose members had better not disagree with his plans or else they get booted,” Morello wrote.

In his response, Stan said: “Am I biased in favor of my son, Mark Meckler? You bet I am! But, anyone that actually knows us, not the lies that are told, will tell you that we are honorable people. Meet us and find out for yourselves.”

George’s defense: “My report was what I was told by the Mecklers.”

Morello — developer of the conservative website Grand Ol’Patriot Trumpeter — has disassociated herself from Mecker. At one time, however, she claimed to be a close confidant. In a comment below, she wrote: “I have been Patty’s shoulder to cry on as Mark spent weeks in D.C. leaving her with their kids, when a tree fell on their house and their plumbing backed up and their Great Dane had rectal problems!” (Patty is Mark’s wife).

Laura Boatright, coordinator of Tea Party IE in Southern California also weighed in: “First of all, as for ‘who’s a racist,’ Mark Williams wrote a very distasteful SATIRE that he should have had someone else read BEFORE he posted it. Especially with sarcasm and satire, sometimes it does not read with the same ‘flavor’ as we meant it to. (I am not a huge fan of Williams’, but I try to be FAIR with all people, even those I disagree with.)

“However, Mark Meckler, IMO, has put his personal vendetta above the TRUTH of the movement, and an honest debate about race in America at large in order to POSITION Tea Party Patriots as THE spokespeople for the movement. MOST OF US REJECT THAT IDEA.

He is AFRAID to talk about real racism, so easier to attack his rival. While he’s busy ‘branding’ Tea Party Patriots by keeping Mark Williams’ story alive, I am addressing the TRUTH.”

“TPP should not go on Glenn Beck and throw stones at other Tea Party organizations,” added Larry Naritelli, a Tea Partier who ran for governor as a grassroots conservative candidate in the June primary. Meckler and Tea Patriot Jenny Beth Martin were on Fox commentator Glenn Beck’s show on Friday.

Pam Silleman, coordinator of the Napa Tea Party, also comments on George’s blog: “Frankly, after seeing the lies being perpetuated by Jenny Beth on the Glenn Beck show Friday, I really don’t even want to hear the name TPP or Mark Meckler or Jenny Beth.”

A unattributed statement written by Rebane on July 20 prompted Morello to speak out. George wrote: “The problem with Mandy started some time ago when she would not separate her political party interests with that of the TPP. She refused to sign on to the TPP principle of not endorsing or being connected to any particular political party.”

When Mandy questioned him, Rebane responded: “Thanks for commenting Mandy. Since I have no first person knowledge of this situation, my report was of what I was told by the Mecklers.”

On Rebane’s blog, Boatright called on him to disclose his contributions to Meckler. “Mr. Rebane, the movement is about ACCOUNTABILITY AND TRANSPARENCY. So, I think for the sake of FULL DISCLOSURE AND DISCLAIMER you SHOULD tell us what you have given to Meckler, Sac Tea Party, Nevada County Tea Party Patriots, etc. Let’s just get it ALL out in the open,” she wrote.

Read all the comments below.

Author: jeffpelline

Jeff Pelline is a veteran editor and award-winning journalist - in print and online. He is publisher of Sierra FoodWineArt magazine and its website SierraCulture.com. Jeff covered business and technology for The San Francisco Chronicle for 12 years, and he was a founding editor and Editor of CNET News for eight years, among other positions. Jeff has a bachelor's degree from UC Berkeley and a master's from Northwestern University. His hobbies include sailing, swimming, and trout fishing in the Sierra.

24 thoughts on “Tea Party rancor draws in Meckler, local blogger Rebane”

  1. WOW Jeff !

    This is important. Tea Party founders and key Tea Party leaders are saying a whole lot about Mark Meckler and none of it is good.

    I rememebr when Mark MEckler sent out emails to Tea Party members asking them to send money directly to him, for his “personal use” vs. the TPP movement. It’s al making sense now that key Tea Party folks are saying Mark Meckler is all about power and using it for his own personal gain.

    All this and the posts and informatin from these key Tea Party leaders needs to go national. The Tea Party and the country needs to see what these key folks are saying about Mark Meckler.

    1. “Growing pains” would be an understatement!

      BTW, in a comment on his blog, George Rebane disclosed for the first time that I know of that he provided financial support to Mark Meckler and his family when they made their email plea earlier this year. I’m a firm believer in disclosure; George should have disclosed this sooner. And what are The Union’s policies that George disclose his “contributions” in his column?

    2. When it comes to the Tea Party, all Americans have cause to be “nervous, very nervous,” John!


      Short term, Tea Partiers have caused a huge headache for the Dems and Obama Administration, and they have energized the right wing. Long term, the TP is going to hurt the GOP worse than it does the Democratic Party for two reasons – first, it has accelerated the GOP’s slide toward extremism and demagoguery, which is destroying the Republican Party from within; second, the movement will start consuming the GOP, as we’re seeing already in numerous primaries. The anger, rage and hysteria that defines the Tea Party is a great unifier while it lasts … until it self-immolates. Keep your popcorn close at hand, folks, it’s gonna be a spectacle.

      1. John,

        You are right, I don’t know what I was thinking. It could be as bad as it was in the 1980’s and 90’s when the Republicans went down that same road with Ronald Reagan!


      2. Hey John, nice to be talking with you again!

        I was no fan of Reagan, but he was substantially different in both substance and style than the current crop of GOP leadership and the Tea Partiers holding their leashes.

        Reagan’s great contribution to conservatism was to infuse it with a sense of optimism – a smiley face, if you will. I bet you couldn’t find a smile in a Tea Party rally unless you were handing out free ammo and a target with Nancy Pelosi’s face on it. (I wish to God I were exaggerating.)

        No, today’s GOP is not the GOP of Ronald Reagan (who raised taxes, favored gay rights and cooperated with Democrats) or even Richard Nixon (who signed major civil rights and environmental legislation and once suggested a Single Payer health care system for the U.S.).

        No, today’s GOP is a rump party of fear, paranoia, ignorance and hate. I know quite a few Republicans, and none of these folks are happy with the direction of the party. They yearn for the days of Reagan, but all they have is Palin, Beck and Hannity.

        I could live with that, if the Democrats themselves weren’t such a timid, dysfunctional bunch. Times like these require courage, not timidity.

        But I’ll take timidity over rank insanity any day!

      3. Funny John, I remember the Reagan that cut taxes, wrote a book about abortion being wrong and made cracks about bombing the Soviet Union!

        I also think you should attend a few more Tea Party events instead of watching the coverage they get on CNN. They are average folks, often smile and have a good time even when being serious about what is going on… Not unlike how many liberals act during their various protests with the exception of the homosexuals and anarchists.


      4. Reagan followed his 1981 tax cuts with a major tax increase in 1982 and the Social Security Reform Act of 1983, which included major payroll tax hikes. That’s not a criticism of the ole’ Gipper – I mention them to draw a distinction between the current crop of rage- and poll-driven Republican “leaders” and the more responsible Reagan: when Reagan acknowledged the need for additional revenues, he raised taxes. Today’s GOP insists on the reckless and irresponsible course of tax cuts at a time of massive deficits, without specifying spending cuts.

        Criticism of the GOP isn’t about Left and Right anymore – it’s about Right vs. the Far Right. Looks to me like the Far right is winning and that’s bad for the GOP and bad for America.

      5. John,

        You are mixing apples and oranges. The Reagan tax cuts and the much more moderate “Bush” tax cuts that are discussed today [as well as the much deeper Kennedy tax cuts] involved the general fund and those general fund revenues actually increased after the cuts as would be expected by anyone who understand the economic impact of high taxes..

        Reagan did work across the aisle to ‘save’ Social Security for a generation and that did require a massive tax increase to fend off insolvency. We have reached that point again, but the system was not changed, they just delayed the crash.

        What we are going to do about Social Security now that we have reached the point of insolvency again, four years before it was predicted to happen as late as early last year may have to be the subject of another post.

        It is interesting, considering this discussion revolved around the Tea Party movement, that they are the only ones willing to even discuss Social Security right now. That will change in short order.


      6. Well, it is not accurate to say that the TPers are the “only ones” willing to talk about Social Security, but such conversations tend to tiptoe around the politically sensitive issues of means-testing, retirement age, etc.

        The Dems might be timid here, but Republicans are flat-out hypocritical. During the campaign McCain promoted the idea of cost-savings in Medicare. When Pres. Obama proposed those exact savings ideas McCain and the GOP vilified him for “cutting Medicare.” When one of the two major parties commits such rhetorical fraud it is no long a political party, but a mass-scale tantrum.

        And, yes, John, I am really looking forward to that “discussion” on Social Security. So far as I can tell, the Tea Party favors abolishing Social Security. Good luck with that! http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/03/31/tea-party-leader-we-shoul_n_519970.html

        As for Reagan’s tax hikes. Well, whatever gets you through the day, John, but Reagan ushered in massive tax hikes across the board and rolled back tax cuts. That is a fact. If Obama were to propose a payroll tax hike to fund Social Security I doubt the GOP would respond with a collective “well, Reagan did it, too!” Nope. They’d go into full-on freak-out mode, yelling about Hitler and Stalin and Lenin and Marx, etc.

        Again, I wish I were exaggerating, John, but if you actually listen to the GOP “leadership” these days you know I am not.

      7. John,

        I think you and I are much closer than you think on this, especially with how both parties have ignored the problem. We might differ on the solution, but we can leave that for another discussion.


  2. God knows the Democrats, and even the Barack Obama campaign has has their shares of blowouts.

    I will give them credit as both managed to resolve the blowout issues or go their own way, without, generally, making the newspapers. The Oakland BO group wound up as GROUPS after blowouts that DID get a lot of press.

    There are also thoughs who were or did make a buck selling stuff. There were also folks who tried to set up own kingdoms.

    I am most certain this warrants a full investigation and above the fold news coverage, in the Union.

    Yea right, h….. will freeze over FIRST!

    Me thinks what is so interesting is the meltdowns are by some who consider themselves above everyone else and have all the answers.


    If you really want a strange follow up post search for UNI-TEA (UNITY)
    TEA PARTY events. The purpose is to show they ain’t no stinking racist tea party groups.

    Don’t have link but is getting coverage so easy fink. Talking Points Memo may get you to the coverage (diverse audience made upon 99% white folks).

  3. Mandy Morello weighs in here:

    Sorry but George Rebane’s article will not let me answer his question to me regarding his article you are mentioning. For some reason the comment section is not working. Feel free to share with him!:

    [George Rebane wrote:] “The problem with Mandy started some time ago when she would not separate her political party interests with that of the TPP. She refused to sign on to the TPP principle of not endorsing or being connected to any particular political party. TPP is an issues promoting movement, and limits those issues to a very few (as has been pointed out on RR and elsewhere). Mandy would have none of such separation and was eventually contacted by Mark Meckler and Jenny Beth Martin. The message was, ‘You’re comprimising the independence and thrust of the TPP. Please separate your work on behalf the GOP from the TPP, or resign from the TPP.’ That didn’t go over very well, and the recriminations started.”

    George the problem I have with this statement, which I assumed was in a note, is that it sounds very familiar. You see I have worked with Mark as he formed his messages and I know his subtleties…Since I dissociated many other Tea Party Patriots leaders (from across the country,) who have had the same experience, have all come together to make sure this sort of “journalism” does not spread as truth.

    I have never taken a “leadership role” in TPP or any group. So like I said, to make the above statement like I am some person they only know from a list on their website is a joke! I have been Patty’s shoulder to cry on as Mark spent weeks in DC leaving her with their kids, when when a tree fell on their house and their plumbing backed up and their Great Dane had rectal problems! While Mark was in DC, him and I have had converstaions for hours (when Patty couldn’t even have more than 10 minutes, so she told me) about How they went to Poizner and Whitman to ask them to support Citizens Power Campaign and to fund it to get on the ballot leading to a complete discussion about the candiates- end of story on that.

    Feb 2010 while Patty and Mark were at CPAC I sent a private letter to the leaders of the Tax Day event that I would step away from the planning because I wanted to be more active in the candidate process before the Primaries…. I was on the phone with Patty for over and hour as she cried that her and Mark needed me on the team… I tried to leave, I have the emails proving I tried to leave but stayed because I was begged to stay on. I am not saying this to inflate my own head, I am saying this because it is the truth!

    For the record, I have never posted any negative comments, other than the note on my Facebook page that Steve Enos has posted, and even that note was only posted the one time. I have never posted any derogatory comments about Mark Meckler or TPP or any other leader and yet Mark has blocked me from his facebook page (I only realized that because someone commented on a photo from one of the events and I noticed his name was blacked out) I also realized that the National TPP website had suspended my account.. also another “membership” that I never logged into or used because I dealt directly with Mark, Patty or the Nor Cal group.

    I am focused on November and how we reclaim our country one vote at a time. I have never sought any sort of limelight or recognition and did not have my name anywhere because I am not looking for fame. I do not have time to be sidelined by those drinking Meckler Tea flavored Kool-Aid or now the false statements about me.

    Mark Meckler has done a fabulous job of deceiving people into mistaking the “branding” of the TPP name as the only way to show your Patriotism. I am not a tea party patriot…what I was, was a member of the group Tea Party Patriots …what I am is one hell of an AMERICAN! Don’t confuse fighting for the “movement” with fighting for HIS branding!

    1. Editor’s note:

      •The statement Mandy is responding to was posted by Rebane on his blog on July 20:

      “Re Mandy Morello – for what it’s worth, this is what I’ve found out. She is anything but a liberal; in fact she is a loyal Republican who spends much of her time promoting conservative causes and signs herself ‘GOP Trumpeter’.

      The problem with Mandy started some time ago when she would not separate her political party interests with that of the TPP. She refused to sign on to the TPP principle of not endorsing or being connected to any particular political party. TPP is an issues promoting movement, and limits those issues to a very few (as has been pointed out on RR and elsewhere). Mandy would have none of such separation and was eventually contacted by Mark Meckler and Jenny Beth Martin. The message was, ‘You’re comprimising the independence and thrust of the TPP. Please separate your work on behalf the GOP from the TPP, or resign from the TPP.’ That didn’t go over very well, and the recriminations started.

      So now we have a dust-up in the growing but still fledgling TPP movement whose enemies smell blood and are swooping in to make the most of it.

      Posted by: George Rebane | 20 July 2010 at 03:16 PM”

      •George later attributed the information to the Meckler’s in a comment on his blog: “Thanks for commenting Mandy. Since I have no first person knowledge of this situation, my report was of what I was told by the Mecklers.”

  4. I was also made aware of Stan Mecklers response… Stan I guess I know which tree the bad apple fell out of… I covered the Feb 27th event for the newspaper I worked for …I am the one that designed the back of the very first Tax Day Tea Party shirt, it was my contacts that got the deal for the printing of the shirts and the printing of the fliers shall I go on?!!!!

  5. Editor’s note:
    In stating that she covered the Feb. 27th event for the Tea Party and designed the very first Tax Day Tea Party shirt, Mandy is refuting this part of Stan Meckler’s statement, posted on Rebane’s blog:

    “Let’s talk about Mandy Morello. . . . I have been there since the beginning on April 27, 2009 and she wasn’t there. I was! She was at an event on April 15th, 2009 as a photographer.”

    Mandy has posted these URLs on George’s website to prove her point. She states:

    “Here is the (my) photo album from the very first Tea Party (Feb. 27) that Stan so easily forgot: http://s184.photobucket.com/albums/x192/amorello5401/Tea%20Party%20Feb%2027%202009/

    “Here is my article about that day (Feb. 27) published in a paper of general distribution: http://americanrivermessenger.com/pdf_files/vol_4_pdfs/MessengerVol4Iss5.pdf

  6. Mandy…. thank you for being a stand up person and for standing up for what is right.

    You bring honor to yourself and your cause for standing up. Thank you and those that stand with you and support the truth!

  7. Steve-
    Thank you for the kind words. For someone that seems to get bashed as a liberal in these posts, you sure seem to be reaching out to force people to wake up and ask questions.

    To research me to find out that I am a “hard-core conservative” (I think those were your words) it brings us back to April 15, 2009 where people from any walk of life came together to demand the answers and get towards a common goal. Thank you my fellow American!

    If anyone would like to help with moving past this and forge on to November refocusing on our own communities… truly being grassroots again, please email me at amorello5401@sbglobal.net or on facebook http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=667111158&v=wall&story_fbid=139893496041888&ref=notif&notif_t=like

    The Meckler’s, whom I thought were my friends, are old news and have no relevance in my life any longer. There only influence in my life is what I allow their school ground tactics to have on me. I would love for this to be the end of the Meckler Chapter in my life.

    Mandy Morello

  8. You know what Stan, you were there, Mark was there, Mandy was there and so was I, February 27th, 2009. What I have garnered from you and Mark, is that the universe spins around you. Many people put lots of effort into the events that you seem to be under the impression ALL STEMMED FROM MECKLERS, I will not deny that you had great parts in launching the efforts. It did provide face time on TV for Mark.
    It would be the descent thing to do by acknowledging that Mandy was instrumental in pushing (at least in the Sacramento area) TPP forward. You just glummed onto her dedication and work ethic to take the credit.
    As far as separating her ‘political party interests’ with the TPP, first you are not the TPP, second all of her efforts to promote candidates at GOP TRUMPETER Meet and Greet events where well publicized to ALL PARTY CANDIDATES, only the smart ones showed up. This was not intermixed with the TPP. The Trumpeter saw to it that equality was front and foremost. It was the induviduals who choose to attend.
    Of course Mandy, signs herself the ‘GOP TRUMPETER’, because most litterate people see, she is the TRUMPETER.
    February 27th was a shoestring event that was well attended for a last minute notification.
    As I remeber also, Mark wanted to initially have an event on the 4th of July, good idea, and some insignificant person insisted it be on tax day instead. Didn’t see any credit go anywhere there.
    However, truth be told Mandy will, as they say ‘the cream rises to the top’, you might want to whey your options.

  9. Dave- I am so sorry that I completely forgot about that fact! Yes, it was your suggestion to Mark that instead of a 4th of July event You said the Tax Day event! We all became so focused on the movement and recently people laying claim for every aspect of this movement for themselves that now is the time to point out the little known facts that everyday people came together to brainstorm and throw ideas into the pot in order to make the “movement” grow, not a person!

    Laura’s signature is the true meaning of this movement- ~Laura Boatright

    This is an American Movement not one persons private club who’s members had better not disagree with his plans or else they get booted.

    David, YOU are also one of the CO-founders of the Tea Party Movement!

  10. “Thank You” to those that have started to shed light on what Stan and Mark Meckler really are and what they have been up to.

    We can only hope that others step up too, we can only hope and ask that more information gets to see the light of day. The truth must come out.

  11. Let’s put this to bed, and say good-night.

    I have always subscribed to the Reagan philosophy, [as long as it gets done, it doesn’t really matter who started it.]

    Thank you Mandy, and to all of the above who took the time to learn a little something.

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