Incomplete disclosure on Barry Pruett’s new blog

Barry Pruett, who handily lost his bid to unseat incumbent clerk-recorder Greg Diaz, provides limited disclosure about himself on his new blog for curious readers.

He forgot to mention:

•Barry’s wife is Kim Pruett, a local staffer for very conservative Congressman Tom McClintock. She also sits on the county’s Republican Central Committee.

•Barry lost the recent election to Diaz by a landslide.

•Barry is a vocal Republican.

To his credit, Barry does disclose that he is a “member” of the Tea Party Patriots — though it’s an understatement considering his vocal support for the group locally. And he does not go down the path of stating that he worked for a distributor of Apple Computer in Russia, as he did in the election. The background of R.U.I. Apple Computer is here.

So far, Barry has offered no insights to politics “inside” our county, as he promised. Rather, he is in an attack mode. The latest is here. On their blogs, very conservative bloggers Russ Steele and George Rebane report they are happily linking to Barry’s new blog. Enough said.

Here’s Barry’s biography, as stated on his blog:

“I grew up in the Midwest. In 1988, I attended the Ohio State University and transferred to Miami University in 1990. I graduated from Miami University in 1993 with a bachelor’s degree with majors in Russian Language and Diplomacy & Foreign Affairs. I also have a law degree from Valparaiso Univeristy. In 1998, we moved to this wonderful community to raise our daughters and ‘retire.’ Although I practice business and elder law here in Grass Valley, I am particularly fond of and spend my freetime reading about American Legal History and Constitutional Law. Even though I was indoctrinated to be an extreme liberal while attending undergrad, living in Russia and Czech Republic after college and owning a business in California turned me back to my midwestern, conservative roots. I am also a member of the Nevada County Tea Party Patriots.”

Gee, thanks: Plus ca change, plus c’est le meme chose.

Author: jeffpelline

Jeff Pelline is a veteran editor and award-winning journalist - in print and online. He is publisher of Sierra FoodWineArt magazine and its website Jeff covered business and technology for The San Francisco Chronicle for years, was a founding editor and Editor of CNET News, and was Editor of The Union, a 145-year-old newspaper in Grass Valley. Jeff has a bachelor's degree from UC Berkeley and a master's from Northwestern University. His hobbies include sailing and trout fishing.

72 thoughts on “Incomplete disclosure on Barry Pruett’s new blog”

  1. Got a big chuckle reading the story this week that detailed how much money republican/conservatives PARTIES spent across the nation to defeat TPP CANDIDATES. WAS A HUGE CHUNCK OF CHANGE. WONDER THE MESSAGE that sends to TTP folks?

    Seems akin to spiting in a few folks eyes.

    Perhaps we cane hope and even pray that Mr. Pruitt tries to help Tommy win Nevada County come November.

    1. I realize I am coming in late on this conversation (almost 4 months), but happened to be browsing through some blogs from Nevada County and came across this one. In this form of social media we so often skim the surface and don’t really get to know someone. The remark of Pat Wynne on June 27th reminds me of that. I have found over the years that when I truly develop a relationship with someone, we can respectfully disagree about the topics without demeaning the person.

      First, Miami Univeristy is in Oxford, Ohio. It is often called the “Harvard of the Midwest” and was establish the year of Abraham Lincoln’s birth, 1809. It is purposely limited in size and therefore requires higher ACT scores or superior grades from transferring students. There are very few people in Chicago of Detroit who haven’t heard of “Miami of Ohio.”

      I also attended Miami University as well as the Univeristy of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. While “brainwashing” may be a strong word, both of these institutions have very much a liberal lean and I believe that may be true of a lot of academia. That is perhaps what Mr. Pruett meant.

      Valparaiso University is a well-known Lutheran school approximately 50 miles east of Chicago. Having grown up in Chicago, I never heard of University of California, Chico, either until I first visited northern California. That doesn’t mean is isn’s a good school. I just never hear of it. But I do admit there are a lot of things of which I have yet to learn. That’s what makes life interesting—something new to learn every day.

      Barry Pruett was raised by a very independent-minded mother who was active in local politics in West Chester, Ohio. She would like to say she is fiscally conservative, but realizes that tax revenues provide the roads, police, firefighters, teachers, legal system, etc. that keep this country going. In reality she is probably to the left of center which is unusual for a CPA in the midwest.

      In Barry’s early years his mother’s beliefs had a direct impact on his thinking. Beginning at the age of 10 he would ask her to explain the Civil War, New Deal, and Great Society of Lyndon Johnson’s administration. On long trips they would discuss Andrew Jackson’s kitchen cabinet and the scandal of teapot dome to name a few. His mind was always in questioning mode. He seemed to always want to know “how” the world worked–especially in politics and law.

      As Barry spent a year in Russia and a shorter period of time in the Czech Republic, he witnessed first-hand the fall of communism and the effects that form of government had on its people. He was there when they blew up part of the parliament building in Moscow. He experienced the flood of westerners introducing capitalistic concepts. For a young 20 something this experience, far away from home, began to shape his philosophy. Owning his own business and sometimes struggling to make that payroll also stengthened his capitalistic and conservative views.

      He may be very passionate about his viewpoints as I would suspect are most of those posting on this page. My suggestion is to learn more about each other and search for the similarities. You will probably find more that you suspect.

      Christine Valenti
      As you may have guessed, the mother of Barry Pruett

  2. Miami U is in Ohio, not to be confused with U of Miami, in…. Miami, FL; Valparaiso U is in Indiana and is a large Lutheran University.
    The first seems pretty obscure, but we got lots of solicitations from VU (along with many other universities and colleges) for our high school junior after his high PSAT scores.

  3. Miami University is in Oxford Ohio near the Indiana border. Its a good school, about 15,000 students, with a beautiful campus, and a nice mid-sized town. My Dad taught one year at Miami and we went back there for years when I was a kid to visit friends on the faculty.

  4. There is a Miami River in Ohio so that’s where that somewhat confusing name comes from.

    Don’t feel bad. I had never heard of St Mary’s College or University of the Pacific until I moved out here.

    The education is impressive. The rhetoric, not so much.

  5. Fascinating – Pruett just admitted to being an “extreme liberal” while living in Russia. Wow. Imagine how Pruett’s fellow-travelers on the right would distort that sort of detail if it belonged to one of their foes!

    Perhaps Greg Diaz should have run against Pruett’s “extreme liberal, Russian values.” 😉

    1. He was brainwashed in college. I have met many conservatives who had to toe the liberal line just to get a grade. I dare say he is much smarter than most of those that seem to revel in criticisms of him. Sounds like he makes the left look pretty bad.

      1. Todd:


        To quote: “You have met many conservatives who had to toe the liberal line just to get a grade.”

        Please provide evidence of just three of these “many.”

        In other words, I don’t believe you. You are being hyperbolic, and I challenge you on your veracity.


  6. Hm John, I read that as a snide remark about liberal “indoctrination” while in college, and that living in Russia showed him the error of liberalism.

    1. Hi Sharon: I was simply illustrating the distortions employed by Pruett and his backers in attacking Greg Diaz’s alleged “San Francisco values” (whatever those are) during the campaign.

      My point was that if you are willing to be dishonest enough, you can distort anything about a person to make it sound suspicious.

      So, Pruett could be described (dishonestly) to have “extreme liberal” values, he lived in Russia after college, and – according to Todd Juvinall – he was – gasp! – brainwashed.

      Oh my God, Barry Pruett sounds like some kind of Manchurian Candidate!

      Todd Juvinall, do you have any more details on Pruett’s brainwashing? Was it like the movie? Old ladies sipping tea at a garden club meeting?


  7. Thanks for the info on the schools. I heard so much hot air during the campaign, I wondered if he made them up. There are surely many eastern and midwestern schools i have never heard of. I do have a son with a University of Chicago Phd., but otherwise know little about eastern schools except the Ivy Leagues. Two other grown children have law degrees, but from the U C system I do know from their experience that the Califonia Bar exam is not a cakewalk, but think due to reciprocity between states, there are many lawyers practising in California who got there through less demanding routes.

  8. You know Todd,you’re pulling the same crap here that pull at the Union. Why don’t you give it rest until you have something intelligent to say.

  9. Bruce, I am sorry you are such a sore debater. You are the one that is calling people names over at the Union all the time. I am always amused that people such as you want to complain and try to shut those down you disagree with. I never do or say that. It appears you may need to review your demeanor.

  10. Todd
    You’ve been posting here for about two weeks, now. So far, you’ve posted nothing more intelligent than an elementary school playground argument.

  11. Todd, if you mean me calling Jeff Ackerman the downfall of the Union, and Meckler a liar and manipulator, and some of the posters at the Union morons (alwaysright), then yes, you are correct and I stand by every word. And I sign my name openly with all my posts.

  12. “I never do or say that.”

    Actually, you’re right, you never say anything (of value). And “lib sap” is in virtually all your posts at the Union. Your posts there NEVER contain anything of substance, just as your posts here are vacuous and shallow. As the Delphic oracle said “You are the fool of the farce”.

    1. Don’t post there so you are wrong as usual. I do read the posts there and your is insulting to every person there and now here. You need to grow up and start being the likable liberal.

  13. Although he was talking about Bush’s 32 percent approval rating when he made the remark, Stephen Colbert inadvertently gave the best explanation for the recycled conservative meme (expressed above) that colleges are institutions of liberal indoctrination when he said, “reality has a liberal bias.”

  14. Barry Pruett ran an “old boy” stupid campaign, said stupid things, and belongs to the stupid Tea Party. How smart is that? Nevada County citizens proved to be the intelligent ones. The voters saw right through him and his antics and voted accordingly regardless of Party affiliation.

    Liberal indoctrination in college? No. College teaches students to think critically. If a student goes to college full of ideology and can’t or won’t learn to think critically then they don’t belong there.

    Todd Junvinall – you sound very much like a poster on The Union that repeats the same comments over and over, as if repetition (indoctrination?) will gain you something. Most people enjoy thinking for themselves and really don’t need your help.

  15. So Todd J. boasted that Fiorina will beat Boxer and I say Boxer will beat Fiorina.

    I back up my posiotion by asking Todd J. to back up his:

    Todd J… I’m willing to be you a $50.00 gift certificate for any local eatery that Boxer beats Fiorina.

    Todd you say Boxer will lose and Fiorina will win… so how about backing that talk up with a little bet?

    Tood J. responds back… no bet.

    Sems Tood J. has no conviction for his candidate. Guess Todd J. already really knows Fiorina will lose and couldn’t bare to pay off his loss.

    Todd J., bet still is offered if you have the backbone and conviction to back up you claim… let’s make this interesting.

    I bet you a $50.00 gift certificate for any local eatery that Boxer beats Fiorina.

    You just going to fold and walk away from the table Todd J. ???

  16. Well, now there is no doubt in my mind. Todd Juvinall IS NeverWrong, AlwaysRight, Wise&Just (one and the same person) and is now coming here to infect this blog. Since The Union has installed new software that allows the posters to filter out the unwashed and unclean he has nowhere else to turn.

  17. You couldn’t be more misguided Sharon. I do take showers though, so I am not unclean. Which names do you use over at the Union Sharon? Pendragon, iamanonymous, etal. So nasty.

    1. What is wrong with those names at the Union Todd? I can personally assure you that Pendragon is not iamanonymous and I personally know iamanonymous. One of whom you mentioned is tall and the other is not. Neither of those foxes are nasty either. I’ve met you before Todd. I do know who you are. To think I thought you were a pleasant individual and we’ve have decent conversations. I certainly don’t think you are NW, he’s too classy and intelligent for you. You are very misguided and appear very proud to show it.

  18. Bumer that Todd J. won’t back up his claim that Fiorina will beat Boxer… I’m willing to bet Boxer will win, Todd J. on the other hand won’t back up his candidate… says a lot.

      1. Todd,
        You’re proving to be more of a quantity over quality guy in your blog posts. Did you note Steve Frisch’s comment “boring.” Like a good bottle of wine, perhaps you could go for a higher quality but reduce your volume.

  19. Steve-

    He is obviously not going to bet with close the chapter on that one. Time to move on…

  20. Let me see. Frisch uses a one word response and you chastise me for my brevity. Curious. Are there some rules I am unaware of regarding length of posts?

  21. Todd,
    Steve Frisch has made many thoughtful comments on this blog. As for you, I’m just mulling how constructive your one line “zingers” are to the dialogue. I haven’t been very impressed since you started posting here, but you’re an ex-supervisor and all, and Steve Cottrell made a valid point about inclusion. John Stoos has some thoughtful responses, whether you agree or not. I wonder if you could take a crack at examining something in other than a sound bite?

  22. The sad case with Todd is that there is no ‘there’ there. I really enjoy the posters who state their case, present data or unique perspective and let the chips fall where they may. But that is not Todd’s modus operandi. He is posting solely to create friction.

    Which leads to the question, what are the standards fro the privilege of posting on this blog?

  23. We try to be open minded, since our community is a diverse bunch. I agree with you about Todd, even though he signs his name. And it’s hard to fault a guy for maybe not having too much upstairs (“nurture” or “nature”?), even for a retired county supervisor. I guess it’s the “progressive” streak in me from the social side, though I’m a centrist. I’m also sensitive about giving the “good old boys” politics a perspective here, since I bash it so often — justifiably I think. My biggest issue, however, is Todd’s motive for posting: Like you say, I’m concerned that it’s largely to create friction. Other folks like this have “moved on” from the blog. Todd is under a watchful eye. The next step would be to put his comments under moderation. I was going to wait and see if Todd backs off from the inflammatory comments.

  24. If you’re open to input, Jeff, I’d say let Todd post as long as he wants.

    While I find Todd’s posts to be frustratingly substance-free and they seem intended – as you say – to create friction, he does help provoke debate and draw out good arguments from his foes. If nothing else, Todd demonstrates the weakness of his arguments, so he does contribute something of value to this site.

    Besides, it’s good fun to sharpen the blade of one’s argument on Todd’s dull wit. And if his posts are simply churlish, childish, boorish or rude the rest of us can simply ignore him.

    1. > “… he does help provoke debate and draw out good arguments from his foes”

      For now. From PaulGraham’s Trolls article (link above) –

      ” There’s a sort of Gresham’s Law of trolls: trolls are willing to use a forum with a lot of thoughtful people in it, but thoughtful people aren’t willing to use a forum with a lot of trolls in it. Which means that once trolling takes hold, it tends to become the dominant culture.”

      also see Deborah Tannen’s “We need higher quality outrage” (link) –
      “…’agonism:’ ritualized opposition, a knee-jerk, automatic use of warlike formats…obliterates and obfuscates real opposition. When there’s a ruckus in the street outside your home, you fling open the window to see what’s happening. But if there’s a row outside every night, you shut the window and try to block it out. That’s what’s happening in our public discourse. With all the shouting, we have less, rather than more, genuine opposition – the kind that is the bedrock on which democracy rests. …”

  25. This Troll’s posts at The Union has created enormous problems. He has frustrated and infuriated the entire posting community…. Nearly shut the whole thing down several times. He invents new names and personas, charms and baits the other posters and lets loose a string of political rants. He is oblivious to respectful dialogue, loves to interrupt with one-liners that insult, lie, and create anger. It was for these reasons that The Union has now installed a new program that can filter out the trolls.

    Ignoring him is not an option. He will post again and again, over and over until someone tells him to “shut up” and thats his opening, and they’re off to the races of deleting. Whole articles are brought down by the moderator, some posters are put on restriction from posting for weeks at a time. The Union has Never cut the trolls off which has made many suspect that this character has a connection to The Union.

    While I agree in theory that its fun to “sharpen the blade” – this guy is ruthless, and once his foot is in the door – unstoppable! If he is allowed here it will ruin this blog. His history will repeat.

    Sorry to continue with this boring subject but felt it important. Now we can move on.

    1. You tell ’em, Sharon. Excellent dissection of the situation over at the Union. I, for one, am pretty much done with posting there, even though we can now ignore them. Even so, their posts still show up in the comments hub, so it’s difficult to ignore. Hopefully Jeff will recognize it for what it is and get rid of him altogether. He adds nothing to the conversation but dissention, anger and divisiveness.

  26. I’m not too familiar with the Union’s blog/comments community, but I’ve run across a few trolls in my time. Are people accusing Todd of being the Union’s troll? Just asking – not accusing.

    1. Why make your post sound like Daily Kos was at fault? What is that adding to the conversation? What is your point exactly? Why are you introducing a new subject on the Pruett thread? If you are you looking for a fight You might be better served over on The Union with your friend Ackerman.

      From Politico:

      Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas renounced all polling conducted for his website by the firm Research 2000 Tuesday, citing an independent investigation that found the numbers produced by the firm were fraudulent.

      According to a report published on his heavily-trafficked blog, Moulitsas says at least a portion of the data was “fabricated or manipulated.”

      “We were defrauded by Research 2000, and while we don’t know if some or all of the data was fabricated or manipulated beyond recognition, we know we can’t trust it,” Moulitsas wrote.

    2. Once again, Todd proves his inestimable value to this blog!

      I can only ditto previous comments, Todd. It was not an “admission” by Kos (your word) but an accusation. He busted his own pollster for producing (allegedly) fraudulent data.

      Kos is the victim here, not the perp.

      But this is a terrific opportunity to give a HUGE shout out to Nate Silver at (mentioned by Bruce Levy).

      Nate is a brilliant stats guy who made his first fortune predicting baseball results, and moved on to politics. He’s the absolute best numbers guy in the biz.

  27. Todd Juvinall

    Really Todd, why don’t you read the article. It’s the polling company that gave them fraudulent poll data, as they have with some other clients. When some statisticians raised doubts Markos contacted other statisticians including Nate Silver of Fivethirtyeight. There’s two articles up there now on the firm Research 2000. Try reading beyond the headline.

    Once again, your input is completely useless.

    1. It only works if you believe the huy from Kos. You people are too much. So arrogant. But it does make me laugh.

  28. One way to deal with a troll is to ignore him. The posts are not worth responding to, as they have no substance.

  29. Agreed!
    Don’t feed the troll!!
    Everyone now…
    …don’t feed the troll!
    …..don’t feed the troll!
    ……don’t feed the troll!
    ….(repeat ad nauseum)!!

  30. I must admit the blog would be pretty boring without all the banter going back between the lone gunslinger and the infantry….plus…you need to have variety…

  31. James,
    I disagree. This blog is a forum, not a money-making concern. If somebody is a dumb-ass, I say dump them. The dialogue is stimulating.

  32. Jeff, dude, I really think you should bounce the clown. It is exactly this sort of meaningless negative banter that make The Union, NC Media Watch and Rebane’s Ruminations forums insufferable.

    Maybe we should have some peer created standards here; like you need to actually make a point, support it with information or a unique insight, and try to respect each other. I think that would be nice.

  33. I strongly echo Steve F’s sentiment . . . since Mr. Juvinall started posting – the effect is to very closely mimic the nonsense that passes for dialogue at the Union – so, politely, please “bounce the clown.”

    Dissent is good stuff, but it isn’t dissent that Mr. Juvinall is bringing . . . and frankly, while I’m sure that he just loves the attention, he’s done nothing but detract and distract from the stories with lots of inane rhetoric – like the world needs more of that.

  34. If this guy stays you will have nothing but trouble. As I posted earlier, he nearly brought down The Union’s posting section several times in just this last year. He will not stop, he will run all over every thread. His posts can be so full of misinformation that many feel compelled to answer and correct him. Insults begin without end. He thrives on this attention – even if negative. He doesn’t care. It’s all about him.

    I post here to escape this troll at the Union – and now guess who’s here?

    I vote strongly for the boot. And, if you do boot him – expect him to log on with a new name. He is a master at that.

    1. ARchie persists in hope that if he keeps on yapping, others will believe him. There are too many free thinking, astute individuals that will not fall for the cheap lines that would serve better in a bar around 2 am.

  35. “@DrewCurtis sez – running an Internet community is like running a kindergarten. You have to crack down early (online comments) “

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