Why more people don’t run for local political office

What a hoot! In an editorial this morning, The Union laments: “Our community needs candidates for election.”

Who would want to run? Local politics are the most odious part of the “Sierra foothills lifestyle”: personal attacks, whisper campaigns, political puppet masters, letter writing campaigns, more local PACS, a lingering culture of “good old boys.” The Union’s Op-Ed page turns into the Jerry Springer show during election season, and both sides try to manipulate the news coverage — often “planting” or “leaking” stories based on innuendo or outright falsehoods.

Include this with a declining, aging population, and you’ve got a trend that is largely irreversible. You reap what you sow.

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TheUnion.com launches a new style for pullquotes: “xxjj xjx jxj xjj x xjj xj xjjx jxjxjx”

Pullquotes are a a brief, attention-catching quotation, typically in a distinctive typeface, taken from the main text of an article and used as a subheading or graphic feature. The Union has introduced a new style for them: “xxjj xjx jxj xjj x xjj xj xjjx jxjxjx”
You can’t make this stuff up!

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 8.46.42 AM

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 8.47.24 AM

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Our County tourism website now linking to marijuana growers group on Facebook

This is a TGIF! The GoNevadaCounty.com website — managed under a contract between the County and the Economic Resource Council — is promoting the Constitution Day parade on its Facebook page. But instead of linking to the event on the Nevada City Chamber of Commerce Facebook page, it is linking to a posting of the event on the California (Marijuana) Growers Association-Nevada County Chapter — with a live hyperlink.

The GoNevadaCounty.com Facebook page …

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 9.07.38 AM












… is linking to content from the California Growers Association—Nevada County Chapter page, instead of the Nevada City Chamber of Commerce:

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 9.38.07 AM

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States face pension fund gap approaching $1 trillion

“After years of not setting aside enough money, state pension funds are looking at a $1 trillion shortfall in what they owe workers in benefits, according to a new analysis from The Pew Charitable Trusts,” as CNBC is reporting this morning.

“State retirement systems caught a break with strong investment returns in fiscal 2014, but the gap is expected to top $1 trillion in fiscal 2015, the last fiscal year with full results.

“”The lesson here is that state and local policymakers cannot count solely on investment returns to close the pension funding gap over the long term,’ the report said.

“While many states have cut benefits for new workers and frozen plans for current staff, they cannot cut benefits that have already been earned by public employees. That means they have to find money to make up the shortfall by cutting other programs, raising taxes or both.

“The report is based on the most recent data from all 50 states, which are typically reported as much as a year after each fiscal year ends.”

The rest of the article is here.

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Muckraking SF columnist Warren Hinckle dies at 77: RIP

Editor’s note: When I went to work at The Chronicle in the ’80s as one of their youngest reporters, Warren Hinkle (with his eye patch) and his dog were a fixture in the newsroom — at least when he showed up. My approach as a business writer was more button down. I learned there are things they don’t teach you about the trade at Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism. Warren entertained and amused his readers for generations. RIP.

“Warren Hinckle, a happily hard-drinking swashbuckler of San Francisco journalism who mixed leftist leanings with an everlasting contempt for the powerful, died Thursday,” as the San Francisco Chronicle is reporting. “He was 77.

“Mr. Hinckle had been in declining health and died of complications from pneumonia at a hospital near his home in San Francisco, said his daughter Pia Hinckle. He was surrounded by his family.

“From his groundbreaking days of editing the iconic liberal magazines Ramparts and Scanlan’s Monthly in the 1960s and ’70s to his reliably irreverent columns for newspapers, including The Chronicle and San Francisco Examiner, Mr. Hinckle delighted in tweaking anyone in charge of anything and muckraking for what he fiercely saw as the common good.

“As the years went on, Mr. Hinckle was known as much for being a character of the city as for the journalism he produced. With his ever-present basset hound, Bentley, in tow, Mr. Hinckle held forth at watering holes and strip clubs, tossing off one-liners in a low growl like a late-night comic.

“Along the way, the one-eyed rapscallion — he’d lost his left eye in a childhood car accident and wore a patch — drew the wrath of mayors, police and anyone who got in his way, and he reveled in it.

“’He had a great, great time, and no regrets,’ said Pia Hinckle, who followed her father into a writing career. ‘He never looked back, and he was always looking for the next thing to do.’

“The funeral will be held at 10:30 a.m. Tuesday at SS Peter and Paul’s Church, 666 Filbert St., San Francisco. The public is invited.

“Donations in Mr. Hinckle’s name may be made to St. Mary’s Medical Center Foundation.”

The rest of the article is here.

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Verizon texts its customers to support new downtown NC cell antennas


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Sources: Sacramento magazine purchases Sierra Heritage

Sacramento magazine — owned by a Michigan outfit — has purchased Sierra Heritage magazine, knowledgeable sources told Sierra Foothills Report.

Auburn-based Sierra Heritage was established in 1981. The late Janice Forbes was the founder of Sierra Heritage. Now Rick Dyess and Sue Quatela have been running the publication.

Sierra Heritage also publishes “A Guide to Building and Remodeling” for the Nevada County Contractors Association and “Building and Remodeling” for the Contractors Association of Truckee-Tahoe.

Hour Media LLC of Michigan owns Sacramento magazine. It also publishes Detroit magazine.

Joe Chiodo is publisher of Sacramento magazine.

Sacramento also is home to Sactown magazine, the region’s largest city magazine.

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