Big Ten’s premier football programs damaged (again)

In 1978, Ohio State Coach Woody Hayes was fired after punching a player of the opposing team. In 2011, Ohio State Coach Jim Tressel resigned amid an NCAA investigation into rules violations.

In the end, that was the legacy of the two of the most “winning” coaches in OSU history.

Now Michigan State has announced a bombshell: all-star senior linebacker Max Bullough has been suspended for the Rose Bowl on Wednesday against Stanford for violating team rules. Bullough’s father and grandfather played football for Michigan State. (The reason for the suspension was not specified, but it was the last game of his college football career).

Stanford was going to beat Michigan State anyway, but this is another example of the premiere Big 10 schools eschewing what we like think of as “Midwest values.” Good for the Spartan coach, though, for drawing a line. In fairness, we should be told what team rules the linebacker violated.

Still, this kind of drama is a real contrast to football programs such as Stanford’s — something you think about as a parent, not just a college football fan.

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2 Responses to Big Ten’s premier football programs damaged (again)

  1. Ben Emery says:

    My brother will be at the Rose Bowl. When I made my earlier predictions I was under the impression Michigan St was ranked in the teens not fourth. I don’t think it changes anything I said other than thinking Stanford might be highly favored. Actually, I like the fact that the Rose Bowl has two top five teams playing each other.

  2. Ed Peritz says:

    I really have no idea who will win; anything can happen in sports as the 1969 Mets World Series victory proves.

    But I must point out that the two leading conferences for NCAA infractions are the SEC — I think; I read the article about an hour ago, but it was whatever conference Alabama is in — and the PAC 12.

    Perhaps and probably, a day in the sixties with little breeze could help Stanford to a big win. But if the game was played in zero degree temperature, with sleet, snow and rain, the outcome very probably would be far different.

    Regardless of who wins, Happy New Year to all. (I wonder if I had used irregardless instead of regardless or irrespective, it would be akin to usage of Sierras rather than Sierra.)

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